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  1. Thanks Vk and others! Its post like this that I come across that keep me focused. As you can see it is 4:47am and I am on here reading/learning. Funny but true story/the development I rent in removed the free cable that was included in the HOA. Even though I can go buy cable tv I decided I was going to do without it for 6 months and fix a few things about myself instead of being stuck under the influence of tv all night. That is how I discovered CB and have logged so many hours of reading and learning here. Thanks again!
  2. Creditboards.com April 16, 2011 Though a newbie, within a short time I have become a true fan CB replaced fb, twitter and such CB, I am addicted to you! Ask people around me I talk about you Tell them what you have done for me Next thing you notice they're writing down your website I've been told I am into credit porn For at 3 a.m. so early in the morn Before my coffee I am signing on to your screen Monitoring my credit on CCMP Using the BBB sighting the FTC All these strange acronyms have me hooked! Talk about an all day high Starting my day with a credit score rise Numerous days you have sent me to work with that morning glow I have TRIAGE to a Jack-ATTACK Can't leave out WhyChat Took my CR and DV the CA Then I ran to my mailbox everyday Waiting on the removal letters Making the CA scumbags go away! Learning about B*ing or C*age From FAKO to FICO I have learn so much CB you helped me take charge of my credit and get off my butt! For Fixinmycrediks has been my goal you see Everyone on CB have been great to me Started in Feb2011 with a credit score of 573 Here it is April 16th; I am at 716!!! At first I thought this acronym hell But you kept me grounded; focused and to the point With your words of wisdom I'm staying the course Rising from the ashes of high interest and fees With sincerely deep gratitude I thank you My CB family! Fixinmycrediks I hope I did not offend anyone with the credit porn but Dolemite hit it on the button with my obsession of waking up reading on here then checking scores etc...thanks again!
  3. Hey Stuben, Please change in 3rd paragraph, pursing to pursuing. I agree with Ashlia about that sentence, it sounds more like you are in harmony with yourself. Please don't take that the wrong way. Perhaps replace with "what fix you put in place" to prevent late payments. (enrolled in auto pay, spreadsheet with billing listed with due dates, etc.) I write poetry as one of my hobbies...no laughing as I actually enjoy it when the mood hits me, I am normally full of run-on sentences. I must say your letter brings to my mind the word "eloquent" with its flow. Good luck, let us know the results.
  4. Thank you!!! Ok I applied for NFCU CashRewards today....30 second instant approval for $15,000 !!!!!!! My previous CL was $400 with CreditOne. (said APR will be prime plus 9.4 that I should receive card in mail 7-10 days) I applied online/put in the notes that I wanted to apply for auto and Navcheck to see if they will use the same pull. OMG OMG...this is what it feels like(if you can picture me...I am floating today!) So my goals were to clean up my report and get my scores up to where I could get auto loan, not give so much money away with the high interest rates, and eventually purchase a home in the next year. I had my 16 year old daughter go through the process with me each step so she could see how I messed up/what I had to clean up and the fruits of handling money properly/paying bills on time etc. I am going to apply at PSECU and my local CU for auto loans(for the best rate of the 3) and CC from each. At this point I currently have on credit report: auto loan/Santander HSBC Visa--$320 CL CreditOne Visa--$400 CL (pay on HSBC and CreditOne for year until other 3 age--then close?) If I get the CC from PSECU and Suncoast CU; do you think I still need a store card since I don't have any? Sears/Target/JCPennys or Firestone--just one of these/not all of them. Or should I skip store card? Even though I am floating, my thoughts are slow my roll and think. But this does feeeeeeeeeel GREAAAATTTT! Thanks CB!!!!
  5. OK...This is how I like starting my mornings off!!! Pulled actual FICO for both TU and EQ since I checked CCT it showed AFNI completely gone and all 3 were updated with fixes from goodwill letter to Santander TU FICO---686 EQ FICO---717 !!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Thank you everyone!
