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  1. I cited "inaccurate payment history" as the primary dispute. I sent in the disputes per USPS, signature confirmation. I didn't submit to all 4, only TU,EQ, and EX. I spoke to Fingerhut rep. on the phone. That call did not go well. Method was DELIVERY confirmation, not signature confirmation.
  2. Greetings. Thanks to CB I have been very successful in rebuilding my credit over the past coulpe of years, Thank you all! I now only have one stain left. ONE late payment from Fingerhut. It occurred in October 2017. This account reflects 30 days on Equifax and Experian, and Transunion. I disputed Transunion as inaccurate as well as Equifax and Experian. all 3 came back as verified. However, when Transunion "verified" they added a second 30 day late for August 2017. this is INACCURATE. I called Fingerhut and the representative said they couldn't access the account I was inquiring about even thou the CBs verified. I know Fingerhut is very uncooperative in these things. Any suggestions?
  3. What are some examples from your experience that are much more useful for my credit range? Im for down the road, BofA, Chase, and Citi....thoughts or recommendations?
  4. Either way.. Im pleased to have the new Flagship Visa card with SL of 15k. Not to mention the new auto loan of 24k. Its still a win in my book! ❤️
  5. My experience with Navy CSR is that after a call for clarification, I still have no better understanding after the call than before I called. I just decided to try a new Application versus a CLI. Bam, instant approval. So Im thinking the "maximum" may refer to just that one card. I think maybe each card has a specific limit based on situation. Thoughts?
  6. Update: I just applied and was approved for Navy's Flagship Signature Rewards Visa card at $15k and a second auto loan at $24k. Both were instant approvals. Not sure why I got "you've reached Navy Federal's maximum unsecured credit limit" on my cashREWARDS before. I applied for the Flagship Visa and the Auto loan today within an hour of each other.
  7. DTI is about 29%. Our total COMBINED credit with Navy is $51,100. However, $17,100 of that is my wifes, I'm just an AU on her CC account. She is AU on mine. Auto is joint.
  8. yes. It has the "Pay over time" feature. If a purchase is over 100 its automatically put into this feature.
  9. In essence, If I use 5000 on my card and its reported, It will be calculated as a 5000 balance and a 5000 CL? It will basically show as 100% util. unless I PIF every month.
  10. I have the cashREWARDS Visa with Navy, had it since January 2018 and my SL was $9900 and was increased to 13000 about a year after opening. I'm also an AU on my DWs TravelRewards card, opened April 2018 with a 17100 limit. We also have an auto loan with them opened March 2018 . My paychecks are also direct deposit into our Navy checking. My Wifes are not. However, When we ask for a CLI we are getting "you've reached Navy Federal's maximum unsecured credit limit". Any thoughts?
  11. How does Amex Gold affect the credit card utilization? It doesn't report a limit as there is no preset spending limit.
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