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  1. thesaintly, I actually called back and spoke to another representative and confirmed that the payday alternative loan would show up as a line of credit on my credit report. I could not locate any information online for that exact "wording" of a loan through Suncoast but I did locate information on a this type of loan through the credit unions that is available: https://www.mycreditunion.gov/what-credit-unions-can-do/Pages/payday-loan-alternatives.aspx From what I have researched on here so far, the Discover card (secured) or the Cap1 are the two secured credit cards that I had hoped to obtain to avoid the subprime cards if possible since these grow/mature into better situations. I don't think I will be able to get the Discover right away as I have no active/revolving type credit on my report. I am hoping to get what I can removed off my credit reports to get a auto loan then the 2 credit cards. I have the funds available to do the secured personal loan but I am trying not to jump the gun in the process. Waiting on the deletes to see if they are removed before I react. MarvBear, So you are saying they have more of an incentive to push the secured payday loan and secured personal loan than the secured credit card?
  2. I just got off the phone with Suncoast Credit Union loan dept. I had to make a call to Suncoast regarding the text message for your balance etc/not the app. So I decided to talk to someone in their loan dept to see what information/insight/help I could get. The gentleman was very nice and helpful. He pulled up my information for when I was denied the auto loan a year ago; and of course the information was based on that data. I did not want to pull my credit/apply just yet as I have a few items due to fall off report which I requested to be deleted and am waiting on results. I told him I am trying to fix my credit and wanted some advice based on what he had from my last credit pull they did last year. He did tell me my score was 590 and that they use Experian. He gave me advice on the fact that they understand life events happen but they also want to see what responsibility you take from that point moving forward...have you tried to resolve the negatives on your accounts, set up payments, pay anything off etc. I asked him based on what he is seeing there that I was looking to work on what I could on my credit report, that a few of them are aging off this year, and was considering getting a secured credit card to help reestablish my credit since I don't have any activity/open accounts since the information on my report which is all from around 2011/2012. So the 4 credit cards and 1 vehicle all show charged off. He stated I would have a better chance at a secured loan or a payday alt line credit. He didn't want to obviously commit to me getting one but said my chances were better with the payday alt line of credit as it shows up on my credit reports as a loan which will help me get some positive movement on my reports. Just checking to see the pros and cons of the payday alt line of credit??? I thought the payday loans were a bad thing to have showing on credit report? He stated it would show up on my credit reports as a line of credit. This payday alt line of credit through the credit union would have a $50/month payment due. You can borrow from up to 25% of the gross of your monthly direct deposits----$100 to $1,000 (this is the maximum on this program). Thoughts???
  3. Thanks MarvBear, I will ask about the CUDL system. Appreciate all your help!!! coachtom2183, Appreciate info. I understand where you are coming from with your direction. I even considered getting tranny fixed on my current vehicle because engine still strong at 220k plus miles along with the new tires, suspension, and brake work done last year. I am looking at beaters too. Trying to cover this logically from all aspects before I pull the trigger. Especially with the 3 items due to fall off my credit report this year. I would eat a year(hopefully less) of higher interest and refinance once I am able to get my credit back on the right track. If my credit repair was going to take longer than a year to repair I would go for the beater route. With the 3 items falling off by September (earlier hopefully as I filed online to have them deleted hopefully earlier....based on the Master Delete thread in here) I am thinking it better to get the auto loan started along with 2 credit cards (perhaps secured) so that within a years time from now I have 12 on-time auto payments and credit card payments so I can refinance. Also, thinking about what you said about Suncoast potentially declining me and the secured credit card!!! Thanks for advice because I am definitely looking at all my options before jumping in!!!
