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  1. how long are these offers valid for and or how long do we have to make a decision before they disappear?
  2. where do you see the offers? i only see other offers. tht said have been with penfed for 2 years, have their amex cc with 10k limit, i also have 12k in a savings account with them and never seen any offer. sad bear
  3. how long did it take you? are you using only SCP? About how long would it take 4 inqs to B off with just scp. thx
  4. authorized user helps. start small. i recommend the walmart store card. free fico and after 6 months willl be easier to get credit
  5. i applied for a usaa cc yesterday morning and still have not received a decision. i have no messages on my account and no new accounts. any idea how long to wait? where can i check the status?
  6. I would like to get the Penfed Platinum Rewards card. I already have the travel one with $9,500 credit limit for 1 year, no cli asked or given. My fico score is 748, 4% utilization. My last credit card was opened in september, citi thank you prestige card. will penfed be ok with the fact that i have a card opened within the last 6 months? or should i wait till may or so? thx
  7. robdude- If not eligble through family, gotta live there. FOM is closed, no feasible work arounds currently exist. I own a home in the state of Pennsylvania but do not live there. Is it still possible to get into this CU? The home is a investment property that I rent out. Home is paid off and title in my name. I live in DC. Thx
  8. Both Penfed and AMEX are difficult to get approved for, especially Penfed which is probably one of the most difficult. I suggest looking into student credit cards. Here are a few: Citi Forward® Card for College Students Discover® Student More Card Once you let these two card age for 1 year you have a good shot at AMEX.
  9. I've had the More card for 15 months and never received a auto CLI. I pay in full each month, use the card heavily, and nothing. I did a online chat couple months ago asking for cli and they want to do a hard. Real lame.
  10. thx for the responses. yes i believe she has a letter from the university stating that her diploma mill degree is not valid and she has to redo her bachelor work. she tried getting into a graduate degree program, they said the degree is invalid, start over. yes this is for idaho state university.
  11. Not sure if this belongs here, but I could use some advice. My mother in the 1990's enrolled in a diploma mill school that was done through the mail. She never took out any federal loans nor did she get the Pell Grant. Anyways, she was awarded a Bachelor degree, if you can call it that since it was bogus. The school was later shut down and the owners sent to prison. Fast forward to around 2004. My mother enrolled in a State University. She applied as having a Bachelors but the school said the degree was bogus. For 3 years she received the Pell Grant. Then on her final year the school said claimed that because she has a Bachelor degree she was never supposed to get the Pell Grant and needed to pay back $8000 in Pell Grant money. They sent the account to collections. She tried to explain she had a diploma mill degree. They refuse to give transcript. The collection is there. This is about 5 years old. She would like to apply for a mortgage but the account is there. What type of lawyer do I need? Is it legal for them to do this? Give Pell Grant for 3 years and then say you owe all this money. She does not have a valid bachelor degree. I contacted the Department of Education and cannot get a clear answer. Most say that its up to school but that she should be eligible for the Pell Grant. Thanks for any advice.
  12. i take it they have a default judgement against you. does it list on your credit reports? check the court records to see if there is in fact a real default judgment against you.<br><br>if there is i suggest taking any money out of your bank accounts. if you have a job they will garnish your wages and not much you can do unfortunately. <br>
  13. hello, is it possible to achieve b with just two of the daily pullers - MPM and EQ complete? If so, how long would it take to get 5 hards off my report? about 3 months?
  14. hello, i need to get inq off my transunion report. i read the thread. is the https://www.smartcredit.com/ only service to get the it going? i need the premium service? will it take more than 3 months to get 4 inq off? thx a grea deal
  15. https://www.annualcr...m/cra/index.jsp get all three reports for free. this is legit site supported by the ftc and government. see if you have anything bad listed. will take you a few minutes to get your reports. as for the dealership route, i would be careful as you will most likely end up with man credit inquiries when they try to find best rate. for 5k you can buy a nice car. hell for 2-3k its possible. check ebay and craiglist.

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