  6. Your Latest FICO® Scores TRANSUNION FICO SCORE---686 EQUIFAX FICO SCORE---717 (OOOps...editing this as the links went directly to my acct on myfico) THIS SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!!!! BIG HUGS TO THE GUYS ON HERE, KISSES TO THE LADIES!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUU Thanks MarvBear---you are correct on the ND Schizcat---You can do it If I can figure out how to put the copy and paste above in my signature I willlllllll
  7. Thank you everyone, I very much appreciate what I am learning on here!
  8. Thank you for the wise input everyone. The auto tier definitely makes a difference too!! Thanks!!!
  9. iWhat your words of wisdom are true! 700 is my new goal with everything that has happened recently. I would not want to wait until 700 as that would be 6+months that my new CC could age and I was planning on getting a new vehicle 2 months ago but waited for my recent results. At this point I wonder how much difference in a credit limit would a 632 FICO score give me vs. a 660 FICO score? I was thinking I could try PSECU now which would also give me my EX FICO score, test the waters before I go to my local CU and NFCU in May. I
  10. GO MOMMY:clapping: GO MOMMY:clapping: CONGRATS MOMOF5!!!!!!!
  11. UPDATE I know I know...patience!!! I am jonesing now... My actual EQ FICO is 632 with removal of AFNI(fako shows 673). My goodwill letter to Santander(another post) just hit today on EX today as it has not hit EQ and TU yet. My EX fako as of this morning is 716 with the Santander goodwill letter removing lates and AFNI removed and currently disputing my last baddy $65 medical bill(only on EX report). I am thinking my EX actual FICO should be around 650ish. Do you think this would be a good time to open account with PSECU for cc & auto combo??? I know I still will get a FICO boost beginning of month by lowering my utilization and auth user on a 10k visa from a friend. At just a "guess" it might increase my EX FICO by 20 points(based on FICO simulator) would it make that much of a difference between a 650 and 670 fico score for cc and auto loan?? I am thinking (because I am jonesing--keep me grounded) I can try it now and perhaps recon if needed around 7th of May(utilization/auth user) kick in. I want to get $5k or higher cc, I would ask for $10k just don't know how it will be reviewed since my current cc is only now $400?? (edited-right at $60k salary, 3.7 avg year on accts 13 years oldest--shows no lates now on EX) Around the 7th of May seems so far away now... Patience grasshopper is going through my mind... Thoughts???
  12. THANK YOU CB!!! I had a rough patch back in 2009 Mar-Jul with some 30/60 days lates then a year of ontime payments then hit again with few 30/60 lates 2010 betweenJul-Nov followed up with ontime payments since Dec until now I am current. I have gone from Feb 28 sending out DV's 7 baddies (just this week getting AFNI removed--previous post)down to only 1 baddie on my EX report which has been disputed and WhyChat letter sent for $65 medical bill. Just pulled my actual EQ FICO of 632 this week!!! I decided to send out a goodwill letter to Santander Consumer USA (lates)from what I have learned on CB(thank you everyone!!!). In my letter I basically took responsibility for my past actions; asked if they would remove in goodwill the lates from Jul-Nov2010. I said in no way am I disputing the accurate information, nor am I asking that the previous late payments before the time frame above be removed..... THEY REMOVED IT ALL! So far it only showed up on my EX report today (from sending out the letter Friday!!)--my account now starts from Jul2010 through Dec with "ok's" on report; then shows ND's Dec through Mar2011 and shows APR with "ok" and I haven't even made my payment yet this month??? Any negative effects from these NDs? Since this is EX I don't know what my actual FICO score is but my FAKO went from 645 to 716 with this change on EX. I figure I lost some history since I had to refinance this auto loan during the hard times but my average account is still showing 3.7years and the score boosted!! I will have to join PSECU for EX score! Thanks CB!!! I need a tissue I am so happy tears of joy!
  13. CONGRATS RECONCILLED!!!!!! --still waiting for it to fall off of TU as of today.
  14. With Foeplay and Wado in the 640ish range....what do you think 630ish would get??? PSECU or NFCU??? I know I should wait...just curious!!! Edited--corrrect spelling of Wado's name
  15. Any others out there think PSECU is easier to get the auto loan(combo cc) than NFCU ??? I too may be going this route at the beginning of next month. ITEEK---I was advised to try both my local CU and NFCU at the same time when I go for the combo (auto & CC), perhaps you want to try your local CC and PSECU the same day as a thought... If PSECU is easier than NFCU I may do a triple request the same day to get the best rate of the three.
