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  1. Thanks BobWang! So I just figured this out...please make sure my thought process is not distorted: As of today with 3 pulls USAA, MPM, and EC I have 15 soft pulls and 19 hards on EQ At the rate of 3 pulls per day on 5/9/11 I will have 66 soft+19 hard= 85 total So after the 9th; each day I will lose 3 hard inq per day? (considering my hard dates are before the soft inq in which the soft will be deleted based on whichever date is the oldest) Of course understanding when/if C* comes again on/around 18th I would start over on the soft build up. Is this correct? With those abo
  2. I signed up for MPM through the link on first page. I received my email confirmation with Pnumber. Do you have to go through 2 sets of sign on where I have to put in my Pnumber and zip code then log in again with email/password to pull report daily? Is there an easier way? Thanks.
  3. Good and bad news for me and PSECU. Good news is they gave me a car loan for $32k with 4.99% on 72 months. Basically they have a tier- 1-60 months 3.99% 61-72 months 4.99% 73-84 months 5.99% 2% more will give 130% loan for upside down scenario. BAD news--got shot down for CC. I have 1 last baddy on my EXP a $65 dollar medical bill that I have been disputing(I have sent in the WhyChat letter to CRA disputing--waiting). I am thinking it would be worth a PFD from CA to get their CC. Anyone else get shot down for a baddy? Recon?
  4. Yeah I probably need to "step away from the vehicle" for a minute on these issues. My current utilization on the 2 credit cards is $3 balance on $400CL and $248 balance on $320CL for 35% util. I was paying this card off at the end of month. I will give Penfed time...time time. USAA 45 days we will see. Thanks for the advice, will build it up more and they will come...lol
  5. Ok here is my update----recon--> Denied last night on Penfed website it showed a letter with basically the same denial from old credit report. As of this morning the letter has been replaced with the following reason for denial-- Limited credit experience Pyramiding debts Keeping in mind my NFCU tradeline(approved for $15k credit card) has not shown up on any bureau reports yet. Only open items on my CR are CreditOne---$400CL---1 month OrchardBank--$320 CL---7 months Auto loan I can understand the limited credit experience but help me out on the pyramiding??? I have app
  6. Same here in FL---Chopped 4/18/11, showed 4/20/11.....down to 9 softs. Pulled yesterday had 48 softs, have to get up to 3/4 per day!!!
  7. I am dazed and confused... I am using USAA + EC for 2 pulls daily. I see the MPM would give me the 3rd pull daily but the link seems broken in page one. What other third party do I go through? I do not have amex so it seems I can not use CS; any other option for 3rd daily pull for me? HELP ME...
  8. Thanks BW1216...I think Chase would be a 50/50 chance with my current inquiries. I would still like to hear from others that had high inquiries with approvals with the banks for CC. I got the NFCU, Penfed pending, waiting on PSECU membership for my initial first round....will go ahead and sit back and wait 6-8 months for them to age before I go with a bank card.
  9. bump for evening crew... (I want a bank other than BOA that is not inquiry sensitive based on my situation)
  10. Thanks for the info Magamus! I faxed it over around 1230 today; followed up with a call at 4/did not receive it even though fax trans.( s800-557-7328)showed ok. Gave me an alternate fax number(800-278-2212)----faxed and called back. Rep confirmed received.....this was at about 4:40pm said they probably won't have answer until tomorrow. Came home and checked online it shows new entry today pending. Will update results tomorrow!
  11. I am working on my inquiries but I am looking for 1 Bank that I could get CC $5k CLI or higher with Fico EQ715, TU686 (21 inq on EQ, 9 on TU)? Citi/Cap1 ????? I have searched but want some input. B* is being used. ( I have the select CU's that I want---other BOA for bank) Thanks.
