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  1. TopCorp can you provide some details as to what language (or the letter minus your personal information of course) that you used to send to the BBB on AFNI? I too have this same situation brewing...I sent the DV waiting now since they signed for it 3/4/11. Just want to be prepared after the 30 days if no response. Thanks!
  2. Jessicarabbit206 try PSECU for what? unsecured credit card? My updated scores are actual FICO EQ 587 (FAKO SCORES--> EX582, EQ591, TU591). I did get a CreditOne unsecured VISA with a $300 CL which posted on my credit reports for March that boosted my scores on average 11 points. With my scores just changing I think based on what I have seen on the creditpuller I should be able to get Firestone as there are approvals on there with 570 and above scores. I tried for Firestone then my score went up a few days later. I will call for a recon at Firestone. Any other places???
  3. iWhat---I read in the forum here that Crown stopped reporting to all three CRA's. I got denied for Firestone
  4. I understand what you are saying najaboy; this was not one of the four that are due to be removed in the next 2-5 months This is one that was due to stay on credit report until 2014! So it is good news as long as it doesnt come back to haunt me.
  5. UPDATE!!!! I received a response back from one of my DV letters. It was sent to CA-Credit Collection Services for an account I had with Progressive Insurance where it was cancelled for non payment back in 2007. I am "almost" happy about this letter that reads: Please be advised, your account has been closed by this office and returned to your creditor. We have instructed the credit bureau(s) to delete the account. We cannot control the speed in which the credit bureau(s) will act upon this request. should you wish to confirm the deletion, we recommend checking back with the bureaus in approximately thirty (30)days. We trust this resolves your concerns. I am almost happy because it was a positive sign and response to a DV letter. I will be happy once it is off my TU credit report. My concern is if Progressive will try to sell it later to another CA. There is no money due to Progressive. Thoughts????
  6. Thanks bigperm0107! I just signed up for the free 10 day trial Score Watch and got my FICO EQ score of 587. ( FAKO EX-582, TU-580). I think I will try the Firestone. Appreciate info!
  7. Trying to find the easy place to get a high credit limit per say like Crown Jewelers used to offer? In reading the old post Crown Jeweler no longer reports to the CRA's. I only have 1 credit card Orchard Bank with $320 CL and a auto loan $9000.00<BR><BR>I want to increase balance to credit ratio and get something with higher CL.<BR><BR>Any places where you purchase small item, get $1k CL like the old Crown Jewelers when they reported to CRa's?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>(My FAKO scores are 580 to 592 right now, have not pulled actual FICO scores yet)
  8. Hello, I listed some of this information in another thread but have placed this new thread in the correct location for medical/dental related items on my credit report. I had disputed some items online before learning more on CB(I know I should send the letters instead of online disputes now) 2 items on my credit reports, 1 medical and 1 dental: Medical This is on my Experian credit report only: account name: Professional Adjustment Corp account # account type: collection department/ agency/ attorney balance: $65.00 date opened: 9/1/2006 account status: closed payment status: seriously past due date/assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection dept terms: 1 month comments: account in dispute-reported by subscriber based on this information I had no idea what it was so I disputed as not mine. I sent a CMRRR DV to CA. The CA responded back by sending me a 7 page printout on CA letterhead of some medical bills which still doesn't explain this $65 balance. The comments show a service date of 7/29/05 and the states: as per your request enclosed is a copy of the bill. If you have any questions please contact our office. Since it didnt have any information of the original account on my credit report I sent the normal DV letter. Now I see that it is medical and have been reading Why Chat info I am confused what to do at this point??? I understand I made contact with the CA so I am confused what would be my next steps?? Dental This is currently listed on all 3 reports. Again I disputed online that this was paid to OC. Transunion deleted the TL. It is still on the EX and EQ. I sent out a letter basically saying I dispute the information to the CA with a copy of Transunion showing the item deleted and requested they delete the other 2 CRA's that the item was paid off to OC. Should I give them 30 days from the day they received the CMRRR(3/3/11) or should I still send letter to CRA's requesting item to be removed with the HIPAA letter. On EX it does not show any medical reference but on EQ it has in the comment field "medical"...What do you suggest I do with this issue? This CA is Gulf Coast Collections I have opted out, I will send out dispute letters to all 3 CRA's to remove old addresses. I have been reading on here every night learning so that I make the right steps in the future with the remaining items on my report. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the response Ashlia. I disputed this one online before I found this website(which I know now to send letters instead of online dispute for the most part that I have read). I did not know that it was medical as it does not state anything on my credit report as medical or even who the original creditor was before it ended up at the collection agency. So I disputed it online as not mine, then sent the DV and discovered it is medical. You are correct. I read on the newbie items etc...then later found I still missed some steps. I did opt out I will dispute old addresses and incorrect with CRA's and request delete obsolete. I agree I am reading every night and learning!!! I am going to present this website to my family reunion this year for those that want to repair their credit etc....excellent source thanks CB. I have learned a few things that I will put before the flow chart that I found on here such as: -learn the abbreviations -SOL for your state on written, open, etc -Opt out -request free reports annuacreditreport.com etc..etc... Appreciate all the input!
  10. Lian, I don't recall receiving any dunning letters. I need to remove my old addresses from my credit reports too. I am hoping with these so close to falling off report that they go ahead and remove them upon reviewing my account with the DV letters. I have received green cards back from all except the GW letter was fwd and delivered yesterday. I did get one response so far...from CA Prof Adjustment. This is a $65 medical bill which I have been reading on Why Chat as to what to do next with that one. I called creditchecktotal back the very next day and told them I found a cheaper way to monitor and they read the script to cut price in half as with others....I just cant pull all 3 daily until trial period is up 3/14/11. I am like a little kid running to the mailbox to check it during these 30 days. Anything I can do within this 30 day period while waiting ???????
  11. Ok I mailed out a total of 6 DV's and 1 GW letters. All but one has been delivered as of yesterday. Signed up for the $1 trial Credit Check Total to view all of them and to see my FAKO scores. I will call to cancel the creditchecktotal Wednesday to get the lower rate of $14.95 and pull report daily to see changes. I am still interested if anyone has had success with DV within 2-5 months when item is scheduled to be removed from report???? Talk to a brother I am feeling lonely with no responses!!!
  12. Well I did it....sent out the Dv's and even a GW letter last night. I will update my results. Still would like to know if any had success with DV's being deleted being within 2-5 months of removal. Thanks.
  13. I pulled all three of my free annual credit reports. 4 of my 6 baddies per TU are estimated to be removed in the next 2 -5 months. I actually disputed one of them online with TU and it came back that they DELETED the line item off my TU report!!!! I had paid the OC on this one a long time ago. (I disputed online with the other two so I am waiting for it to be removed from EQ & EX--sending letter too). So the remaining 3 baddies are estimated to fall off April, June, and July of this year 2011. I know I am passed the SOL for Florida on all 3. -Should I DV all 3 of them? -Any repercussions I could face by disturbing sleeping giants? -Do you think this might expedite them being delelted off my report if any information is skewed??? -2 match up with their DOFD's time frames of removal, the 3rd one went from CA to CA so I don't have a DOFD yet on it Thanks for your help and this website...learning the language and cleaning up the report!!!

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