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  1. I just read that a few minutes ago that it could take up to 5 days for the payment to post for availability of your CL. I called customer service to get an idea of when payment will be due etc... The rep told me that the cycle date is 17th of the month, then I would know when my due date will be based on that information. So I am wondering since I have the $35 annual fee due right now that if I paid that now or before the 17th; wouldn't that payment show up this month and lower my utilization down to zero??? Want to make sure I understand the payment before the cycle to maximize credit score on a monthly basis.
  2. Just wanted to update that I went 14/14 for deletions on TU. 13 were "too old" obsoletes that were scheduled to drop from 6/18-9/18 On Experian I have 1 update so far, and they only updated one that is supposed to drop 8/18 without deleting it. gregcjackson, Did you call in and they deleted them right then on the phone or did you file dispute online/via mail???
  3. I disputed my Santander account through TU as being too old. It came back verified with a date to be removed of 3/2020. The question is about the DOFD. I don't know if payment was reestablished with the 3 months of "OK" payments or does it go back to original late payments of 5/2012 as my DOFD? 4/2012---ok 5/2012---30 days 6/2012---30 days 7/2012---30 days 8/2012---60 days 9/2012---60 days 10/2012---60 days 11/2012---90 days 12/2012---30 days 01/2013---OK 02/2013---OK 03/2013---OK 04/2013---30 days 05/2013---60 days 05/2013---90 days 06/2013---90 days Since the account was not brought up to current payment (catching up on all deliquent), is it correct that the 4/2013 is the DOFD and not the 4/2012??? Can I turn around and dispute the DOFD? NFCU--- I disputed this item on TU as too old. it came back as scheduled to be removed 9/2018. Today I get a credit alert from Credit Karma that there is a new missed payment on my Tu report for NFCU. This shows charged off. Why would the missed payment alert show up? The weird part is I also got a Credit Karma alert that EQ deleted NFCU off my credit report!!! That is like 5-6 months earlier when they have from what I read in here typically don't delete until approx 1 month out. Thank you for any input/direction!!!
  4. Update in case anyone goes through this issue-- Open Sky did accept my mailbox address!!! After I sent in the copy of the utility bill, they used the mailbox. This took me longer than the 2 weeks most have indicated getting approved and signed up as it took me 3x (they normally indicate 7-10 days for a response once you send in your documents) sending in documents to verify and about a 5 weeks to get it all done.
  5. Any other suggestions out there on how to handle these two CA's???
  6. Guess what showed up in the mail????? You guessed it; Collection letter National Recovery Agency. Definitely contacting lawyer this week.
  7. Hello, I applied for Open Sky secured CC knowing from a thread in here that some places accept the mailbox places as an address and some do not. I tried it as 99% of my current stuff has my mailbox place as my address (my bank statements etc...). I explained to the rep that I have all my items going to this address as I thought I had no documentation of physical address (except apartment lease). I received an email the second time requesting documents verifying my information and I sent in driver license and bank statement and letter from VA(disability benefits). I called yesterday and found out their program identified it as a mailbox place and they even had a problem with my driver license. The rep was from the New Application dept so she knew a few things. She told me that my New Florida driver license is questionable because of how it appears upon review. Florida did change their license back in Aug/2017 to a newer more security type ID. The problem was specifically in how it scanned and appeared when magnified. I guess part of the security is to make sure they can see all the edges in the picture without showing/casting a shadow. I told her I placed the ID in the middle of the scanner and scanned it accordingly. You can see that it cuts off the "edge" just barely (again you have to enlarge the picture to see it) as the scan rolls over the item. I tried scanning it again to understand and see this happening as a function of the scanner. This part is just FYI in case someone runs into this situation even if you scan your ID in the middle of the page. She mentioned those that try get over typically cut off the edges as the ID only appears to be real but this is part of their inspection of the ID documentation. I have to wait now 7-10 days for another decision to come out based on what the rep stated (I did provide docs during initial application too). I talked with my girlfriend and she did remind me that my name is on the water bill which shows the house address, I pay the rent she pays the utilities. I am going to contact them and see if I can somehow override the 7-10 wait and provide them with the water bill. Just fyi...in case someone tries it with the mailing location address.
  8. I read a thread on here somewhere that listed cards that offer AU and those that don't; could this be one of the card(s) that don't report to the CRA's? El Gato, list, the name of the cards and the wise ones probably can confirm if they do in fact report to the CRA's.
  9. Checking to see if any other route to go on these 2 baddies. PP&L/electric utility---1. try forgiveness letter, if they don't forgive, see if they will reduce amount owed, then 2. make payments on it directly to the OC, not CA??? Apartment complex---????? Thanks.