  4. Tycooper, I looked at your post and I see 3 years difference between the used vehicle at 4 years and the new vehicle at 7 years to payoff with payment and interest rates almost the same as you stated. At the end of 4 years you will have: Used vehicle---A paid off vehicle that is now 10 years old, with approx 200k plus miles on it..................................................... (est. 25k miles per year). New vehicle----Still vehicle payment on a 4 year old vehicle for 3 more year with approx. 100k miles on it. If that truck payment is $500/month that is $6,000 per year or $18,000 over the 3 years (if you go the used vehicle route); that you can put towards something else in life along with some of it perhaps going to maintenance on the now older vehicle. Heck I had bought a used BMW (with 17k miles on it at the time) that lasted me the last 14 years, so I can appreciate a used vehicle that you take care of with the understanding that there is going to be some maintenance cost(I did most of my own repairs). She is broke down now which I am looking for another vehicle. Had I not run into hard times, I would have used the money saved over the years to put into other things in life. I have actually been looking at trucks myself and am considering the used truck as an option too(unfortunately I beat up my credit with my life events past several years). I want to go "NEW" because I feel I deserve it after all I have been through but I am not too proud to get that "used" vehicle if it is a good one!!! If it was a 1 to 1.5 years more payments I would go new but 3 years more of payments in your situation, I would probably go with the used truck.
  5. Yes MarvBear, I am in Fort Myers area. I am not stuck on Suncoast as I tried them March of last year and was turned down. I am open to other suggestions in Florida (willing to drive to Tampa or Miami areas) that you think I will have a better shot at getting financed that will "hurt" the least for about a year until I can refinance???? I would love to secure the financing first and then walk into the dealership if that is possible in my situation. That is how I did it years ago with Citi. that sold it to Santander. I will definitely go into the dealership as you noted!!! Any lenders that you know offer discounts to 100% disabled veterans?
  6. Thanks MarvBear!!! So, I will use the $3K as down payment with my 535 score instead of paying off vehicle at this point as the information I stated is directly from my credit report from Mar/2017. So with that saying "charged off" from last year and your comments give me hope. I was reading up in the other forum and will try to get 2 of the items deleted early from my credit report with online dispute as "too old on my file" and see if they will delete them early. Hopefully this will bump the score up a bit. I have seen some have up to 6 months early deleted OC's. I am thinking I will have to eat the higher interest rate based on my current situation, then plan on refinancing after a year of good payments. After getting the car loan I will find 2 secured credit cards to work on also. I have Suncoast Credit Union so I will try them first; any other suggestions of the friendlier dealerships overall? (understanding this may very from state to state, location to location) Thanks again for your help!!!
  7. MarvBear, Whichever will give me the greatest chance of getting an auto loan. My thought process which may be wrong; I am thinking with this unresolved Santander item on my report that it will prevent me from getting the auto loan until it is resolved? The Santander is my oldest account on my credit reports, like I said it has 3 years of good payments until the baddies. I will still have the problem of getting rid of the broken vehicle and I am thinking the title makes it easier to do so if I am not able to use it as a trade-in (thinking small chance of this) I'll take advice on both scenarios if you don't mind please.
  8. NCB Management Services. Shows under loan type as Debt Buyer. It also has date to be removed same as Santander (Mar2020).
  9. Hey MarvBear I have the broken down vehicle. The Pay Status on my credit report states: >Charged Off< No where on credit report under Santander does it state Repossession. It does stated under the Remarks: Purchased by Another lender; Transferred to another office Estimated to be removed from my credit report Mar/2020. When I was going through all of the stuff I noted (loss job-disability issues) Santander had sent me an email settlement offer on the remaining total principle balance if I could have paid 30% of the remaining money owed they would have settled the account in full. Unfortunately at the time I did not have even that amount. If Santander refuses to accept and refer me to the collection agency and I pay them off; would this get me the title so that I can show this taken care of??? I would try to negotiate a lower pay off with them.
  10. Hello Everyone, I used information I learned in here about 6-7 years ago to help rebuild/repair my credit. Not too long after, I loss my job/unable to work due to my disabilities. This caused extreme hardships to living in my vehicle. The VA has helped me and now I am in a position to repair/fix my credit again. During this process my over 721 credit score went down to 535 according to myfico TU. I have 4 credit cards and 1 vehicle(gonna call these the "5"), all which have been charged off. 2 of these (1 credit card and Santander) have been sent to other collection agencies on my credit report too. Of the "5" negatives above, three of the credit cards are due to fall off my credit reports by Sep/2018. This will leave me with vehicle/Santander ($1,800)and 1 credit card Credit One Bank($800). Santander was actually good to me years ago when I wrote them a letter to remove some late payments. Of course my old car has died on me(tranny), thus I am in need of a vehicle. From what I have learned in here I should get a beater to get through these times, work on the Santander and Credit One Bank items. Santander also shows a really good history of payments (3 years of good payments---then the loss of job baddies that followed). So with my situation with Santander and the collection agency, I am trying to get advice on best plan of action moving forward. While I would like to get a new vehicle since I am now stable in life and can now afford to make the payments and reestablish myself; I know this may take some time. Should I contact Santander and see if they will work out something on the balance of $1800 even though it is at a collection agency as I would like to get the title of the vehicle and use it as a junker to trade (you know how some places say drag the vehicle in...know it is a numbers game with the money offered on the used vehicle or junk it all together)? If I pay off the vehicle through Santander that leaves me with $1,000 to put down on a new vehicle. My thought process is if I contact Santander and reach a pay-off agreement with them (hopefully less than the balance) that they can remove the collection agency off and I can get the title with it then being paid in full. I tried about a year ago to get a auto loan through my credit union and a few other places but was understandably denied. I put the money into my car at the time to repair it. Do you think Santander will take the money to give me the title and update it showing paid in full AND remove the collection agency??? I welcome any suggestions!!!! Thank you!!!
