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  1. Bump? I'm not sure what to write the CA now? Are there additional violations for letting the TL stay on EQ after they had been given notice that this debt is not valid?
  2. Shouldn't lease applications show up as "soft" inq's? I'll be looking for an apartment myself soon. What can be done to make sure you don't get a "hard" inq?
  3. A few months ago I wrote a strongly worded letter to this CA listing their violations and threatening to complain to BBB, FTC, AG, etc. The CA never replied, but deleted the TL from EX. Not sure if the TL was ever on TU (it's not there now). So I assumed it was gone. On top of that, I later paid the alleged debt to the OC. However, it turns out, that they are still on EQ. Do these things happen often? Why? What should I do now? BBB? ITS?
  4. Reports statement balance within a couple of days of statement date it will start showing on cr. transunion being the slowest at maybe a week Thanks!
  5. When does AmEx report your balance to CRAs, the same day it produces the statement, or later? How long does it take for the CRAs to update their records? I'm an AU, and we temporarily had a high balance. I don't want to apply for CCs until it goes down.
  6. I tried accessing my EX report and got the following error message: It's been over 4 months since my last paper CR, which was provided to me following a dispute. I was viewing it fairly regularly, I think. I was under the impression that people managed to access their updated reports indefinitely. Does the "backdoor" still work for anyone with the official reports more than 90 days old?
  7. what does this have to do with the question? not following you...? All I'm saying is that a "U.S. permanent resident for immigration purposes" is not the same as "resident" in most other contexts, possibly including credit.
  8. You are not a "US citizen or permanent resident", but you are a "resident". I bet you are even a "resident" for tax purposes, as are the illegal immigrants.
  9. There's one thing I don't understand here. If the OP's mother could get credit in her name, couldn't she just as easily have used a fake name and SS#? The CC companies and CRAs don't have access to the official DOB and SS# records, do they?
  10. SunLove, She needs to have the CRA's block or delete everything in her credit file that isn't her's - just because something isn't on her current report, doesn't mean it's not in her credit file. Credit scoring models include old obsolete information - history., length of file, how long accounts have been reported. and this old stuff is like a ball and chain or a Zombie. I didn't know that FICO used anything that's not on the CR. Is that even legal? On the other hand, if they only look at the length of file and history, wouldn't it be detrimental to one's score to delete old stuff?
  11. The only derogatory account is a BMG on 1 and a Columbia house on another. Neither of those are mine and they are for low amounts. I did dispute them. I just checked them. I have been added as a AU on my husbands Discover & Zales. Also, what equifax told me is that since he took the address off my score will go up in a month or so. Disputing is not enough. You have to get the baddies deleted. That's probably what's hurting your score the most (and little positive history). Not that I'm aware. If the CRAs even keep that history (would it be legal?), perhaps you could have them subpoenaed or something.
  12. On your CRs, are there still any derogatory accounts? I don't think that other addresses hurt your score per se. There are other reasons not to have them there. Note that if your CRs are blank (no positive or negative accounts reporting), your FICO score won't be great.
  13. She has done many things to me so I wouldnt mind pressing charges on her. Only I have been told that I wouldnt be able to due to the age of the "crime". OK, I don't know your situation, etc., but you might feel this way now, in the heat of the moment - you just found out about this ID theft. But will you regret it if your mother is in jail, and your dad has to visit her there? I'm just saying, think about your future self's feelings as well. Who knows what prompted her to do what she did. Maybe it was the only way she could feed the family back then? (I don't presume to know the answers, or wish to tell you how to feel about all this)
  14. ... I'm assuming you'd rather clean up your CR without getting your mother in trouble.

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