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  1. Haven't been on the board in ages. So sorry to hear of Canes' passing. Thank you Fataliya for attending his service and extending our sympathies.
  2. Cool news! Your hard work paid off! Congratulations!
  3. Mine are back. I use Credit Karma and Amex Credit Secure. TU blocked me back in '07.
  4. Amex no touchy touchy. Juniper on the other hand...
  5. Just checked CS this morning. I had one inquiry from the summer reinserted. Time to start the daily pulls again.
  6. Aw, man. Is Chase still doing two-cycle billing along with Discover?
  7. I have no problems with persons specifically trained to carry and use deadly weapons as part of their job. I'm 100% certain other Texas districts will follow in allowing educators to carry and use guns on school property. Perhaps Texas should legislate that any teacher applying for work on school property must have training equivalent to that of LEO's and then the candidate must pass a shooting exam. Surely teacher pay will increase due to the new requirements. Ridiculous.
  8. ITA! Did anyone else have a Lemon Twist? I did and was showing off my skills at the park one summer evening. I was GOOD with that thing! I became so distracted with all the different kinds of fun we were having that I left my Lemon Twist at the park. I had it for all of two days.
  9. Surely this is a glitch that will correct itself Monday. Surely.
  10. And that big flashing 'NO' is my dispute letter being processed.
  11. Thanks! I've wanted a Dyson for a while. I just ordered using the promo code.

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