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  1. okay ....after a cold war between the angels and the demons in my mind... I looked at topics on each card searched Credit pulls forum to see which bureau would be pulled and then I went on a app spree and here is the lastest updates chase sapphire 20k marriott rewards 17.5k citi diamond preferred 6k Dcu visa card 5k and 35k auto loan Barclays arrival plus 4k Cap one qs card 3k Amex spg card 2k previously had Discover 2.5 Cap one 800 secured 60k in credit cards 35k auto loan in less than 45 days all from reading CB!! So thanks everyone and I hope that the stubborn newbies like myself learn from my rants....through trial and error you have to READ I'm still reading still lazy lol I'm still bucking the trend. my arrogance made me really feel like I can get higher limits without reading but now i know if i read more i could have done even better .... i thought about the recon lines but i was just happy to get in the door especially with (AMEX SPG), I figured hey I will ask for CLI's after 90-180 days on each. i wanted to become a CREDIT PIMP instantly but i know...ROME WASNT BUILT IN A DAY .... so back to drawing board next decision is to B* or not to B* ...not applying for anything for the next 6 months anyway... but it would'nt hurt to learn the ins and out of the B* system so im onto that next
  2. Okay after alot of sleep reading.. and cautious thinking.. i submitted a few apps online First I took the prequalifer offer from cap one quicksilver and was (horns please) Approved for 3k CL called for recon to no avail ... and then (cut the music) Approved for Chase sapphire preferred card 20k CL (OH LORDY!!) Pending decision from Fidelity Amex... customer service rep was nice but re-directed me to an automated application update line updates every 2hrs (doesnt sound good) But .... 23k sounds like a good start for a stubborn newbie Gone Back to Work, will keep you all posted on the pulls and pending apps soon
  3. Ok latest updates Paid primary accts to basically nothing.... Cap one quicksilver sent me a pre approval 1.5%cash back no annual fee..debating if I should take it....as for now I only want to apply for 2-3 cards preferably this week, ask Discover for CLI and try to take these online courses in "B*tology" which leads me to my next question.....can someone refer 3-4 monitoring sites for each bureau that can I use to help me wit B*.......anyone?....I mean it is the season to be jolly rt?.....preferably someone without saying....READ......lol joking but really (all of this GNIDAER has made me dyslexic ) Fico scores are 764 exp. 1inq 751 transunion 4inqs 757 equifax. 2-3 inqs
  4. Well I have been busy working I haven't gotten around to ordering reports but I did have a family member add me to a 10k 13 yr cap one card that should be reporting around the 3rd .... As far as card sprees ... Im not in a rush I want scores in 720-740 range before I apply for cards ... As far as derogs..... As I said before there isn't any... I'm so close to that range waiting another month or two and I lowered debt utilization also (discover it has a $2 balance) can only help scores....
  5. Almost two weeks and yep Im still reading.... I will advise all newbies take your time or self destruct
  6. Looks like lil ole me brought the whole family out lol happy holidays already
  7. Omg I'm convince uncle bob is actually Dr Evil from Austin powers movie ))
  8. I know he does I've read his post til I fell asleep lol I know I have to keep reading it's just freaking frustrating
  9. Your antics will make the most patient apprentice turn to the dark side ..... A*****e
  10. Amazingly this Thread went from helping a friend to .... Yoda.... Oops I mean uncle bob and the cynics questioning fico scores ...and out of all things a invisible female friend... Funny entertaining educational but ....LAME.... And I'm sure I speak for others.. Like I said I have thick skin and a sense of humor... Not trying to have Internet war or ruffle anyone feathers I came to credit boards with optimism ... And leave here enlighten but skeptical ....... Sorry if you feel you wasted your time... Honestly u didn't I will keep reading thanx

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