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  1. Hey Guys, My brother-in-law has gotten at least 3 calls at 6:30am PST from a debt collector in Texas. In each call he has asked them not to call so early, and they know he is in California because they verified his address. Does anyone have a sample letter for getting them to settle? He has documented each call. Is that $1000 per call for the violations? Thanks!
  2. I had some success. it was a long process, but it worked. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=475505&hl=
  3. Anyone have any experience with this card? I have received 2 pre-approved offers in the last 2 weeks, It's a 9.99% rate on purchases and balance transfers for life and no annual fee. Wondering if I should take the plunge. Opinions?
  4. Thanks for the heads up on this method. I sent an e-mail last Friday and got a call Monday morning. I requested a bump from $750 to $5000 and after the usual questions, the very nice lady from Executive Customer Service told me she would submit it to the underwriting department. I logged in today and I was at a $5000 limit. As a reference, I paid the balance in full before e-mailing the CEO. Don't know if that made a difference, but it couldn't hurt. =) Thanks again for the great info Mr. Media!
  5. I cancelled. I'd rather pay Amex for this than pay a company that just tried to extort me out of more money. For those that don't see this clearly, the company that YOU pay YOUR money to for a specific service just unilaterally redefined what that service is and almost doubled the price for you to keep what you currently have. And they disengenuously tried to spun that as a good thing. Total nonsense. The best response is to vote with your feet; they don't deserve your business. There are other vendors providing a similar service that have not tried to fleece you while calling it an enhancement. USAA is member owned. If it's no longer profitable for the membership, either services get cut or prices go up. Fine. Say that. Don't double the price of my service and send me an email trying to make that seem like a good thing. Or its possible that whatever contract they have with experian has expired and they had to draw up something new and experian changed the terms. Most consumers don't care why something changed they just want to know what changed and what they can do about it. That was all communicated in the email. I'm not happy about it either but how the message was delivered was not the issue it was the information in the message that is the issue. I disagree. How the message was delivered was a big issue for me. Instead of being honest, they are asking you to pay the same price for less value, then blaming you for the fact that it's changing. Member feedback? Yeah, right. I'm sure members were calling in hourly to complain that pulling their credit report daily was too much.
  6. Just cancelled my membership. For what it's worth, I spent 15 minutes on hold before I got to an operator, and once I did she made the joke that she get really busy about an hour ago. Seems like a lot of people are jumping ship. She also did not mention anything about still getting unlimited pulls for an additional fee. This sucks.
  7. I'm loving this. Nail them to the wall Ashli! Can't wait for the next update.
  8. Thank you for the reply! It's good to know what I'm up against before I get started.
  9. Hi All, I'm working on my wife's reports and she has a collection account from 4 years ago showing on her Experian and TransUnion reports from Coast 2 Coast Financial. We don't know what it's for, but it's only $127. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this company and has any suggestions on the best way to proceed. Thanks!
  10. ^^bump^^ ^^bump?^^ Does anyone have any input on this? My main question is, can they report this as a paid collection if it never went to collections? 30 days late does not put it in collections, in my opinion. I never dealt with Sears/Citibank in house collections, much less a separate collection agency. This only started showing as a collection account once I paid it in full. So, any opinions? Anyone have something similar happen to them? I will update when they contact me again. Thanks! I know nobody responded to this, but I figured I would give an update, in case anyone else runs into this situation. I got a call today from Sears/Citibank Presidential Relations regarding this issue. They told me they had decided to report anyone who had been in internal collections, or had been on a Debt Management Program, even you had paid the account in full, as a paid collection. When they did this, TransUnion interpreted these codes as being charged off accounts. She said this has affected many people and they started seeing the issue in February. They are correcting that, and they now feel that reporting people as paid collections, when they had previously been reported as paid as agreed, is not fair. I was told that within 30-45 days, my account will go back to showing closed- paid as agreed. Good on Sears/Citibank for admitting their mistake and doing the right thing by the customer. On a side note, Presidential Relations is staffed by some of the nicest, most professional people I have ever dealt with. That is refreshing in these days of progressively worse customer service.
  11. Ferradinho, I tried calling the in-house recovery group and they gave me the same answer. Is there anyone/department higher up that I can speak to? I'm willing to pay the whole total I owe, all at once, only if they can delete the chargeoff from my CRs. Thanks! They are not going to remove it willingly, ever. It will be there the full 7 1/2 years if it's up to Verizon. Your best bet is to see if there is anything reporting incorrectly, then Jack Attack those items. In my experience, those will come back verified. Then you 623 Verizon, and again, in my experience, they will ignore you. You then contact the regional vice president for your area and send them the original disputes and your ignored 623 letters and tell them if they don't delete, you'll sue. That is how I removed Verizon from my report. You can read about it here Good luck!

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