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  1. Hello CB forum! Always feels good to be back on the forum! Without going too much into detail, I need a bit more money to afford my schooling, but I have tapped all available money based on my Cost of Attendance. Do any of you know of companies that loan above the COA? I'm not having much luck looking so far, and my FinAid office won't disclose any names of anyone that would. Thanks!
  2. Is there such a thing as a "best way" to get out of a joint account? We feel like we already know the answer but maybe someone out her has some insight for us. My wife still has one with her dad, with whom she does not speak (I've never met him and we've been together almost 6 years). We have a golden opportunity to pay off that card completely (almost $15k!) but we are worried that my wife will lose her credit completely (it's her oldest and highest limit account). Chase will allow you to split the joint account if the cardholder can float it credit wise, and with it paid off we know we could do that, but the concern is him... because he sucks. So any advice/golden nuggets of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Today I finally pulled the trigger for a Capital One No Hassle Rewards card... I spend a good 150-200 a month on gas for commuting so the 2% back will be nice. I was approved for $500... not excellent, but will certainly get me in the right direction! Now I'll be able to sit back for a minute, let these TLs mature, and start tackling some of the big dawgs (including a CA that I've never heard from) If it weren't for this community, I wouldn't have had a CC in the first place, let alone the courage or know-how to fight this battle, and to that end, you have my heart-felt thanks. Many more updates (and successes!) to come!
  4. Is the site sponsored by Cap1? It wanted me to apply for a Venture card too...
  5. A CLI with Orchard... nice... How'd you do it? Last I tried (Jan '11) they still were not offering CLIs because of "company policy".
  6. BUMP I'm one of those ING direct types currently enjoying one of the best Overdraft protection plans out there. So that is to say Cap1 does the traditional "fee per occurrence" that traditional brick and mortars do? If so I will need to find a new bank... I refuse to deal with it!
  7. No app for the CC was ever made, thankfully. I think I'm going to let some of this blow over a bit and then apply in person. My GF has been a member for years and knows a pretty lenient person at one of their branches *fingers crossed*
  8. Yeah, retail as usual. I remember my Gap days, and usually you'd get a sucker to sign up. Material in the back: "1 out of 10 will say yes!" We were even told not to call them "credit cards", but call them "loyalty cards". I wanted to vomit.
  9. (sorry I accidentally posted it twice...
  10. I'm following OMG Facts on Twitter (lots of interesting stuff!) and one of their tweets tonight said that someone had 1497 open CCs at once! So, is it one of you guys?!?
  11. I'm following OMG Facts on Twitter (lots of interesting stuff!) and one of their tweets tonight said that someone had 1497 open CCs at once! So, is it one of you guys?!?
  12. Hmmmm... MPM says 8 EQX inquiries... might be time to slow down... ?

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