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  1. Thanks, I would have paid the OC but when I tried to call them they were shut down. It seems they sold off all those remaining balances and shut down shop. Thanks for the advice though
  2. Good morning, After many years of learning from and watching this website, I'm happy to say my credit is in pretty nice shape (not perfect) but I recently had an incident come up that I'm hoping to get some advice on. Back in August (2014), my local residential trash service was bought out by a new larger company. This happened right after my bill was paid to the old company so I figured that would be my last bill from the old and from that point forward I would be paying the new company. Well, apparently I was wrong because the old company somehow pro-rated a few weeks of service and charged me $24.88.... And never sent a bill. I found out the hard way when I opened my mail on Christmas Eve and had a collection letter for that amount. Honestly I was devastated. I know it's a small balance but I have worked so hard to prevent things like this from happening. I promptly called the collection company the next business day and paid the balance asap. I also pulled a fresh copy of my credit report and thankfully nothing had been reported, yet.... When I asked the collection agent whether this would show up on my credit, she seemed to give conflicting answers. First she said No, it won't hurt your credit (as if it wouldn't be reporting) then she would turn around and say It'll show its paid (as if it WOULD be on my credit?) I've asked some friends about this and again I get many different opinions. Some say if it's under $100, it won't appear at all. Others have said it will appear but if it's under $25, my score won't change. I'm hoping with all the knowledge on this board, someone can tell me bottom line is it possible that the $24.88 paid account could be reported and if so, how badly could this potentially hurt my score? I'm at about 750ish right now. The ONLY negative I have on my report right now is due to drop off this June and I was SO looking forward to having nothing but positives so I really hope this doesn't ruin that goal for 7 years. Thanks all! Have a nice day
  3. Like another person said, you just have to let the hope of getting a Citi card go. Unfortunately my husband has had to also... He filed bankruptcy, with them included, TWENTY THREE years ago (yes, 23!) and they still continue to Blacklist him and deny cc application simply due to that. Apparently 800+ credit score and more than sufficient income is less important to them than a 23 year old BK. He's even tried to Recon but no luck. Sorry to hear you're dealing with the same....
  4. How do I go about contacting the executive office? Do you have either the phone number or email address? I have never done this before...thanks
  5. Hi Before I call Chase, I'm hoping someone on this board has any insight to this topic.... About 2 months ago, I decided to close my Disney Visa card (due to inactivity) and basically had the $2K limit added to my Freedom limit. Well, being Florida residents, my family & I just decided yesterday to become Annual Pass holders at Disney world so now I'm wishing that I didn't close the card that would provide me some benefit now. Does anyone know if Chase is the type of creditor that would consider reopening my account and just transferring the $2K limit back to it (that went to my Freedom card at closure). Or if not, second option: I have a Chase Amazon card that I rarely use. Would Chase allow a complete product change from Amazon to Disney? Thanks very much, KF
  6. KFisher


    To Up&Climbing's question.... No, Target won't backdate cards. I had a Target card opened in 2003, which sat there with no activity until 2011. I totally forgot I even had the account until 2011, when I reviewed my credit report. So I called them up & asked them to send me a replacement card. Go figure... 3 months after I got the card, they shut down my acct for lack of activity. I reapplied for a Target account this year and was told by several different CSR's that it couldn't be backdated to my original 2003 date. Nor could they reopen the 2003 account. Bummer....
  7. Hello I have had the Chase Disney card for a long time & recently got approved for the Southwest card. I really am considering closing the Disney card but don't want to lose out of the available credit line I have on that card. Does anyone know if Chase will allow me to close the Disney card, yet keep the credit limit & transfer it to new Southwest card to make an even higher limit on that one? I guess basically consolidate 2 credit limits onto 1 card? Thanks for any answers! I appreciate it
  8. Approved for 2 Amex card (both revolving) in the past 7 days. First was Delta Skymiles, 2nd was BCE. Very surprised, given my EX Fico is only 665 (given directly by Amex). Then again, I've had their Gold charge card for about a year now so I'm wondering if my positive history with them helped get these recent approvals. Anyway, I have 2 questions: #1. When I applied, I put $40,000 as my income (excluding my husbands of coarse). After the application was submitted though, I realized my math was off & my hourly rate actually only adds up to $38,500. Oops. If I end up getting F/R'd, is my $1,500 error going to cause me trouble? #2. I went thru a F/R a year ago with my charge card & passed just fine. Since I'm with the same employer, is there still a chance they will want another financial review? I have nothing to hide, I just don't feel like going thru the trouble again. Thanks!
