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  1. I recently made a payment with my Visa online and when it finished it demanded that I fill out a form for "Verified by Visa". The form led to a page on arcot.com and since I was in a rush at the time, I just filled it out to get the payment through. I'm a bit worried now that it might either have been a phishing attempt or a service that I might get charged for. Can anybody explain the legitimacy of this service?
  2. From my understanding, the Chase Private Client website seems to imply that those members can choose the Palladium card and that there may or may not be special benefits for them. But maybe I'm reading it wrong?
  3. Nope, you never have to pickup a phone which is why this method is so great! Share the love. ;(
  4. Need a guinea pig? Does your method involve talking to CSRs?
  5. Now that you two converted, did the Select keep the previous APR of the other card or did it switch to the default Select APR? Also, did the card numbers change?
  6. Did your APR or account number change?
  7. You might be able to grant his wish if you tell him he doesn't need the 30M.
  8. Do you guys know if after the Product Change, the terms such as the credit limit, APR etc. stays the same or changes?
  9. I think I read somewhere that you can get the annual fee waived if you have $250k with Chase Private Client, though I could have recalled incorrectly. Does anybody have a Chase Private Client office near them to check to see if this is true or not?
  10. This is currently false information. As with everything I say, no promises of correctness. xD Why can't we edit posts after a period of time?
  11. have you used the concierge for the Pd card? We're going to experiment to see which is better amex plat service or Pd (for planning an upcoming itnl trip) I do know the Chase Sapphire Preferred has excellent concierge. This past week while on vacation in LAS we hopped the monorail to the Luxor for the Titanic exhibit. The rope line for tickets was way long. I tried waiting, but it was not moving at all after 10 minutes. I asked my companions to follow me to the Casino downstairs and called the Chase concierge. WOW. In roughly 3 minutes I was told to find a hotel employee upstairs and he would take care of ticketing and getting us in the exhibit. As promised we were billed, ticketed and in the exhibit instantly. As we left the exhibit an hour later I did recognize a few of the people going in had been my mates in line earlier. I never expected this. I only hoped for the ability to pick up tickets at "will call" later in the day or even the following day. There was a bit of guilt on my part. This was equal to Plat Amex IMO. thanks for the data point. I wonder if the concierge is the same for all chase cards. From my understanding, the Freedom, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred and JPMorgan Select use the standard Visa Signature concierge if it's a Visa and the Continental Presidential Plus, Ritz-Carlton, JPMorgan Palladium and JPMorgan Executive use Circles.
  12. Maybe they had bad experiences with other people who use cards. And is it everyone, or just one very loud person?
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