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  1. Great job. Very awesome from Navy
  2. Hey MG congrats. I am there with you. Just applied for business checking and savings this week, appproved today for 10k Business MasterCard. I asked for 10k. Did u need to provide anything for the business for 25k? BTW- any other CU or banks this friendly for start up businesses? I just formed my LLC a month ago. I love Navy Federal.
  3. Does NFCU pull ur personal but only report line to your business EIN? Also do they report to D&B or either Experian or Equifax business credit file?
  4. Ok everyone I took the advice here and just opened up my LLC. So my next question is what is the best Bank or Credit Union to have a business checking account and future credit/loan relationship with? I am member with Penfed (they are tight with me though) NavyFed (which is awesome, CC, and Auto Loan already with personally) but I am wondering who is the best to have a business checking account with? I will be PG'ing the LLC so not worried about Non PG stuff rigth now, what does everyone here suggest? Should I go with NavyFed? How is there business products? Do most all CU still pull only Equifax or Tri-Merge for Business products? Navy has only pulled Equifax for personal, but not the other 2. (My Experian has a negative on it) Would local banks be better? I have Regions, ORNL CU, BB&T, etc? Also, is there a time limit I should wait before PG'ing my LLC? Thanks to everyone for the help
  5. Thanks to everyone for the advice here. I requested details when I sent the MOV about verifying full name, address , SS number as well as the incorrect dates. It's like they totally ignored the MOV that I had written BTW. I will have to read up on the 623. I also thought about sending another letter to the executive At Experian explaining what happened. Would that garner a better response. Thanks again for all the advice. I just don't want to screw up at this point.
  6. The date is incorrect and the address. I want them to update the date because it will shorten the cycle or just go ahead and delete it. They also have my address wrong as well. I would rather have them delete it, but the date is most important. I have been following instructions on here but am kinda stuck now and don't know what is the correct next step
  7. I started disputing back in December a dismissed Chapt 13 BK that is over 5 years old on my Experian report. So I had wrote the dispute letter, Certified Mail Request Receipt. Within the time frame they responded with the dispute response (and actually didn't dispute all of the items requested, but did say they verified my full name, address, SSN). All said was verified and they did not remove the item. They did put a security alert on my file though. They are so thoughtful!! LOL So my next step was to send the MOV letter I found on here. So I hand wrote the letter, sent my SS card and DL in again Certifed, Receipt Request etc. Let them know the 15 day requirement. I just received their response to the MOV this week (they barely made the 15 day cut off) The response was the usual standard letter that states they had already disputed the item I am requesting to dispute again. It states "We are responding to your request to verify items on your personal credit report. We have previously processed this dispute and credit grantor has verified its accuracy. It says we will not Re-investigate the same dispute again at this time. So basically they did not even read the MOV request or didn't care as the second letter was an MOV letter and not a Dispute letter. Their response was to a dispute letter. What should I do next? Should I send the Intent to Sue letter? Should I resend the MOV letter since they never really responded to it? Does the 15day response to the MOV come into play here and they must remove the item because it was the incorrect response and past the time frame? Should I call them or keep sending certified mail letters? I am just stuck and do not know what would be the best approach next to get this removed? Thanks for any help here to anyone.
  8. This is great info... I have asked for a little luv already and finding out weekends must be a no go as all are automatic. Thanks for the help. This is exciting. I mean not automatic. LoL
  9. Nice!! No bags of cash. I mostly have CU so I might have to call them. Thanks for the help.
  10. Good point. Never thought about that.
  11. Thanks Jay. I have had all those accounts 3-4 years never asked for a CLI, but some have balances
  12. So where are these things? I figured after reading here they are CLI, but I don't know where they all are. I have Penfedr, Navy, USAA, Cap one, and ACU credit union. Is there a certain time to hit these? Zero balances on Cards or do u have to get offers from them? Right now NAVY and ACU are saying BT offers to me. Is that because they are already approved or is that to the public? I want to get in on this love. Are the weekends good to do it? Thanks
  13. Ok I wanted to update everyone here and get some advice so I am doing this correctly. So experian did dispute it this time and I just received the letter today. I disputed the name, address, and where the BK was held, also the date filed, but it looks like they only validated the name and address because under results it says "updated " on name and address and they are saying the results of the dispute are we updated this info. Problem is it looks like nothing has changed. So just to be clear I am now going to send the MOV to Experian. They should then respond back to me how it was validated correct? What should I request in the MOV? Is there anything specific I should say requesting the deletion of the chapter 13 entry on my credit file? I want to do this correctly this time. What would be the next step if they send me the MOV back saying how they verified it? Is there anything I am missing? Thanks for the help

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