  11. another FL C* confirmation. Went from 24 to 9 before the axe!!! My dates look just likes scwam's.
  12. Roland, one of them is RentGrow/Beacon dated 7/23/09 and the next oldest is CIS Information Services dated 12/17/09 which neither were removed. The 3 that were removed were CapOne, HouseHold Credit Services, and Sears. None of them were mortgages.
  13. I had 3 bump today from yesterday so I am down to 21!!! What I thought was weird was the fact that it did not remove the oldest 3 inq's. My oldest inq is 7/23/09 but it removed one from 1/4/11, 8/11/10, and 8/12/09. It jumped all around others. Is this common?
  14. I had successfully sent a GW letter to Santander who deleted the late payments about a month ago. Now they have returned on my TU report. Of course the letter I should have framed is missing!!! I know it had the representative's name and telephone number on it. I am going to call them to see if it is in my file; any other suggestions???
  15. Irishcowboy any luck yet? I think I am going to wait until I can remove that last baddy since the CRA received my WhyChat letter on the 19th-hoping it will be removed. Keep us updated on the recon please.
  16. Thanks loseartworks, I will not try tonight at 1155 and wait until after 9am tomorrow and see if it will show up. Any comments on the TU pulls as I keep reading that only SC works???
  17. Good question Madmax as I am pulling USAA-CCMP, MPM, and EC curious if that is helping TU. I have noticed MPM is not showing up daily on EC thus not getting the "3rd pull" every day???? Thur--no Wed--yes Tue--no Mon-yes Sun--yes Sat--yes Just started noticing this trend; I have been pulling it later and later to where last night I pulled MPM at 1145pm and then right after I pulled EC. Anyone else experience this issue, is it because of the time frame that I am pulling late at night???
  18. Thought I would revive this old thread since it contained the same letter that I received from Chase. I received my denial letter from Chase last week. Monday I received a letter from them asking to verify with copy of SS and a utility bill. I found this thread and decided to call them since some had favorable results. First rep. I spoke to named Dillon advised me that there was not a fraud alert they wanted to verify my application before it could be forwarded through their process. I asked him several questions as I was curious to see if it was legit. I answered his questions; he then told me I was approved for $500 credit limit for their Freedom CC. I asked for a CLI and he said he would have to transfer me. I got transferred to loan dept and she asked me security questions and said since it was already processed and approved I would have to talk to C/S...(hmmm am I going backwards now??). I get to C/S she said I needed to talk to loan dept again for CLI. Yeah at this point I was very concerned but it still felt legit from their line of questions. Get back to loan dept. she ask me a few questions why I want the loan increase etc...I explain that I am wanting to utilize my credit card to pay all my bills/groceries/gas etc and pay off monthly in the event I dont pay in full monthly I don't want to go over 30% utilization of the card which effects my credit score. She said...are you even employed(very snooty)??? I calmly told her I am employed been at my current employer almost 6 years...I asked her do you not see my employer information in my application? She was pisssssed. She did not like me questioning if she has my info. I told her I was concerned of a fraud situation from being denied then this current letter etc...I told her if she took my info the wrong way I apologize but this concerned me. She told me that I would know in 48 hours and we got off the phone. I called back just a few minutes ago on the recon number and the guy(that was very nice) confirmed that the call was logged and legit. He asked me a few questions and put me on hold and came back with $1500 CL. So I will believe it when I receive the card at this point. fyi in case anyone else gets that letter!
