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  1. Thank you for the well thought out post/response. Personally I don't really get too much into the ethics. Like you said friends/family are a different story. I don't have an entitled mentality at all but these are big companies who has all this factored into their pricing. If its between not paying a debt or disputing something have it come off my report I'm all for that. IT would help my family and my situation far more than for them. I don't plan on taking out a mortgage any time soon as I owe thousands in student loans. My Credit utilization is fine . Right now these charge offs are about 3 years old so will take a long time to charge off. I just had thought there would be a quick but small /bump if I paid/settled them versus doing nothing. I have no problem doing nothing but was just surprised paying does nothing. I know New York has a purge law for unpaid collections after 5 years but when disputing with the bureaus it is almost as if they don't know these rules and still by a 7 year date.
  2. Well right now on my credit report it doesn't show the collection agency. Just the original creditor. So I had thought if the original creditor shows paid in full it would at least bump it a little. The agency doesn't own the debt
  3. Oh wow so if I can't do a paid for delete there is no benefit to a paid in full account?
  4. Well the affirm would show paid in full or settled in full. so you are saying even if they haven't sold the debt not to pay?
  5. Hello, I have about 5 collections from Affirm. They are using alfni as their debt collector and so far I haven't been able to get anywhere finding out if they legally bought my debt. They only report to experian and the collections have been removed but Affirm still shows up as negative. 3 out of 5 are less than 120 dollars. Money is tight but Alfni offered to settle for about 40%. Most are 2-3 years old so I'd have to wait some time for them to drop. I'm curious if it would be better to pay in full or settle in full for amounts this low. Ideally I'd like to settle but I know this will add another 7 years and might not help my score as a paid in full. They won't agree for a pay to delete.
  6. I should follow up and say he wanted to talk on the phone so we did
  7. Yes it was someone because they called me to talk. One has 1 late and another has 2. So I'm sure this will help. IF anything its certainly not bad
  8. I just wanted to share my strategy. I've written them many many good will letters and always get the generic response. I decided to message them on Facebook and I got an actual human in the states who responded the same. I then replied with a true sob story and the guy said he could remove 1 late payment from each card. This will change my life so much and hopefully raise my score. I just wanted to to share with you guys who might have issues with comenity
  9. Thanks thats pretty much what I figured. There might be a better chance to dispute it. I probably will have to pay once I start working again
  10. I didn't say I was delinquent due to covid. I said I was out of work. This makes it hard to start paying off old charge offs
  11. Hello, Maybe this is a a longshot but has anyone had success writing a goodwill letter to a small debt that they can't pay. I'm out of work right now due to COVID and apartment hunting. I don't want to start making small payments to accounts that might fall of in a couple years, but its still hurting my credit. Any advice?
  12. Long story short I have many charge offs from different cards. They will drop off in a couple years. Meanwhile due to secured cards, good payment history, and being on family members accounts my score has gone up recently. I know that some creditors might blacklist you but is this going to be all?
  13. This was a program where they would reage the account. They didn't charge me for 2 months and now they say that it is charged off and I'm off the program. What are my options. It's my word against theirs. I thought it would be coming out my checking account like I told them ( I only wanted the first payment to come out from my credit card) Does amex do a pay for delete?

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