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  1. You'd do best by lsiting your income and debts. Also, you'd be hard pressed to qualify with your scores, so high interest rates plus high PMI may be partially to blame. What mortgage products are you looking at?
  2. May I ask what grocery store? I imagine some gas (from several different gas stations)isn't as good as others, but that's speculation at best until you hear of people having problems. For example, I had a traditional gas station local to me that I went to a few times, but I found out that an issue with their drainage system allowed water to get into the below ground tanks. I knew a handful of people who's cars stalled because of this. They say they rectified it, but I wouldn't get gas there because I wasn't confident in it. My local grocery store carries fuel from one of the top three dis
  3. Loophole- do you have a family member or friend that can "house sit" for you for the next 5 months? Temp forward of mail. Go home the last week of the year, get it ready for rent. You're allowed to have roommates. (Check your insurance policy to make sure it's acceptable), and people travel for work all the time. Sometimes for a year at a time.
  4. Do you have a lawyer that you use that is versed in your local real estate laws?
  5. All of the accounts you have listed will still be on your reports for approx. 1.5 more years. They stay on for 7 years, not 6. So, theoretically, it doesn't make much of a difference whether you apply now or later, but applying now would give your broker an opportunity to give you a list of things to work on. Also, any baddies that are hiding should come out. Better now than 2 days before closing.
  6. Yes, we're well within the limits for USDA and a lot of the areas we're looking in qualify. They'll want a 620 for streamline, but that shouldn't be awfully hard. I would decide on direct or guaranteed and talk to someone about what they'd like to see from you.
  7. Depending on the area, you may qualify for USDA 0 down. But they are correct- you CANNOT pay closing costs with credit cards. Though you can ask the seller to pay them. And you also cannot have your income included if you are not on the loan. There is only one loan I know of that does this. HomeReady. Also, you will not be able to get a home above about $190,000 for $1,200. I can't think of anywhere that the property taxes and insurance are cheap enough. (That $190k figure had very abnormally low property taxes and insurance)
  8. When do you have to move? Personally, I'd wait. You won't qualify for what you're looking for with your current income, and your future income is contingent. There are banks (well, credit unions) that do 100% financing if you have good credit, and there are a few that allow a parent to go on the loan with you and graduate off if you need the income boost sooner. FHA may be your best bet in the coming future. It really comes down to your unique situation.
  9. This. I vote the refi first. That's money you're paying each month that you don't have to. Do you have a way into navy? If you do, and you want to build that relationship, you might want to see what they offer you for am interest rate. Make two payments then apply for a card.
  10. They meet Friday. The outlook is a .25% rate hike initially.
  11. $6,000 at a fee of 3% is $180. Plus, they may treat that as a cash advance since it's written to yourself- you need to find out if that 10.99% work's for cash advances as well. Otherwise you could be on the total other end of emotion at the end.
  12. Could be a lot of things, but that's 5k in extra debt and 7 months difference in AAOA. Is that student loan still a high balance? Regardless, they could be identical and be 50 points or more apart as one CRA might put more/less importance in one thing vs the other.
  13. That's not logical. Food stamps can disappear at any time. New job, you lose them. Don't go to your renewal interview, you lose em. By all accounts the assistance is a month to month benefit, as should any secondary benefits based from it be.
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