  10. I don't know if they sent collection letters as I have had several addresses since. Darker period of my life I am not proud of, should I work out payment arrangements with apt? I have not received anything in regards to lawsuit(again, go to first sentence about mail). The only legal document I received was the Order for Possession,Return and Notice back at that time. While I have no plans to move back to PA, these will be the last two items on my credit report after one year from now. Trying to develop an action plan on them.
  11. Hello, My two youngest CA items on my credit reports should have DOFD's of OCT2013. My credit reports have different dates of removal ranging from 2/2021, 12/2020. I am sure of the DOFD's as this was a bad time in life where I spiraled down due to my disabilities-back/leg problems. I lost everything basically except the car I slept in during that winter of 2013-14 in Pennsylvania. They got several inches of snow today in PA but that winter 2013-14 was a beast breaking all kinds of records that year!!! I was unable to work, served eviction notice etc.. As a veteran I later got the help I needed from the VA but that took time(lots of it). I have had the back surgery, permanent nerve damage in legs and so forth; but am moving forward with the help of the VA. The two items are for the apartment and the electric company. 1. CA---Penn Credit (PP&L-ELECTRIC) $1,000 2. CA---Natl Credit System (APARTMENT) $4,000 I do not have any Public Records listings for the apartment or anything else on my credit reports. I looked up Why Chat page the SOL and it appears I am out of it as Pennsylvania list 4 years for open acct, and written contract. Am I correct on being out of SOL? PA does have a Domestic Judgement 5 years (writ of revival within 5 years) hopefully this does not apply??? If I am beyond the SOL's; I was going to write forgiveness letter directly to PP&L as they do have a Forgiveness Program and hope I can get some help this way, or pay them directly payments(have not checked to see if I can still access their online system). Start with DV, not sure on this situation (once SOL verified)? When would I dispute the DOFD? Thank you for the help!!!
  12. Thanks Why Chat and CreditSucksNot, will definitely give lawyer a call. Breeze, I really did know that before hand but it didn't click until I read your message that it is one part of the company and its offspring!!! Thank you everyone!!!
  13. Thanks for response Why Chat. I have not contacted my insurance yet (Esurance), nor have I contacted the at fault party's insurance yet (Allstate) for my medical bills or anything else. Yes, I am suffering from medical problems from the car accident. No, I have not signed any settlement with any of the insurances. This was my girlfriend's car and her insurance (State Farm) paid for the damages while I was up in Pennsylvania to drive the car back and then State Farm paid for the rest of the repairs to the vehicle once I returned to home/Florida. At this point right now, my insurance (Esurance) has no record of this situation as I initially thought it would go through VA or my girlfriend's insurance-State Farm since I was in her vehicle. I have pre-existing injuries/disabilities with my neck and back. I had MRI's done after the car accident and they show more damage to my neck and back (over previous MRI's I had done prior to accident) and definitely more pain!!! I am wondering at this point should I go through the At Fault party's insurance (Allstate) directly, or contact my insurance (Esurance) first???
  14. Hello, I was involved in car accident 1Jan2017 in Pennsylvania while visiting my Mother. I initially told them all my billing goes through VA as a 100% disabled veteran that is where I get all my healthcare services as VA has handled other ER visits. The Geisinger Holy Spirit Hospital in PA. ran this through the VA and months later near end of 2017 I find out from letter that the VA did not cover it that it should have went through car insurance. I was driving my GF's car at the time of the accident up in PA (we live in Florida). Well her insurance State Farm denied it as well. I have since learned I should have gone through the at fault driver's insurance or my own car insurance. Fortunately I am still within the 2 year SOL of filing claim against the at fault driver's insurance company Allstate. I just called the Holy Spirit Hospital to find out the status of the bill. I was transferred to their billing dept. The representative told me that there was a zero balance on this bill. I asked her if this went to a collection agency etc..(she was the lady I spoke to end of last year) and she reviewed the notes on it and told me that since it was denied through the VA and denied through State Farm that they "made an adjustment" and the balance is zero. I explained to her I do not want to see a collection agency pop up on my credit report and that I need to contact either my insurance or the at fault person's insurance to get this resolved. She again told me it was not going to a collection agency and that their adjustment made it a zero balance. I am thinking this is gonna rear up and bite me in the credit reports!!! I know now that I can go through my car insurance and pursue this or go through the at fault driver's insurance to see if they will resolve these matters. Please let me know your thoughts on best way to ensure this is taken care of as to not come back later on my credit reports???? Thank you!!!
  15. I have tried several calls since post above to see if any of the other items have been deleted, no luck!!! They only say since it is in middle of investigation they are unable to provide me with any details until it is complete. The first person I guess I got lucky that told me 2 of the items were deleted. Currently when I pull up the dispute page and click on the blue arrow/circle it says 4 of 5 items complete. One of the items was to update my current address which they have done that as I use it now to verify/security questions they ask. I also tried once calling in to EX on 3 listed above, no luck on early deletes. Most have said 3 months early with EX but I saw the few that were able to get some deleted 4+ months and figured I would try....struck out.
