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  1. I use DW citi AA card every month and mostly pay in full. Well I ran it up to close to the whole cl this month ($25k). I kept using it and wondered what was going on. Went on to pay it off for the month and here they gave her a $20k cli before I pod it off. LOL
  2. I got a box from Amex that had a Tiffany & co box inside and two champagne glasses. Also had a card thanking me for 50 years of membership. Also said they made a donation to a charity. Definitely didn't expect that especially since I'm under 40 years old. I guess they don't look at that when your card was backdated.
  3. I used to go there 2-3 times a day because it was right down the street. It was 24 hours which was great being that I’m a night person. I rarely go after they started letting the homeless squat there all day and night. Nothing wrong with helping homeless but when they take up all the seating and ask for money on the patio when your just trying to work, it gets old fast.
  4. “Some things are expensive in the area, like eating out, which might cost “$40/person at upscale restaurants, or $10/person at a medium scale restaurant, or $7/person at a tipico Panamanian restaurant,” shes says $40 for upscale dining? Where do I sign up
  5. I have four from 1969. I was never on any cards and got my first one when I appd for the four. Go figure. I was under 30 when I got them so it definitely helped. Will likely be buried with them also
  6. Got a letter today stating my Cap1 savor app was approved for $30k. Forgot I even applied because it was almost 3 weeks ago. Last 3 cap1 apps have came back with $30k for some reason
  7. Curious to know what your available credit was at time of application? Was going to apply but hesitated due to the amount of available credit I already have.
  8. https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/2186606/chinas-social-credit-system-shows-its-teeth-banning-millions
  9. I might be applying for a home equity loan on a investment property but want to ask if they frown upon new cc apps before. I know the rule about apping before traditional mortgages but wasn’t sure if that applied for HEL to. Haven’t had a new card in a couple years I think so I’ve been itching to apply for a couple select ones. Any experiences would be appreciated.
  10. I had a $500 card when I started rebuilding. Later, got a $5000 card and combined and close the $5000. I then got a venture for $30k and then combined to the $5500 card. Then did it again for a $65500 limit currently. Thought about trying my luck again since it’s been a couple years. I have almost 1 mil in available revolving so getting new/bigger lines of credit hasn’t been my focus. But I think I did the exact thing your exploring with capital one. No problem.
  11. That’s what I thought. It’ll be my primary residence bought in my name only.
  12. So I purchased a home with cash and plan to do a cash out refinance right away. The home is worth more than what I bought it for so I figured I could get all my initial investment back because the 80% LTV would be more then my purchase price. All the the language I’ve seen just states 80% Max LTV with it. The loan advisor said it 80% of purchase price. I think he might be wrong because only language I see say 80% LTV. Only thing I seen on purchase price was the 80% LTV couldn’t be more than the purchase price. Am I missing something? https://www.fanniemae.com/content/guide/selling/b2/1.2/03.html
  13. I thought the $50k I’ve had for a few years was highest the went. Guess I’ll call them and see what I can get
  14. I try to justify it but I’ve never been on vacation or have ever flown on a plane so I don’t know anything about airport lounges. I gave my fiancé who does fly the card because she’s a AU and told her all the benefits but she comes back always paying cash for everything because that’s her. I do get $15 Uber or Uber eats credit per month and I guess some benefits for car rental. Maybe if they give a retention offer each year I try to cancel I can justify. I didn’t plan on them ending D*. I thought I’d open then close after a few months. Man those were the good days
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