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  1. Thanks Mend, makes sense to me. Most of my TL's are on or Before Sept 2015, I had a Mortgage from Dec of last year, & two stupid product changes that appear as as new TL's from mid last year (Damn you PayPal & USAA...). So based on the above, my current plan looks like: Once I am at 3/24 (Tentatively October 2017 ) App for C$R (Bringing me to 4/24) Assuming approval on the C$R, App for Chase Ink Cash (Bringing me to exactly 5/24, but then I'm done apping with chase for a bit...) Then Get the Amex Plat ASAP IF and ONLY IF, the 100k MR deal shows for me. Use all 3 as appropriate to make the most of the benefits for 2017 & hit the minimums (R$ ONLY). Questions: If a TL Posted in Sept 2015 am I clear of the 5/24 implications exactly 24 months later, or is it safer to wait another month? Any concern on risk of denial or AA with my profile & the 3 apps so close? Any other thoughts or advice? Thanks again.
  2. I know from personal experience that a charged off or sold account will typically get reported. not sure about something like a 30 day late, but I doubt it, maybe someone else will chime in (Why risk it though). How late are you & is it something you can pay back? If you can at all afford to pay, I highly suggest paying it off. Otherwise take the time to consider your financial situation & ask specific questions.
  3. Hello All, I had a bit of an app spree in 2015 & am 8/24 with Chase until September of this Year. I have been gardening since then, waiting for 5/24 to fall off & originally Aiming for the C$R 100k UR SUB. Since that time, the SUB dropped from 100k UR to 60k. Now I'm trying to decide if it's better to wait, or get other SUB's. The AF pencils out for my travel use-case & I am mainly interested in Travel rewards. Just feeling mildly impatient & trying to see what the experts at CB might recommend. My Current daily drivers are: CSP, opened 8/2015 for SUB, now used for Travel & Dining CL: $27,750.00 Chase Freedom Unlimited opened 8/2015 for SUB, now used for R$ Groceries & Gas CL: $21,250.00 My other cards (Subs obtained, Pry-bars & random rebuilders, Kept open because of no annual fee & limit combo or PC options): NFCU Cash Rewards Visa 6/2011 $50,000.00 USAA Signautre Visa 6/2011 $30,000.00 PSECU Visa 4/2011 $20,000.00 BofA Cash Rewards Visa 3/2011 $11,600.00 Amex Old style Blue 3/2008 $21,500.00 Amex Blue Cash Everyday 9/2015 $15,000.00 USAA Amex 9/2015 $10,000.00 CITI Diamond Preferred MC 8/2015 $10,400.00 CITI Hilton Hhonors 9/2015 $9,100.00 Capital one Quicksilver 6/2006 $3,750.00 My current FICO 08 Scores are: EX: 815, EQ 805 and TU: 808 and my current util is $2.00. My main question is given this info, if you recommend waiting for the 5/24 to get The C$R? Or should I ignore the C$R and app for other subs out there? If so, which ones... Amex Plat comes to mind. but I could also get the plat after the chase card & PC whichever one I like less.
  4. 6x Chase standard form letters regarding minor account terms & policy changes. Nothing unique or exiting. Shredder food.
  5. I have the same crap on an Old BC, and a BCE, & amazon drives me nuts with showing just the last few numbers.
  6. This is for my DW, since I am in 5/24 hell. CRA: EQ/TU FICO: 805/810 (FICO 08) Util: $2.00 Over 5/24: 4 New accounts in the Last 24 but I guess they look at AU accounts? Chase Banking Relationship: yes Chase Private Client: no App immediate outcome: 30 day message, Denied "Too many new accounts associated with you" Notes: Thought she was under 5/24. The only thing I can figure is AU accounts counting against her. wondering if I should have her recon.
  7. Bah, I was hoping for a second that D* had been resurrected.
  8. I understand where you are coming from. I found credit boards on a google search trying to find a "Good Credit repair company". Everything felt like it needed to be done fast, and it appeared that a credit repair company was the appropriate answer. Now after reading & reading some more, I know that a "Credit Repair Service" is obviously not (Ever) the appropriate answer, but wasn't obvious to me when i was in the thick of it and I was very close to making that (poor) decision. Try to read & understand what the pro's here are saying, when they explain why... They can do it much better than I ever could. I was lucky that I read here listened & understood. Wishing you luck in your repair journey.
  9. You have a solid plan, and are at the right place for support with the details as you move through those steps. Stick with it. It's worth the work. p.s. I know it can seem frustrating but the rewards for patience & perseverance are worth it. I went from a mountain of debt, scores in the 500's & living in fear of a lawsuit or other things, to Scores in the 800's, a reasonable mortgage & being free of any credit card debt, Then as a bonus flying the family to Hawaii without touching our savings, courtesy of the credit card industry (& the fine folks here who taught me how to make that happen) . It didn't happen over night, but taking a longer term view helped with the frustration, and the Sunsets on the North shore were so worth it.
  10. Thanks Guys. I'll Wait them out. In answer to the questions, DW has already has a CSP @ 12k, and a Freedom @ 6.5k.
  11. Penfed tends to be conservative. I'd say that your chances are not great, but YMMV. I've kept an account open with them since I started my rebuilding Journey, & waiting to apply for something until they offer it to me (sort of a brass ring thing for me).
  12. Got it, thanks, I figured I was misreading something. I moved the credit, & then PC'ed the Freedom to a Freedom unlimited. Did not PC from co-brand to Chase mainline. So much for posting before coffee & apologies for any confusion.
  13. Since I'm in 5/24 Hell, I had DW apply for a CSR. I was surprised to see a "We need time to review... (30 Day) message" instead of an instant approval. Her data: Ok on 5/24 but close: Mortgage closed in December 2 Chase Cards opened ~Sept 2015. Transitioned Citi Costco Visa since Amex Sold the Costco cards. (Just assuming this is reported as a new line...) FICO 08 for all 3 CRA's are just over 800. She listed listed our AGI from the most recent 1040. We have a current & in good standing banking relationship with Chase. We run about 6k through her CSP monthly & PIF. $2.00 in revolving debt that we allow to post. My question is should I have her call for recon now, or wait until we see what the decision is in 30 days & then recon if denied?
  14. is this true for all chase co brand cards? As far as I know. Remember Chase backs the cards financially anyway. So it's not really a change for them in risk. Trying to PC from co-brand to in-house is where you'll see issue. Sorry if I misunderstand your post, but for the record, this is exactly what Hedge recommended & exactly what I did, with no issue.

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