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  1. So I’m at the last phase of rebuilding my credit and I’m looking to add one more tradeline to my credit after getting my score to 730..For those with either one or both, which card would you get? I’ve gotten pre approval letters from both creditors.
  2. So it been a long time coming but my FICO scores are finally in pretty good standing (717, 715, 714) with no lates or baddies and 2.5 yr clean history. I have a NFCU card with a $4K limit and as of last week, they randomly increased the limit by $1000. It took me by surprise since my utilization is high on that card and I was working on bringing it down to 20% utilization before asking for an increase to $10-15K. Since this increase will drop my overall utilization, will this bump my scores up more? Also am I able to make my own request for another increase or should I wait 6 months?
  3. Great news, Transunion deleted the PRA and the hard inquiry this week and my fico 8 score went up to 684! Waiting for EX and EQ to update.
  4. Thanks for that tip, my Citi offers my fico and I just checked, it shows a 645 as of 5/28, which is prior to the collections being deleted! I wish I could find my most recent Fico 8 for free.
  5. I have two cards already, how many more should I open up? I’d prefer to keep it as low as possible.
  6. So I got the last collection paid and deleted and I’m so excited, now my CK shows that I have one hard inquiry and one of my cards has high utilization that I’m working like hell to bring down this month. I have 2 cards with 2 year history of no lates. Vantage score is currently showing 640, what else can I do to get into the 700s club?
  7. I pay way more than the minimum since I'm trying to get the utilization down, but my minimum for both cards total out to $55 Never married, no children
  8. Oh and the credit history for the CC are no lates and so far a 6 month history. Should I add in one more tradeline to broaden up my profile?
  9. Hello, I'm looking to make my first purchase next year and I'm wondering right now if you all think I may have a shot and what amount do you think I'll qualify for. I want to go the FHA route, get a 2 family, live in one side and rent out the other side. What can I do to improve my odds? My FICO is 685 2 CC with a total balance of $2200, 38% utilization $50K income No other current debt (car paid off, student loan paid off) Current rent is $950, no lates in the last 1 yr 3 months 1 collection item from Porfolio Recovery ($410) that I'm fighting tooth and nail to get removed. $12K saved up so far.
  10. Yes (my other card has a much lower limit and low balance so the overall impact is still 38%)
  11. I have a NFCU cash rewards card with $4.5K and I've been gardening decently, Today makes day 91 and my 3rd statement has cut, my NF EQ fico is 689 and my overall utilization is 38% (first month was 2%, second was 18% and this month it's 38% and I will be paying that down asap). I submitted an online CLI for $25K hoping that I would get a counter offer somewhere in the middle but instead I got the 24 hr message. I had one small snafu where I asked too early a few weeks ago and I got a letter saying that my account was too new. Is this now going to result in a HP? Do you think that I'll get some sort of an approval? What should I do?
  12. as a datapoint for you and others, when I did my 91 day CLI, I also had 10K on my ClOC and had only put about 100 bucks on the card, PIF. NFCU is more concerned with their internal scoring and you should see that number on the first approval letter and any other communcation about a CLI or loan good luck Thanks for the info.. Now something else that I noticed is that in a few days, my 3rd statement will cut in a few days but I only activated/used the card back on 6/23/17..so would it I have to wait until after 9/23 to request the CLI or is it just until the third statement cuts which will be 8/27.
  13. There is never a guarantee you will get a CLI. I have gotten CLIs out of Navy with a balance of roughly 10%. And I've gotten CLIs without having used the card for 6 months. It all depends on your overall profile. Oh ok, I was under the impression that the 90 day PIF formula was the fool proof method (provided that everything else is ok) to get a Navy CLI.
  14. Is PIF for three consecutive months a requirement in order to guarantee a CLI w/ NFCU CC or can carry a statement balance of about 10% for one of the months? No lates w/ a FICO 9 of 671.

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