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  1. I cannot seem to get out of the mid 600's!!!! 655
  2. * Update* Received response from EQ, and they totally dismissed my letter requesting that they Delete the tl for failure to investigate and provide results of my May dispute. Now they have removed the lates and I have a "settled for less than full balance" EQ says will stay on my report until 04/2018!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!
  3. It changed in early June for membership thru the PA Parks and Rec
  4. OK, I understand. EQ has some pretty messed up online processes. Are you going to dispute this one again via US Mail then? Most definitely! The one I sent at the end of August (that they have completely ignored so far) was sent via certified mail. Now I just need help on what kind of letter to send now because my one in August stated how I gave them more than enough time to investigate and notify me of results but they failed to do so and requested that they delete the tradeline.
  5. For the record, I normally dispute via certified mail. This was the only dispute I did online as it was a 2 part dispute that served it's purpose for the other account that was removed immediately with no problem. For some reason EQ did nothing with this account that was included in that dispute.
  6. So back in May I sent a online dispute to EQ on a HSBC store card account that was reporting differently on all 3 reports. EQ however never responded with the status or results of my investigation other than giving me a confirmation number. As of August the confirmation number was still showing as "PENDING". I recently (end of August) sent them a dispute to delete within 15 days for failure to investigate. Backdoored and the account is still there. What should I do now?
  7. +1 Mine wasn't with Wells Fargo (it was Capital One) but I hit a rough patch a few years ago. I definitely think it's worth checking it out.
  8. Yes the card had an annual fee (old age sucks because I can't remember how much the AF was) .
  9. I am definitely kicking myself in the butt right now. I got app happy with the store cards and toy limits (as you can see in my siggy) and then I realized "I only have one actual credit card" Pulled the trigger on Chase and got the bad news even though they pulled from my best file "too many recent requests for credit". I am doomed for quite some time....
  10. A $250 limit high-interest card only used for gas purchases (no more than $20 used). Missed one month of $30 payment and never caught the account up, a few months later charged off owing $570. Is this correct?

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