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  1. Thanks Bobbydebt! That is the kind of information I need/have not yet learned. I will include that in my response. I am going to wait until Monday to respond. Anything anyone else can think of let me know.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Untamed--do you have a copy of the information you used to file the complaint with the IL AG?
  3. Here is the response that AFNI sent to the BBB: This is in response to your letter to Afni, Inc., regarding the above referenced matter. We appreciate your assistance in bringing our consumer's concerns to our attention. In that regard, on or about May 20, 2009, AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular) notified Afni the above referenced account remained due and owing from Mr. XXXXXX. Afni mailed Mr. XXXXXX an initial notice for this account on June 2, 2009. The underlying account is for cellular telephone services established by Mr. XXXXXX with AT&T Mobility on April 1, 2005. The account was created with the creditor using Mr. XXXXXX's personal information including, but not limited to, his social security number. The account was considered delinquent by the creditor on February 26, 2007. Afni did not receive its first communication from Mr. XXXXXX until March 8, 2011. On that date Afni received a form letter from Mr. XXXXXX disputing the account and requesting validation according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). However, Mr. XXXXXX's right to request validation in accordance with the FDCPA expired thirty days after he received his initial notice in 2009. Mr. XXXXXX did still have opportunity to dispute this account under provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA); however a recent FTC opinion indicates that a consumer must provided details of their dispute to initiate an investigation under the FCRA. The letter Mr. XXXXXX mailed Afni did not provide such details. Yet, in an effort to assist Mr. XXXXXX Afni did mark his account as disputed and did conduct an investigation into the account. Afni has concluded our investigation by verifying the account information to be accurate and correct and confirming the account remains due and owing from Mr. XXXXXX. Attached is documentation provided to Afni by AT&T which serves as the validation of this account. The account remains due and owing in a disputed status. Mr. XXXXXX may manage his account online at www.afnicollection.com or he is welcome to call a Consumer Relations Specialist at (866) 716-1284. Thank you. Sincerely, Tim Carmazino Compliance Specialist II Afni, Inc. 404 Brock Drive Bloomington, IL 61701 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY DV LETTER: FIRST LAST NAME MY ADDRESS MY CITY, STATE, ZIP February 28, 2011 AFNI P.O. Box 3097 Bloomington IL 61702 Re: Account# XXXXXX**** Dear AFNI, I dispute your claims in their entirety and request validation pursuant to the FDCPA. This letter is not a request for address validation. Furthermore, telephone calls at any time or place are inconvenient to me, therefore any and all correspondence should be through U.S. mail. Sincerely, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ------------------------------------------ Ok, I have never received anything from them for starters. My DV is disputing it in its entirety. I have not received any documents attached to the BBB complaint to see what they sent as the attachment as validation so I will have to obtain copies of this information. I have seen a similar response on CB but can not locate it to see how they proceeded. Please advise your thoughts on how I should respond!!! Thanks!
  4. I was thinking NFCU and Suncoast for the combo auto/cc comparison too! thanks. Foeplay...you mentioned Tradeline and DR...what is the DR? or did I miss the joke completely with Mr. Miyagi???
  5. Ok...I know I should stay the course and slow my roll. I have 1 baddie AFNI(waiting on BBB response due back 4/18) left on all three CRA's and 1 baddie $65 on EXP which I am working on to get removed hopefully in next two weeks. I have 2 CC's, HSBC $320 CL 7months no lates, CreditOne $300 CL 1 month no lates, and car payment couple lates last year, that is it. Actual FICOs showing 590's currently, so I used the FICO simulator on myfico and it showed me paying off my CC's would put my FICO score in the 643-683ish range from what I remember. Having learned the hard way my CC's paid in full now and doing that moving forward each month. I have a friend that added me on as Auth/User on Suncoast Federal CU VISA with $10K CL that is paid of every month, no lates. This will now show up on my credit report in May having confirmed with the CU that it takes one full month after sign up to show up on credit reports. So with all that being said my FICO scores should be way up there from around the 590's currently; hopefully solidly in the mid 600's. I have joined NFCU, USAA, and PENFED along with local Suncoast CU's. Questions: 1. Who do you think with 640-650 FICO would give the most generous initial CL's as I want to get 2more credit cards with CL's that I can use but keep the utilization down vs the toy CC's I have currently? 2. I also want to finance a vehicle, who would be best for doing both(thought about the NFCU 1-2punch too)? 3. I read USAA and PENFED are tougher vs NFCU and perhaps my local Suncoast so I am leaning towards applying at NFCU and Suncoast for the CC and auto loans, what do you think? 4. I read that NFCU if I had to go secured CC; I can add to it each month to increase CL, Suncoast can't add each month(though I know the importance of local CU relationship)what about the others if I have to go this route? (I actually have $500 now to put on a secured CC even though I am "jonesing" to apply for CC at NFCU, I know waiting until next month scores will be up and worth it to get unsecured) KEEP ME FOCUSED CB....thank you in advance.....STAYING THE COURSE (I love that line)...it is so true and hard but worth it. I want to get to the point where I pay all my utility bills(rent,car,electric etc)through 2 CC's and pay them off monthly which would show utilization of the CC's. Open to other suggestions.....thanks again!
