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  1. Anyone hear of or dealt with Capital Solutions and Associates? I have received a single phone call each of the past 2 days with the same message "This is blah blah blah regarding a civil complaint into 2 pending charges against your name and social security number. Call us blah blah blah, case number, failure to respond will result in further legal action blah blah blah:" I haven't even attempted to contact them back yet because I know all they'll do is ask for verifying information which I will not provide. I've looked the company up with no luck and the phone number with no luck as well. How the heck am I supposed to send any verification letters if I can't find the appropriate information to send it to? Thanks!
  2. Wife and I are looking to sell our house and move. We had a slight oopps last year and had a 30 day late in October and 60 day in November of 2015. We have been pin point since then. Do we need to wait until Decembers payment posts to apply or should we be good now? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have an account with United Recovery Systems which I intend to pay off (I owe the money). They have called my cell, home and parents house (whom I haven't lived with for 17 years now) in an attempt to contact me. I have spoken to them once stating that if they must contact me they must only use a specific number. They kept calling my house. I sent them an email from their website stating that if they must contact me they must only contact a specific number. They have continued to call numbers I have asked them not at least 5 times now. They are calling all numbers I have asked them not to, and not calling the number I told them was okay. Is there any other recouse I can take with them? I have phone logs of the calls to numbers they were asked not to call. Thanks, Ry
  4. So I'll try to keep this somewhat to the point and short. First off let me say I have read this board for a while and used it to good use. With that being said I am stumped on this one. Over a month ago my wife received the infamous message to call this number regarding a debt. I called the number just to find out who it was that was calling and what it was about. The lady who answered said they were Miller and Steeno and tried to confirm a bunch of info with me. I made the mistake of giving some info before realizing that I needed to shut up. The lady then transferred me to to another person. The lady I was transferred went through the whole mumbo jumbo about them trying to collect a debt and such. She asked if I knew why they were calling and I said no, I have never heard of your firm and she went on to explain that they have been given and account from Gemini Capital Group who is collecting for an old credit card. I explained to her that I have never heard of Gemini Capital Group. She asked me if I was aware of the debt and I again told her that I have never heard of Gemini Capital Group nor ever received anything from them. When I told her that I never received anything from this Gemini Capital Group she said that a letter was mailed out in January or February of 2010. I explained to her that I never received it. She then went on to tell me that when it was sent in June of 2010 that it was not returned to them which is confirmation that I received it. Being frustrated with her I told her that I never received any notice or documentation from Gemini Capital Group or their firm and she told me the normal you need to set something up today. I then told her that before I will discuss anything further with them that I wanted a document from them stating who they are, who Gemini Capital Group are and what they are attempting to collect for. She tried to get me to let her email it to me which I refused telling her I wanted paper documentation. She said she would send it out but couldn't confirm that it wouldn't go to court before I got it. She confirmed my address with me which was correct...remember that statement...and told me I should receive it by that Friday. Well it never came and no other phone calls were made to me regarding the issue. I looked on my credit reports and there is no listing for Gemini Capital Group or Miller & Steeno. Well suddenly today in my mailbox is a letter addressed to me from a law firm that has the "advertisement" stamped on the outside. The letter is the standard are you needing to file for blah blah blah. But at the top it listed that they saw on my state's web reporting site that a new claim was listed by low and behold Gemini Capital Group. This was the first I had have heard of this suit against me. I looked up my name on my state's reporting website and it was there. The details of it showed that it was filed in court on 2/8/2011. I have yet to be served any papers. Funny thing though...when I looked at the parties involved it had Miller and Steeno listed and it also had me listed, but my house number was wrong on my address. It was missing a digit. Now I know when the lady read my address back to me it was correct when I spoke to her so why did they file it incorrectly? The whole thing is just a confusing mess. THis is not my first time dealing with these lovely situations, but this one is a new one to me. I am a bit stuck on where to go next. I want to deal with this head on, but I have yet to receive anything from any company on this. Thoughts? Okay...so not so short! Thanks

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