  9. I just got approved for the Cash Preferred card & I see that 6% cash back on grocerys is a benefit. Does anyone know if grocery stores like Target Superstore or Walmart Superstore count towards that 6% back? Or does the store have to be listed simply as a grocery store only, like Albertsons, Publix, etc. to be counted? Thanks.
  10. I have 1 baddie on my credit report, which is a Charge Off from 2008. This went unpaid until Nov 2011. I just realized something.... When I was mortgage shopping last year, I remember they ran my credit and gave me a print out of each one of my FICO scores. My Experian was 680 at that point. So anyway, since then I got enough money to pay off the Charge Off in full so I did & haven't really checked my credit score since then. Well today I got approved for a credit card and my FICO score was also included in the Approval page... It said my Experian FICO was 682 today. So basically, 1 year after paying off a Charge Off & my EX FICO has only gone up 2 points? Shouldn't I have gotten a better increase for paying/closing out the CO? That's frustrating. Thanks
  11. I applied for the same card about a year ago & the same thing happened to me. After about 2 weeks of no response I called & they said it was still being reviewed/processed. The application ended up being Approved a few days later. Good luck!
  12. Thanks for advice. Live in Florida....
  13. Hello, I have a question about Charge-Offs, that I'm helping someone here can help me with. First off, before I say anything, I completely understand CO's are bad, no matter how they are reported..... Here's my question: I had a Charge Off for $7300 with Ford Motor Credit, starting back in July 2008. Ford Credit only reported the Charge Off ONCE (7/08) and never reported to my credit again until I finally paid the account off in 11/2011. So basically in the "Payment History" section on my Experian report, it showed ONE "CO" remark in 7/08 and showed "ND" (no data for this time period) from then on. Then in November, I paid the account off in full and waiting for Ford Credit to report the pay-off to my credit report, it took them until January. They made a mistake though..... now all of a sudden, it showed "Charge-Off" as of 11/2011 (date of payment) instead of when it really happened in 2008 and showed PAID the next month. In my opinion, that looked terrible because now it looked like I JUST charged-off with Ford very recently, instead of 3 years ago. So I immediately disputed the trade line with Experian to confirm the Charge Off date. Except that backfired on me even worse..... Now instead of it showing Charge-Off ONCE in July 2008 (originally) or even ONCE in Nov. 2011, it showed "CO" starting in July 2008 and reporting "CO" EVERY month for 3 years until I paid it off. So now it is very clear on my credit report that I had a $7300 CO that I let go unpaid for 3 years. Ouch! My question basically is, what looks worse to future creditors: A 4 year old Charge Off that took me 3 years to pay off and reported every month, OR a fairly recent Charge Off that only took me 1 month to pay off? The reason I ask is because I can dispute with Ford again, and they will change the reporting back to "Charge Off as of 11/2011" and it will show PAID the next month. I know their reporting is totally off but if it will help me to show a CO only reporting for 1 month, I would rather have it that way than an old Charge Off reporting monthly for 3 years. Hope this makes a little bit of sense.... sometimes its hard to explain in writing. Thanks.
  14. 20 years ago, before we were married, my husband filed for Bankruptcy. Of coarse, it is now long gone from his credit file and he has since built almost perfect credit. He decided to apply for the Citi Simplicity card last week and just got the denial letter in the mail last night. It said he was denied because "you have filed for bankruptcy and your previous account was included in that filing". It seems insane that they would still prevent him from getting a card, 20 years later! Actually, I believe it was 22 years ago to be exact. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before and If it's possible to ask for Recon and present his near perfect credit. Thanks.
  15. My Wells Fargo mortgage closed in November and didn't report until April. My credit score changed by 1 point (literally) when the mortgage reported...

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