  6. Well I filed a BBB complaint on 4/1/11. Will update results as it stated AFNI is required to respond by 4/18/11. Keeping fingers and toes crossed!!!
  7. Strange but neither have updated yet. I Checked both CCMP and CCT they still show 2 of my TL's with JAN payments. I looked at Experiandirect and it has 1 of the TL with FEB and the other TL with FEB and MAR payments. Anyone else experiencing the USAA-CCMP or CCT not updating TL's ????
  8. Yes good advice indeed H8! I am getting there and in a short time frame which I should have done along time ago. That being water under the bridge, I am trying to position myself way upstream before the bridge so I can watch the water flow and more importantly.....know. (have to add that to a one of my poems!) Ok, I just pulled Experiandirect report and it shows that HSBC updated for March on my report that confirms they do report on 30/31st. CreditOne did not update so hopefully I will see that shortly after the 9th.
  9. They pulled TU just this week on me.
  10. I would suggest (from learning on CB) to try a CU(credit union). I too just recently applied at several locations Santander(roadloans) they gave me 16.52% and the local credit union offered me 8.25%. The only problem was the CU loan wasnt high enough for the vehicle I wanted but Santander's loan did cover the car I wanted. I actually held off on car loan and learned more on here in cleaning up my credit report. If you can hold off and clean up report its worth it....at least get a app quote from your local CU. I didnt have a membership at the time of the app at the CU either. Good Luck!
  11. I called CreditOne and was informed that they report on the 9th (4 days after due date)to the CRA's so this might help me. I went ahead and made anothe payment today to zero the balance. HSBC only said at the end of the month; I will try again to see if I can get a date from them.
  12. I have been fooling around with the myfico simulator and basically I think I have screwed myself for at least a month. Current actual FICO TU 583, if I had paid $300 down on my 2 credit cards this would take my actual FICO score up to 643-683!!! I have the funds to pay this down but since it is the 1st of the month I fear I have missed the boat for reporting purposes. I have HSBC $320 CLI and CreditOne $300 CLI. The due dates for payments are HSBC 4/14/11 and CreditOne 4/5/11....I made a $50 payment to both 3/30/11. So my question is am I screwed in waiting another month if I pay both cards down to zero to get the FICO score boost for utilization? I am under the impression that they report at the end of the month. So even if I paid both cards down to zero today, it will not show up on my credit report for another month correct? Any other way to make this happen???? HELPMEEEEEE
  13. Good Morning, I have noticed that CCT and CCPM did not update some of my Feb payments when I pulled the reports for 3/30/11. When I pulled ExperianDirect(just 1 report for EXP) for the 30th it showed 2 of my TL's updated with Feb payments. (I was gonna get rid of this since I have the other 2 but they gave me a free report-so I was keeping it for a few weeks). I just pulled CCT this morning approx 7:15am and it generated a new report date 3/31/11 but those 2 TL's are still not updated with Feb payments. I have not pulled CCPM yet today. Any ideas as to why these two are not showing the updates? I know I am messing things up for the B* which I have been reading up on to figure out which monitoring reports I will keep since CCT and CCPM don't B* well with each other. I am jonesing to see how much the AU with 10K CL (that is paid off monthly) will bump my real FICO score and utilization%. Suggestions on more accurate monitoring service??? Thanks.
