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  1. I used to go there 2-3 times a day because it was right down the street. It was 24 hours which was great being that I’m a night person. I rarely go after they started letting the homeless squat there all day and night. Nothing wrong with helping homeless but when they take up all the seating and ask for money on the patio when your just trying to work, it gets old fast.
  2. “Some things are expensive in the area, like eating out, which might cost “$40/person at upscale restaurants, or $10/person at a medium scale restaurant, or $7/person at a tipico Panamanian restaurant,” shes says $40 for upscale dining? Where do I sign up
  3. I have four from 1969. I was never on any cards and got my first one when I appd for the four. Go figure. I was under 30 when I got them so it definitely helped. Will likely be buried with them also
  4. Got a letter today stating my Cap1 savor app was approved for $30k. Forgot I even applied because it was almost 3 weeks ago. Last 3 cap1 apps have came back with $30k for some reason
  5. Curious to know what your available credit was at time of application? Was going to apply but hesitated due to the amount of available credit I already have.
  6. https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/2186606/chinas-social-credit-system-shows-its-teeth-banning-millions
  7. I might be applying for a home equity loan on a investment property but want to ask if they frown upon new cc apps before. I know the rule about apping before traditional mortgages but wasn’t sure if that applied for HEL to. Haven’t had a new card in a couple years I think so I’ve been itching to apply for a couple select ones. Any experiences would be appreciated.
  8. I had a $500 card when I started rebuilding. Later, got a $5000 card and combined and close the $5000. I then got a venture for $30k and then combined to the $5500 card. Then did it again for a $65500 limit currently. Thought about trying my luck again since it’s been a couple years. I have almost 1 mil in available revolving so getting new/bigger lines of credit hasn’t been my focus. But I think I did the exact thing your exploring with capital one. No problem.
  9. That’s what I thought. It’ll be my primary residence bought in my name only.
  10. So I purchased a home with cash and plan to do a cash out refinance right away. The home is worth more than what I bought it for so I figured I could get all my initial investment back because the 80% LTV would be more then my purchase price. All the the language I’ve seen just states 80% Max LTV with it. The loan advisor said it 80% of purchase price. I think he might be wrong because only language I see say 80% LTV. Only thing I seen on purchase price was the 80% LTV couldn’t be more than the purchase price. Am I missing something? https://www.fanniemae.com/content/guide/selling/b2/1.2/03.html
  11. I thought the $50k I’ve had for a few years was highest the went. Guess I’ll call them and see what I can get
  12. I try to justify it but I’ve never been on vacation or have ever flown on a plane so I don’t know anything about airport lounges. I gave my fiancé who does fly the card because she’s a AU and told her all the benefits but she comes back always paying cash for everything because that’s her. I do get $15 Uber or Uber eats credit per month and I guess some benefits for car rental. Maybe if they give a retention offer each year I try to cancel I can justify. I didn’t plan on them ending D*. I thought I’d open then close after a few months. Man those were the good days
  13. Well I’m 35 but got 5 amexes d* to 1970 so I actually was calling to inquire about a pc but I have the green and gold already so I started off with the cancellation and was going to maybe work back to a pc if possible. If I couldn’t pc I was going to cancel because my AAOA is over 10 years and I don’t really need anymore cards having almost 1mil in available credit and pif every month. Then when she told me I have until November til fee is due again I figured why not keep it. However, as soon I said cancel she started throwing offers to me. She told me she could give a $75 credit and I said no thanks. Then said the 5k free points and I said no, then she threw in the 15k and I bit. Afterward I was thinking if she would’ve went higher but was happy with that. I have have so many cards, 42 if I remember correctly, and it’s a job anymore to try to keep them open let alone research rentention offers. I’m sure I could get a lot of them, however, I’m trying to free up my schedule and life to have more time for enjoyment. Im hoping to semi retire in November and only do things I enjoy to make an income since I’ve done well for myself. Only issue is I enjoy making money so all I do is work. But I don’t need as many cards to rely on anymore to accomplish that, but it is very hard to cancel cards. I guess I’m lucky to have that being a struggle and not something else. It’s nice coming to the forum and knowing I’m not alone in the struggle 😁
  14. Went to cancel my Amex Platinum today but found out my fee isn’t due until November. Still I told them I wanted to cancel and she said she could give me 5,000 points and another 15k if I spend $3000 in next 3 months (which is easy for me). Not sure if that’s a regular thing or not but figured I’d put it out there in case it could be useful to others. Still plan on canceling because I have five or six amexes from the backdating days.
  15. Asked for $60k on my other card and was granted it. Not sure if hp or not
  16. I got a $9k cli today for a BOA card with a $21k limit taking me to $30k and they hp TU as normal. I have the link showing for another card with a $48,500 limit I have but theyve denied me twice for increases. I will run about $50k or more of BT through them a year and usually pay off in a month or so. Last request they offered to reallocate but I said no. Scores are all in 800s and a few hundred dollars reporting across about $900k in limits.
  17. Most credit applications wont accept a P.O. box as physical address, only mailing. You can get a ups box or other box at a store that has them that has a regular address.
  18. A little off the subject of the mortgage question but when factoring rent vs ownership in Florida. I would also add something worth considering, that you may or may not know, is that if she’s not living there(new house) she will not get the homestead Exemption for property taxes in Florida which is generally $50k and an extra $25k if she is over 65.(in most places in Florida I believe) Also any new sale, property taxes will be to the new market value so if the house you purchase hasn’t been sold in many years there could be a significant rise in the taxes from owner to new buyer. Ex. I brought a house in Seminole for $375k that had not been sold since 1997. Old owner taxes with the homestead Exemption and the senior exemption was $2300/year because purchase price then was $150k. Now that I bought it at $375k and only qualify for the $50k Homestead Exemption, my taxes bill is $5300/year. Obviously without the Homestead Exemption it would be even higher. So depending on what your household income is, this can be a big cut into your monthly budget with the added Florida homeowners insurance that may/may not need flood. Figured I’d tell you that because I was in for a bit of a shock when I found out what my tax bill was going to be and did not consider that extra expense in my budgeting. Luckily I make enough it doesn’t effect me much other than irritating because I am ocd about my budget.
  19. 30 days after BK was discharged they gave my fiancé $28.5k. Pretty crazy too
  20. Score was high 700s. Probably acouple hundred thousand in credit. I used their card quite a bit before applying
  21. I have a cc from sdfcu at lowest rate. From what I remember my cash advance rate was same as charges. Started out at $2k after a recon for a denial went up over time to $30k. By the time I got to $30k I had to much credit that I didn't think I'd be approved for anything else so I haven't used them. Plus their website and transaction times are the worst. I have a cc from sdfcu at lowest rate. From what I remember my cash advance rate was same as charges. Started out at $2k after a recon for a denial went up over time to $30k. By the time I got to $30k I had to much credit that I didn't think I'd be approved for anything else so I haven't used them. Plus their website and transaction times are the worst.
  22. I don't ever tip on carry out unless they are bringing it to my car. I feel like its the same as fast food in the sense Im walking up to a counter and paying. However, I generally do 25% when dining in unless service is bad

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