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  1. I have a neighbor like this, right down to the footprints in the mud. They poison my plants, too, and litter my yard with debris. Everyday. There is no way to prove anything unless you set up a good security camera system. Find a reputable security company (privately owned are the best, I think) and get several cameras the cover all your property. It will cost a little money but it is worth the peace of mind.
  2. I was in this very situation twenty years ago. A certified letter took care of it immediately. You can shoot a letter out faster than an attorney will and I don't think you need to spend the money.
  3. I agree with the above. Write a certified letter to both Midland and Pressler advising them that if the situation is not immediately rectified you intend to sue for any and all losses and damages incurred in the process of obtaining a mortgage for the home, as well as any transactions from this date forward that are adversely effected by their negligence.
  4. Good for you! Keep us posted!
  5. I agree with Gophers. This is why it is imperative to work with your doctors and your attorney on the difficult decisions you will be making.
  6. Wouldn't exactly call taking $80.00 for helping a friend move fraud. Nor is working under the legal cap for these programs. Sending positive thoughts your way, Joseph.
  7. Hi Joseph - Only you and your doctors can decide whether or not you are capable of long-term gainful employment. It's nice to be able to bounce things off the ppl here that you have grown to trust but we are not doctors and can't really advise you on whether or not you can work. I agree with the posters who told you to only work under the table until you find out whether or not you are approved for SS.....Unless your attorney advises you differently. If you plan on taking a paycheck paying position, please run it by your attorney first. There are all sorts of rules involved in this proc
  8. I believe that you can get a form from the court clerk for a satisfaction of judgement. Just fill it out, and ask the clerk's office how to tie up all the loose ends. I'm pretty sure they will know. Hard to believe your attorney doesn't know how to do this.
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