  19. Virtualtreasure--I think I am going to give it a week to see if the WhyChat letter works with EX. IrishCowboy---keep me posted Sonicanatidae---I have 3.8 yr (oldest account being 13 years)AAOA perfect histories too, just not as many accounts Yeah I figured this one would not get too much attention since most have been approved. I will call them today and find out what their procedure is for recon and post back here....wish me luck!
  20. I was denied PSECU credit card due to the fact that I have 1 baddy medical-$65 on my Experian report. My Fico scores are 686TU and 712EQ(lots of inquires--went down few points). I spoke to the rep and she advised me it was because of the 1 collection. She did state to get it removed and re-apply. I have sent off WhyChats letter (they received it on 4/19/11)on the baddy so I am waiting. For PSECU $10-$15k credit card it may be worth paying the baddy but I don't want to pay any CA! I have read through the PSECU new member thread; just wondering if anyone has had success with 1 baddy RECON???? If so, who did you talk to or how did you go about getting recon? ( I did post this info in another thread but no responses--I searched PSECU recon didnt come up with much...figured it would be good for future usage with separate thread of PSECU Recon) Thanks!
  21. :wave:Hey Newbies, I am a newbie too If you can give the elders some more information that they can read off of from your credit reports(see below) it would probably help them identify multiple errors and give guidance. This way they can read all the information to give you best guidance. Just make sure you delete/x out your personal information as account/your name etc... (not thread jacking just piggybacking as I am subscribing to your thread as I need info too) I am in same situation with one of my accounts that is still showing open from 2004 in the example below: Springleav Fin Svc Status:PAYS AS AGREED Account Owner:Joint Account High Credit:$3,060 Type of Account :Installment Credit Limit: Term Duration:36 Months Terms Frequency: Date Opened:06/2004 Balance: Date Reported:11/2004 Amount Past Due: Date of Last Payment:11/2004 Actual Payment Amount: Scheduled Payment Amount:$122 Date of Last Activity:11/2004 Date Major Delinquency First Reported: Months Reviewed:5 Creditor Classification: Activity Designator:N/A Charge Off Amount: Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan:Secured Date of First Delinquency:N/A (edited to fix appearance above) Hopefully this came out alright as I still need lesson on how to copy/paste in here...lol
  22. Follow up from original thread- I emailed Chairman James Quinn at PENFED and received a quick response the following day(you get an automatic response confirming your initial email was received shortly after you send email). I basically disputed the pyramiding since I only have 3 accounts open as noted in original thread with at the time on the 2 credit cards total of $720CL(the 3rd is car loan). Explained my average account was 4 years old which I felt was not limited credit experience with positive closed accounts too dating back to 1998. In summary of my 2 emails Chairman Quinn( signed off on his emails as Jim, which I thought was a personal touch--even if it may have been executive staff response-was still nice and personal) basically acknowledge the repairs on my credit report, offered me a auto loan $30k at 2.49% /60 months since you either qualify or don't--interest is not based on score, explained they use a different measurement other than just FICO so my mulitple inquiries (double digits:unsure: --dont make me tell you how many/yes I am B*)made me a concern to lenders. Even though I explained I was car shopping and get at least 3 quotes for almost anything I purchase, stopped to repair credit and then have recently resumed car shopping again. He commented that we could revisit the credit card shortly after establishing payment history on vehicle. Though I disliked the denial on the CC I do appreciate the prompt responses which addressed all my issues in my emails to them. I am a bit torn that they went from pyramiding and limited credit to the inquiries that were not mentioned on the denial letter. I will try again to get CC in future with them. As for the car loan it is the best interest rate so far so we will see. Since I did not get the CC from PENFED I followed up on USAA--and true to form they reviewed my file again after the 45 days(from first credit pull) and offered me $3k CL. I explained to the C/S rep the inquires of car shopping twice and she in turn had UW review my notes to understand that while reviewing my current CR while I waited on phone for approval. A foot in the door gets you in:rolleyes:
  23. Good Early Morning, I pulled MPM yesterday for the first time; today I go to pull it and umm...I don't see a button to click on for new pull? Did I miss the boat on something? I need coffee...lol Help me please...

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