  16. DJJOSHUAD, Congrats!!! I subscribed to learn!!
  17. Hey Knowledge Kick, I am a newbie too Since you have the real FICO score from myfico.com from the trial; go back and sign into myfico; it has a fico score simulator located in the top right corner when you view your current score. On this page I did the same thing you are looking for in regards to the "if" you paid x on credit cards it will estimate what your fico score will do. It estimated about a 40 point spread improvement window I could get with paying off my credit cards. This is to me the most accurate simulator since it is coming from FICO directly and not the other FAKO simulators you will find if you start monitoring your reports. The big key that I have just learned is what Settle and the other roomies are trying to inform you; You need to find out when each of your credit cards report. I called each one and asked when they reported to the EX/EQ/TU (ex-experian, eq-equifax, tu-transunion). One of mine reported end month which was 30th, another reported on the 9th of each month. So depending on when they report and when you paid you should see actual results of your payments a few days later from their reporting dates. TU I have learned is the slowest to update the changes. In the info I gave you above both EX and EQ have updated my credit card that reports to them on the 9th, to date TU has not updated my payment which I paid in full so I am still waiting on TU to update which will boost my score a bit. All the credit goes to the roomies here on CB of the information I just typed as they really are great. I am a research freak so I have definitely put in some hours on here in the past couple of months but the knowledge is awesome and the rewards in less than a month and a half have been all but one of my baddies removed off my CR (credit report) and a boost in my actual FICO score of about 60 points with an estimate of another 20-30 points to come by the beginning of May. Hang in there, you can do it!!! edited some things--as my coffee hasnt kicked in yet and there are many run on sentences but the points are there
  18. AFNI fell off my EQ report today(yes I am up early in the morning right now and excited at 3:49 am)! Removing AFNI was the last baddie on my EQ report so it took my actual FICO score from 583 to 632!!!!! Yes 49 point jump on FICO, not FAKO(fako jumped 76 just for comparison purposes). Once it is off my TU I can apply for CC at NFCU:yahoo: I will recap once it is off TU for future CB'ers to have the hope as iWhat (and others)have said!!!!!!!!!
  19. Good Luck FlorJazmin17!!! Thanks iWhat and Sherry2010, I will leave it alone. I even had EX already delete it as of this morning after receiving the letter yesterday; so EQ and TU to go. Working-on-it----I think you might have gave them free money...
  20. Thanks iWhat!!! Should I still respond to the BBB with the fact that I received the letter from AFNI or leave it alone?
  21. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, CBers I would first like to say thank you as I....wait; I want to change it up a bit. Looking at this situation from a business aspect of responding to the BBB I would have to say Tim at AFNI as a business man (whom I would think trolls here on CB) has to try and show AFNI in a positive business manner. So while the response you see above was sent to the BBB I was also being sent U.S. Mail directly from AFNI on their company letterhead dated 4/7/11 the letter below which I received today in the mail: Original Creditor AT&T Mobility Creditor Account# XXXXXXXXXX Social Security# actually showed only XXX XX XXXX (didnt get a Dear Mr.XXXXX) This letter is to verify that we have filed a request with the credit bureaus to delete the account listed above from your credit report. If you have any questions, please contact our office toll free at 1-888-827-6002 Monday - Thursday 7am - 9pm, or Saturday 8am - Noon CST You have the right to inspect your credit. This leter is from a debt collector. Sincerely, Afni. Inc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FOLDED LIKE A PAPERBAG!!! (tim/afni---if you really troll here, I know you have a job to do so I don't normally gloat but just for a few minutes here) THANKS CB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started with 7 baddies and sent out my first DV letters 2/28/11; as of this letter I have 1 remaining baddy only on EX for $65 which I am waiting for response too. Much love to you CB!!! I know this is really the beginning as to maintain from here on and improve but I will have so much fun on my visual board in a few minutes blotching out AFNI across the board of EX/EQ/TU!!!! Ok...reality check...That letter should take care of it correct? Should I send copies of this letter to the CRA's? Others CBers, how long after you received your letter did they start going away on your CR's??? I always prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Thank you allllllllll
  22. I will have to put some of the pieces to this puzzle together in a letter this evening. My sister was in town and I did not get a chance to type a rough draft up yet. Still way open to suggestions at this point.
  23. My fingers are crossed for you too Momof5!!! my EQ is in the same range as yours...so please post the results as I am waiting to apply at NFCU(already a member) beginning of next month when it should go up. Good Luck!!!!
  24. lmao love the "credit porn" tag DrDolemite!!!
  25. The visual effect!!! I actually had an old poster frame, I took some big brown paper placed it in the frame(minus the glass) and made a chart with EX,EQ,TU columns etc...with my badies on it....and each time a letter came in or something that made them fall off I would color in the block! Sounds childish but the visual effect is so rewarding. I actually posted this in my living room so I look at it all the time. It is actually not hanging but lean it up against a chair/wall so I can hold it and look at it daily. This is my reminder to stay the course. At the bottom it has my FAKO/FICO scores so I can see how they have improved too. Along with spreadsheet and file folders. See it every day, believe in it, you can do it!

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