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  1. a money management software that downloads everything to one location automatically each day. this is 2015 after all. If you don't mind me asking, what software do you use?
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post your experience, nyrfann. I followed your advice and just got bumped from $7k to $50k on a Citi Simplicity. 21 months of at 0%!
  3. I finally made it to the end of the thread, that was a long read! I hope to get my feet wet with this soon, as I now have three solid offers on my desk that I would like to take advantage of. 1) 150k MR for $20k spend on a business platinum. 2) 75k MR for $5k spend on a business gold rewards. 3) 50k AA miles for$3k spend on a Citi/AA platinum. My biggest concern is Amex raising a red flag for AGC or VGC. Anyone have issues with them? Wouldn't want to entice a FR from them. I normally run 15-20k of legit purchases a month with them but I'm assuming unusual spending may raise a fla
  4. I did $125k for a pre-owned thru PSECU about a month ago. They didn't ask for anything down but did require pictures of the vehicle and the approval had to come from upper management given the amount being requested.
  5. BTW, I hate you (not really)... I am talking about your scores, BTW.. not clear when taken out of context! I know, no worries.
  6. Income was lower, UTIL was higher, and the profile, imo, was weaker with the $50K approval. Doesn't really make sense. I put a call in last night to the EO for recon and requested $50K, lets see what happens.
  7. I also went ahead and applied, I was approved for a $30k line. I'm disappointed that my mom was able to pull a $50k limit with 790s and I only got $30k with 850s. Has anyone recon'd with the EO office? I'm thinking about calling in and asking for $50k.
  8. You don't need a straight answer, it's easy to read in between the lines. If they say that they denied him for XYZ and it isn't accurate, then that says it all.
  9. Interesting. I was thinking of applying for myself to get another $50k limit but now, I'm having second thoughts. Looking forward to seeing why they denied you.
  10. Great, thanks! I genuinely doubt you'll see it, $50k to start out with an automated approval is as good as I've seen.
  11. Has anyone apped successfully with only EX on ice? I want to get one for my wife but I don't want to waste an EX pull if I don't have to.
  12. Just apped for my mom, 790+ FICOs across the board. Highest tradeline is PSECU at 20k and an AU on my BofA at $50k. Not bad. *I thought I had her EX on ice, I was wrong. It's thawed. I'll confirm that all three reports were pulled when I get the alerts.
  13. Thanks everyone. They're my 2nd lowest tradeline behind Macy's. I asked for a CLI from $6k to $15k and they only offered $7500. FICO was 840 at the time.
  14. Equifax updated the $2 tradeline and now it's a perfect 850 across the board!
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