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  1. Sigh of relief.... Whew, thanks
  2. i got an alert from them this morning saying one of my accounts had become deliquent, but i checked usaa and experian and nothing is showing at all? what in the world?
  3. Bummer!!!!!! But, it is what it is...
  4. clorox2011


    I pulled usaa just now and see major changes and FAKO increased 57 points (which means zilch)...but i must say that im a little mad that Scorewatch hasnt sent me a darn notification yet! I dont understand that!!! Grrrr. FRIGGIN SLOW POKES
  5. Keep At It And CONGRATS
  6. Ok, i would love for this post to be moved to the correct place!
  7. Wow, yes the 18th and they threatening court action? So rent can be discharged in bk? I feel like it is def a violation, now what? I should just contact my attorney. I am so mad right now (shhheeshhh)
  8. *One month behind* 00ps
  9. I filed ch7 bk, hasnt been discharged yet. My problem is ive become ONE month and my landlord left me a notice that we will be going to court in 5 days, if i dont pay the rent for the month of June????? What can i do? Doesnt the bk stop that?
  10. Joined Usaa for CCMP, OH MY GOSHHHHH, I LOVE THIS LAY OUT!!!!! THANKS GUYS, cb is the BEST EVER!
  11. I was lucky enough to get deletion off all 3 after first dispute!!!!
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