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  1. ptr

    623 dispute with OC

    funkiehouse thanks for the info! What type of success have you had from the OC's you have used this dispute method with?
  2. I will be disputing with a few Original Creditors some derogatories they are reporting to the CRA's using the 623 dispute method as these came back from the CRA's as verified. My credit report only lists partial account numbers. Will these partial account numbers along with a copy of my credit report listing the item they are reporting be enough information for them to respond to my dispute as I do not want them to deny the request based on incomplete information.
  3. Midland is reporting to the Credit Bureas on an alleged Citibank account. I have disputed this with the Credit Bureas and it has come back verified. Today I called Citibank to see if they could provide me with an account number of this alleged account. After speaking with Customer Service and explaining that I was lookoing for an account number so that I could verify this alleged debt I was forwarded to the Asset Department. After being put on hold for 10 minutes I was told that they are unable to find any records showing I ever has an account. My question is what would be the best way to deal with Midland who is still refsuing to stop reporting this as a deinquient debt. Thanks.
  4. Because you answered the phone. Because I answered the phone the CA made an inquiry on my credit? And then spoke with them on the phone, ty knew they had a possible prospect of payment, so, yep, sure did! If you didn't pick up, they may have went on to bigger game, or someone else who answered the phone, as you did. Okay, so just to make sure I understand you. By telling the CA that I dispute the debt, that I am requesting validation of the alleged debt and that it is inconveinient for them to call me on any phone number and that going forward all communications must be in writing caused the CA to place an inquiry on my credit report. If that is the case then I can assume that a wriiten DV letter stating the same items would cause the same credit inquiry to be placed on my credit report.
  5. Because you answered the phone. Because I answered the phone the CA made an inquiry on my credit?
  6. I was actually at my computer preparing a basic DV letter to be mailed CMRRR when my phone rings. As it was the local prefix for my area code I answered the call and low and behold it was the CA that I was about to send the DV letter to. I asked for the persons name and ID number which was provided. The Rep.started to ask about an alleged debt when I stopped him and stated I was unaware of any debt and that I am requesting validation of this alleged debt. The Rep. stated that they would mail out validation within the week. This morning I received an email alert stating that the same CA had placed an inquiry on my credit report. This was done after the call where I requested validation. Any idea on why the CA made the inquiry?
  7. ptr

    Credit Repair Help

    Just to make sure, by lying low do you mean to not DV the JDB or I should I lie low and not attempt to dispute the other negatives on my credit report unrelated to the JDB and the SOL I am hoping passes. Thanks!
  8. ptr

    Credit Repair Help

    The JDB is Asset Acceptance. I have researched their filings in my county and it appears that their filings fall into two categories. They have either won a default judgment, I am guessing that the defendant did not show up and the other is that the cases have been dropped by them without prejudice. I was unable to locate any that had actually gone to trial. I am going on the assumption that I will be served by them and have been reading this board and others for information, strategies ETC. in preparation to file a response What I am trying to determine is if it is advisable to work on the other issues in my credit report such as charge offs and late pays in hopes of improving my score while waiting to see if the SOL passes with the JDB. I understand it is advisable not to apply for new credit, but will my success if any in removing negative items on my report have any negative impact on the JDB’s decision regarding my alleged account with them.
  9. I have been advised that I should not send a DV letter on an alleged account from a JDB, but rather wait approximately 6 months in hopes that the JDB does not file suit before the SOL passes. This account was charged off by the original creditor and by my accounts this has been with at least 2 to 3 CA’s or JDB’s prior to the current JDB. The thought is that by DV’ing the JDB it might bring more attention to the alleged account thereby causing them to file suit. I have other items on my credit report that I would like to dispute such as charge offs, and late pays. If I start to work on these items and am successful in getting these removed will this action also draw unwanted attention to my account from the JDB.
  10. Thanks for the update. I have other charge off's and late pays that I am trying to address. If wait on the SOL to pass with Asset Acceptance and start working the other issues in hopes of getting some older items removed or deleted will this activity draw negative attention with Asset Acceptance.
  11. I am in California and I verified with the original creditor the last day of activity was in 2010. Based on the info. would it be best to DV AA or just wait it out and hope the SOL date comes and goes.
  12. Asset Acceptance has just purchased and account that was originally held by Bank of America. This account was charged off by Bank of America in 2010 and from my estimation has been with at least three other CA’s prior to Asset Acceptance. The letter from AA states that while they have not yet decided on legal action, they can pursue it if acceptable arrangements are not made. This account will be past the SOL in a few months. My question is should I send a debt validation to AA and if I do are they more likely to file suit or should I just wait it out and hope the SOL passes before any possible legal action occurs.
  13. Thanks for the Info.Do you remember how long it was that you were served after receiving the letter stating they were revewing your account for legal action. Once you were sued did this go to trial? Anything you might be able to tell me regarding your experience with Asset Acceptance's Lawyer would be appreciated. Also what state were you in.
  14. Asset Acceptance owns an account of mine originally owned by Bank of America. I believe by now this has been sold to two to three others collection agencies before it was sold to Asset Acceptance. I have verified with the original creditor that the last payment / activity on this account was on November 15 th , 2010. As I live in California I believe a judgment would be unenforceable after December 15 th of this year. I just receive a letter from Asset Acceptance today stating that since I have not made satisfactory arrangements to resolve this matter that my account will be reviewed for placement with an attorney in my area for possible legal action. Based on this being about 10 months away from the SOL date, how likely is it that Asset Acceptance will actually sue me. Since Asset Acceptance has just recently become the owner of this account I never DVd them as I was hoping that the SOL might pass and did not want to draw too much attention to my account. At this point is it just a waiting game or are there any steps that I might want to pursue while waiting to see if Asset actually sues me before the SOL date. Any help and or suggestions would be welcome.

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