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  1. Just a FYI guys Synchrony notified us on 01/24/2022 that this program will be discontinued after 04/30/2022 and will no longer be accepted as a form of payment. Normal terms and conditions will apply to your account and any outstanding balances after that period as outlined in your cardholder agreement.
  2. Hey, It looks like most of the cards or accounts posted are PG'd or Personally Gauranteed. These are all based off of your personal credit and often don't even report to the Business Credit bureaus if you have not already take a look at the following article and it may give you some insight. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/476200-the-new-guide-to-establish-business-credit/
  3. Welcome to CB! We are super happy to have you!
  4. It's been a while since I have been on CreditBoards. After a few different recent app's submitted, Mainly with Synchrony, it's obvious some things have changed. No surprise there after being MIA for years 🤪. I wanted to post this information, specifically regarding the Sams store card / Mastercard up mainly to eliminate any confusion when applying for any Synchrony cards, or any cards with this exact verbiage for that matter. This REALLY through me for a loop on one of my recent app's. Back a few years ago this was not applicable and was not required on certain apps I had personally applied to for the business I own. The information I am referring to is pictured in the attachment. Previously on all apps that had the ability to be processed without a PG this verbiage was not present. Literally just submit the app with an EIN and you were good to go. Now due to the Patriot Act I guess some issuers are doing things differently. Maybe more so just on actual credit cards holding the Mastercard, Visa or Amex properties than regular store accounts. Anyway, After being a cardholder for a no PG sams store card for about 5 years now (Current line at 10K) I decided to re-apply using the same application (There is not an option for a different application for the store card vs the mc. You simply apply and are approved for what you are considered eligible for) in an attempt to get the mc. I gave the info to the customer service rep in store and she entered it into the tablet. Said app was pending and to call in. Initially I did not fill out the bottom of the first page where it wanted ''Authorized Representative's Signature'' along with social and DOB in ''BOX 2''. There is no way I was giving them this info, or so I thought. Clearly the PG option was on the next page but this was never something that was required in the past. Even with Sams. After talking to about 10 different people in underwriting and CS I came to the conclusion that the app was not going to get processed unless it was entered. I tripple checked that the info was not being used for a PG and the rep processed the app while I was on the phone. He even told me that we were appling for the MC. When that was decided I am not sure. The CS lady at Sams even said there was no option to select either or. Came back with an approval of 10K for the mastercard. Hopefully this info will help someone out in some small way since there is so much confusion regarding the sams MC/Store card. Just because you provide a social or DOB does not mean that the account has a PG.
  5. I have the Store card already with no PG. I am just about to head up there to apply for the MC. Does it have an option yet to apply for either the store card or the MC? Nothing really seems to be set in stone regarding upgrading from a store card to the MC if that is even possible. Some stated they already had a store card then re-applied and were simply approved for another store card but then some have said they were able to call in and get it converted if that happened as long as the approval was recent. Do you have a store card as well? Instant approval?
  6. We use deluxe sometimes. I don't think they offer credit accounts though. Never checked into it.
  7. We needed a few things from them. We used to have an account a while back but we never ended up even using it. Decided to re-apply.
  8. So what do you guys think about this? Consolidate all of my balances (Two cards) into one installment loan. Then picking up where I left off? I don't care about the interest paid vs the balance transfer offer I have now. I'll just pay it off sooner. If I did this would your recommended strategy change?
  9. I included BOA in bankruptcy in 2011, and I have a cash rewards card with them. Applied for it 9 months ago, and they counter offered a 99 deposit secured card with 500 limit. It just graduated to unsecured last week and bumped the limit to 1600. I had 8 years of good history with BOA before bankruptcy. Interesting. I was just reading about that. Been out of it for a while.
  10. My mortgage isn't a revolving account either, but I assure you it reports. I'm sorry I was not technical enough for you.I never said your mortgage account did not report. Without being some type of revolving,rental information OR installment loan there can be no ''Late'' Payment information reported. Just delinquent balances. I didn't want OP to think that only revolving accounts reported. I could have added an emoticon. Nothing wrong with me being a little bit more accurate next time
  11. My mortgage isn't a revolving account either, but I assure you it reports. I'm sorry I was not technical enough for you.I never said your mortgage account did not report. Without being some type of revolving,rental information OR installment loan there can be no ''Late'' Payment information reported. Just delinquent balances.
  12. I was thinking of doing that in regards to chase. Another 6 months to a year and I will be past the 5/24 for sure. Do you think I should do a CLI now and then once past the 5/24 apply for another card with them? I have like 3 of those 5 dropping off at once from a past app spree. As far as Amex goes I was referring to suggesting a card that may have looser underwriting guidelines. Rewards is something that I have not been taking full advantage of (Partially due to my inability to get approved for some of them) but besides Freedom Disco and Venture cash back is all I have. I don't travel. Only thing rewards wise I could use is Dining, Fuel ect. If you have 3 of the 5 cards from the 5/24 rule dropping off at once in 6 months, then you have no problems applying for a new non-Chase card now The AMEX BCP gives you 6% cash back up to $6K in purchases on groceries, 3% cash back on gas and at select department stores. It also gives you the awesome AMEX warranty and purchase protections. And access to the AMEX offers which may or may not be beneficial to you. Yeah that would be awesome as far as Amex goes. Right now I have 5 accounts in the past 24 months. In 6 more months 3 of those accounts will be older than 24 months. Is something going over my head? Lol
  13. Yeah I heard about Alliant. Thanks for reminding me of that. Always hitting up Syn and Disco. People with clean reports are getting the best results from Alliant. Some are getting 30-40 points. If you could just get 15 you'd be in the 700 range which to me is a huge milestone (not personal, but in creditors eyes) You can also look at the balances you are carrying and see if anything can be helped by massaging them. Do you have balances on lots of cards, are any cards over 50% etc. Only two cards will have balances when applying. One will be over 50% and one will be at like 20%. Can you link me to that alliant thread please? All the balances are from a remodel that I did and are on a promotional balance transfer offer. I plan on having them paid off by the time they expire. At least it will be a real excuss for the underwriters
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