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  1. Hello CB! Currently in the process of purchasing a home, and an old debt is currently showing up on my wife’s credit report. It’s a credit card from Wells Fargo that she owned many many years ago. Her brother, who’s now deceased, used the credit card without her consent, and ran up multiple charges. She never filed a police report, and never paid back the debt he was responsible for. Ten years has passed, and the issue has been dormant until now. She tried to dispute the issue through Experian, but they denied her without a police report. Any help would be gre
  2. How do you have high scores with a CO that is under 2 years old? High as in 750 according to FICO. I was in the 800s prior to this debacle.
  3. Long story short: Divorced in 2016. Ex was supposed to pay the Chase Sapphire card that was in my name. She never paid, so I settled last year. Id really like to get the Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward card for the bonus points. Its a Chase Visa card. Any luck in getting approved for this card after a charge off? High income / high scores if it matters. Thanks.
  4. Ok, Ill send ERC a letter. Does anyone happen to have a form letter I could use? Or should I use Whychats CA validation letter?
  5. Its legitimately not my debt.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions. Is there a pre-formatted letter on the forum I could use to ensure my verbiage is correct? Ive seen some of Whchats letters, but none there seem to apply.
  7. Received an alert from Credit Karma regarding a CA on CR. The OC is AT&T U-Verse, the CA is Enhanced Recovery Company. Ive reveived no mail, nor phone calls regarding a delinquent account. Ive called AT&T, and they have ZERO information of any delinquent account in my, or my ex-wifes name. My question is now how should I proceed? Should I call ERC and request suporting documents? Or should I send them a letter requesting removal? Or should I simply go online and dispute via the CK portal? The derogatory remark is showing up on both TU and EQ according to CK.
  8. I don't have the money for 100% repayment. Honestly I don't want to even pay half, but I suppose it's on me to do something.
  9. Divorced in April 2016 Divorce was amicable, and ex agreed to pay Chase credit card which is in my name. Surprise surprise, she's not paid a dime in almost 140 days. The account is now closed, and Chase wants to settle at 50% Since my credit has already been damaged enough, should I wait and allow the debt to be charged off in order to seek a cheaper settlement with the new debt buyer? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Sure.. none of his thug pictures on the net are him, right?
  11. Harvard Law Professor says Zimmerman charges won't hold up The grand jury would have never true billed Zimmerman, therefore the special prosecutor took it upon herself to relay the case to a court of law. This case will be tried, and Zimmerman will be acquitted.
  12. I'll concur that agreeing to a 21% interest rate is asinine. And yes, that $2000 could have gone towards a very nice used car. What's done is done.. Some of the worst car accidents happen on the showroom floor.
  13. Or better yet, have no balance reported to the bureaus. But by the time you received the statement, the outstanding amount is already set to be reported. So to eliminate that many of us pay the outstanding amount before the period actually ends... True! But this is on my charge card, so I don't believe they report a balance to the bureaus, but I may be wrong
  14. Thanks for the help my peeps!
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