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  1. Never Missed a payment Received my statements but probably should have taken a better look, hadn't purchased anything so i just assumed balance was 0 because I PIF I just reviewed an email from Neiman saying my payment was late and I went on immediately to make a payment I have other CAPONE cards Pay by Snail mail because I can keep track of everything better, most cards on Autopay just incase, but it doesn't look like Neiman's was on Autopay Credit karma shows a 30 Day late and 60 Day late Anything else?
  2. Hi Everyone, I dont post here often but I am in a bind. I usually pay my bills by mail, very old fashioned i know, i just checked credit karma and Neiman Marcus is reporting my card as 30-60 days late. the balance is around 80 bucks and it is mostly fees. Who should i contact about this to get this removed? Any help would be much appreciated. Never been late on anything.
  3. I remember a while ago somebody mentioned that they had spent around 30k and Discover upgraded them to an elite version of the IT card. is this true?
  4. Hi Everyone, I have been helping my cousin clean his credit up. I have been reading a lot, but am a little overwhelmed. Below are his stats and the accounts. Your guidance would be much appreciated on how to proceede. Capitalone BestBuy Transunion is reporting 2(30 Day lates) 2(60Day) and 2(90 Day) Lates. Equifax is reporting one of each. Is a goodwill letter our best bet here? Chase Auto Loan This one is a killer. Transunion is reporting 18(30 Day) 11(60Day) and 4(90 Day) Equifax is Reporting 19(30 Day) 11(60 Day) and 4(90 Day) I don't even know how to approach this one. He has paid this one off and it is reporting as paid on his reports, last payment on DEC 14. Eastern Bank Car Loan On Both TU and EQ 2(30Day), 1(60 Day) and 2(90 Day). Should we do a goodwill on this one? I got him a few new accounts with Capone, Credit One, Target and he is an Authorized user on an AMEX. Guidance would be great, fully prepared to do the work i just don't even know how to approach this. A
  5. I just applied for the Capital One Venture Card and it said "We are sorry we cannot provide a 60 second decision" I then called and they said we need 15 business days to process the application. Has anyone else gotten this? I was really hopping for 50k.
  6. Apply for- Capital One Journey Discover IT for students Citi Thank You Preferred for students You will get them.
  7. I applied for the sapphire card the day I turned 18 last year, double pull, then British Airways last week double pull, both instant.
  8. On both my chase card approvals one in November and one the other day the pulled both experian and transunion what is up with that! I got incredible limits but come on!
  9. FINALLLLLLLYYYYYY got approved for AMEX SPG 10k. Now if only i could get a Nordstrom card.
  10. Can someone tell me what FICO model PSECS uses? Because my score is 689 were as the Experian Fico i just got yesterday from Amex is 759.
  11. The levels used to be red, gold, silver, black. But it is preferred, elite and premier elite now. The basic American Express card used to come in white, but the card pictured in the pamphlet is red with the American Express Logo. How can i post a picture?

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