  12. USAA did the same thing as far as using my old credit report--denied. I called this morning for recon and was transferred to Executive Resolution Team. Basically rep. said she spoke to the department that handles the credit pulls(probably UW or credit analyst) that confirmed they used my credit report from beginning of March when I opened up the account. She told me that they will not pull another report until 45 days after the last time they pulled. Since that was March 7th....should be good after April 21st-ish. She basically said in a nice way that I could not speak to UW/credit analys
  13. CONGRATS ASHLIA !!!!!!!! I know the feeling....I went back and looked at my beginning credit reports that I had triaged...to current report..WOW! Congrats again!!!
  14. So USAA-CCPM shows I started pulling 3bureaus 3-10-11, and my info I posted doesn't show any softs for 3-10-11 through 3-21-11...why wouldn't any of those dates show up on my softs? How many of the softs fall off after C*??? I will find another monitoring/pull for EQ that works with USAA/CCPM and EQ. thanks.
  15. Congrats!!! instead of a double negative...that is a double positive-----hooters approved!!!
  16. I am in Florida. So am I correct in understanding that I have a total of 63(combined hard/soft inq) at pulling 2 per day, in 11 days I should see a bump of my oldest hard inq? If no choppage of course.
  17. I think I was able to pull my first 3-1 report from CTT on March 10th. I just check but archive information is only good for 30 days on CTT website. In checking the 30 day history of CTT it shows only as far back as 3/21/2011 which when I review my EC inquiries is shows 3/22/11 as my farthest date back for CREDITEXPERT. I don't remember when I started pulling the USAA-CCMP. Any way to figure out my C*date?
  18. Thanks for the bump Settle! I will add those tips in my letter Uncoder2010, thanks!!!
  19. I have been using CCT and USAA (found out somewhat conflicting) and EC. Put info in tracker from EC and it showed that I am at 42 softs. I have 21 hard Inq. If I am understanding this correctly I have a total of 63 (combined soft/hard). So once I hit 85 I should see my oldest hard inq dated 1/21/10 fall off? I havent figured out the C* yet; please let me know if you can tell from my info below: Soft Inquiries: 42 (~ 0 older than oldest hard inquiry)</SPAN> CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS (1): 03/11/11 CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 (25): 04/16/11 04/15/11 04/14/11 04/13/11 04/
  20. I am a newbie too but I am sure some of the wiser ones will chime in with info soon. How did you pay the collection? Did it already clear the bank? I am thinking contact CA ask for PFD(pay for delete) if the check hasn't cleared yet. Good Luck
  21. I wanted to make sure Penfed received my signed app/$20 money order I mailed in a few weeks ago. Called and spoke to a very nice C/S representative. She confirmed they received it and helped me confirm my pin/acct number etc to access online. We got to talking about CC and she gave me the breakdown between their Visa Promise and Plat cards. I figured with my scores up, baddies removed on EQ(which she told me they used) I would give it a go. Denied..due to blah blah blah. All this had been cleared up so I asked(which I should have asked before we started) did you just pull my report? Sh
  22. VirtualTreasure appreciate the catch!!! I have written about 30+ poems and I normally read them 20 times and then have them proofed by few close people before I let any public people read them. Since I consider CB my family now you were one of the family members that proofed it for me:rofl:
  23. Ok just for other newbies like me; From PRPS website, clicked on "online membership" and it took me to their store. Go to page 4 of 5 is where the Friend Membership is located. Added to my cart and that is where it seems the only method to pay is paypal?? Here is where it is confusing...help from those that went this route for others that may come across it this way of joining. I actually went through PSECU website and clicked on family member as my sister is Manager for State of PA. Completed app/printed it out to find out I was confused because my sister confirmed she is at Belco
  24. Thanks LKH; would you fix the one "Here it is May 16th; I am at 716!!!" too please? If you could add your squirrel by the CA scumbag line that would be great!!!
  25. lmao!!! Good catch VirtualTreasure! It was that wee hour of the morning..without coffee that cause the May instead of April. If I can figure out how to edit(i think it is too late) I will change it.
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