  14. bigperm I am going to wait until after the beginning of the month since a few of my TL's havent reported FEB/MAR on time payments and I am expecting a AU on another CC that will help my utilization %. With those factors I think my actual FICO scores will go up; then I will try the recons.
  15. Star007 please let me know how long it takes from the time you deposit the money until the time you have it on your secured card. I may go this route with NFCU too. Thanks.
  16. WhyChat you were correct that the lady came back and said the CA could only change it to Paid. I got lucky because I told her that the CA works for her and wanted her to request that they remove the items not mark them as paid. These have been removed from credit report! Thanks everyone.
  17. Day 24 for me since I DV AFNI. No response yet. Opinions on if it will be faster to send dispute in to CRA's with copy of CMRR or go the BBB route??? I did take a look at the BBB website, what information did you all give the BBB beside the account did not belong to you? Thanks!
  18. Hey PunisherSD--I am working with my local CU on doing the secured credit card; I have been working on that relationship for vehicle finance as well. They actually gave me 8.25 interest rate (compared to roadloan 16.52%)the beginning of February before my scores improved but I decided to stay the course. Pay down my 2 small credit cards, fix my current car and improve my credit score. Momof5--the big point spread between FAKO and FICO is definitely slowing my roll. thanks
  19. Appreciate the info Encoder. I am staying focused. I am staying focused. I will wait, I have a AU that should show up at the end of the month as well. Staying the course. Thanks.
  20. Thanks Irishcowboy!!! Thanks again CB!!!!!!!! . UPDATE: Just woke up this morning and pulled CCPM thru USAA and BAM BAM BAM----> EX 639, EQ667, TU639 My dental bill that I paid to OC back in 2008 was removed! So it looks like this(FAKO) 03-10-11 scores EX571, EQ582, TU580 03-25-11 scores EX639, EQ667, TU639 I still have 1 baddie on all 3 AFNI--they have until the 4/3 to validate or I am going to BBB (and 1 other baddie only on EX). I have goodwill letter I am sending to Santander for some lates last year--I will send in before & after copies of the scores to show them I am working it hard to do it right to get a little love from them too. I need to get my actual FICO that I am sure is lower than those FAKOs above. Should I ask for recon at Hooters and Firestone that I applied for recently or try someone that is prime???
  21. I got lucky calling TU with three that were scheduled for this year to be removed varied in months. Dispute them as old/obosolete via phone ...I looked the very next day they were removed.
  22. THANK YOU CB!!!! My TU score went from 580 on 3/6/11 to 591 yesterday to 637 today!!! I know it is the FAKO from CCT...I just pulled my FICO TU 3/14/11 and it was 593. I will wait until next month to pull actual TU FICO again as I am expecting another boost from AU end of this month. TU actually removed 3 of my baddies in one day. I called yesterday and disputed old obsolete via phone as they were scheduled to be removed Apr,Jun,Jul of this year. The guy was really nice and helpful. Thanks TU!! This leaves one baddy on TU---yup AFNI---BBB here I come as it is still on all three CRA's. EX --3 baddies EQ--3 baddies Since I was denied by Hooters and Firestone with the 593FICO, do you think I should now recon them since they only pulled TU? Thanks again CB---I am taking this information/website to my family reunion this year...I am the youngest of 12 children we have 37 offsprings-->45 offspring...I will get the word out!!!! Yes I was an Uncle before I was born...Oh and this is not counting 1st cousins, Aunts/Uncles nor my fatherside of the family...lol
  23. Need a little help please... Medical Since I DV the CA and found out it was medical related, I am still going to send out the pre-HIPAA letter and the WhyChat medical DV letter. Dental--Since this was paid back in 2008 and I have a really good relationship with the receptionist there, I called and requested a copy of my records showing that I did pay this off. She told me that when I paid it off back in 2008 the person that took the payment should have contacted the CA!!!!! Just kicking myself in the butt for not learning this sooner. She said she will call them today to get them removed as it was 10 til 5. She did however get me my fax proof of payment before I walked out the door at 5pm. Any suggestions on the medical let me know, greatly appreciated!
  24. Sherry how long did it take them to respond to your DV letter? It has only been 12 days since the signed for the CMRR. Again for those that filed with the BBB what information did you have to provide? I have never filed a complaint before so I am want to know what information I will need to provide. Thanks,

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