  16. HopefullyDebtFree, I did not get the same guy but this representative was even better!!! She pulled up my credit report and we discussed all the products thoroughly!!!
  17. Ok, PAL successful!!! So, here is the question, should I pay off the PAL using the 70/30% guideline. Pay the balance down immediately from $1000 to $700, then pay monthly $50 payment ? Numbers will be little different with the interest involved. Keeping this below the 30% utilization, would that same principle work on this PAL? OR Take the money and add it to the secured credit card I will be getting so that my CLI will be higher? For example use the $1000 I was going to use initially for secured CC and add the $1000 from the PAL to this secured CC($2000 CLI) to give me more room on the card's 30% utilization. Or just get 2 $1000 secured CC's? This would get me started on positive movement since I am currently at zero open/positive accounts: PAL $1000 secured CC $1000 secured CC JCPenney's card as AU Thoughts???? On a note for anyone going the PAL route. I had the option of Suncoast placing the $1000 into my checking account or I could go online and transfer it to Checking or Saving how I saw fit. The key is you have to make whatever transactions on that money within 24 hours. If I were only to transfer $200 (whatever amount under the max of it) and then go into system say 3 days from now and try to make another transfer of the PAL it would not allow it. I would first have to pay off the $200 (plus interest) before I could get another PAL. So bottom line, move the total amount into whichever you are using (checking or savings) initially so you have access to it all.
  18. Update I called back and went through verifying the information about the different products with an extremely helpful rep on the phone. Few things I learned that hopefully will help others reading about Suncoast-- -They Hard Pull every product -The HP is good for 60 days -The secured credit card does require an additional HP if you want to add funds for higher CLI but if you do it within the 60 days no pull required -I did find out that Suncoast pulled EX version 2 -The Payday Alternative Line of Credit (PAL) APR 15% -You can pay off the initial PAL and apply again for another (if you screw up on payments then you would have to wait 6 months for another) -Payments for PAL are set up to withdraw out of your direct deposit -PAL---with direct deposit it is almost a guarantee, unless extremely bad credit situations -I think they are really pushing the PAL to get their slice of this market/pie I really want to establish myself with my local credit union so I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the HP for secured credit card and the PAL since it is only one HP. My EX version 2 was 590 per rep same as last year's pull with Suncoast. (myfico 3B & scores pulled last week showed my EX version 2 at 571 for credit cards and 590 for mortgage???) PAL was approved for $1,000 with a payment of $50/month Secured Credit card was declined due to too many delinquents on my credit report Since I don't have ANY open accounts I'll take this as a step closer to building my relationship with my credit union. I do still find it odd that you won't take my money and put it in a secured savings but you will give me a $1,000 loan unsecured or based on the fact that I have direct deposit. I am sure there are other factors. I will start a journey thread so this thread will stay within its subject title. Once the dollars are in my account (returned the esigned docs this morning), I will update the database with info.
  19. I had filed online with TU and disputed 3 items. I checked it the next day (logging in online using Transunion dispute log in page) and it showed in the Investigation line, the part that says "status" upon clicking on it that 2 of 3 items were complete. I thought that 2 of them went were deleted right away and was able to confirm this today with a telephone call to TU. I called today as it was about a week since I had filed the online dispute and wanted to see if I could add another to be deleted for being too old on report and I was able to add that to the current investigation/dispute request. That "status" upon clicking now says 2 of 4 completed because he did not immediately delete the one I added today. My estimated completion date did not change!!! (the "status" has a blue circle with an > inside of it next to the "In Progress", this is what I clicked on to get the info) Here is the info on items that were due to fall off report--- Chase 8/2018------removed USAA 7/2018------removed NFCU 9/2018------pending ( was hoping with this being Mar and Sep six months away with others having success up to 6 month early deletes...will see) then the one I added today is pending Appreciate everyone updating and providing information....really helps!!!
  20. If you have employees, you could use portion of it for reward system, challenge/kind of incentive. To win 2 first class roundtrip tickets to XYZ. Motivating and rewarding/give back to them. You may already be a great boss, up your caliber another notch!!! Maybe do this challege/contest etc...quarterly. That way it keeps rebuilding as you use the card for the company and gets additional results at work. Maybe look into it with your accountant to see if said incentive can be written off...win/win. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind a first class round trip to Europe
  21. She has a JCPenney's card with $600 balance with $3700 CL that has been open for 6 years with no lates ever. Will the department store card info hold more weight than the Barclay?
  22. 10-4!!! I did ask Suncoast about only 1 hard pull for both and they said yes, that I did remember to ask. I may be calling it by the wrong name above but what I was calling a "secured personal loan" above is the "shared secured loan" as that is what I wrote down in my notes from the calls. What about a AU since I currently do not have ANY open/revolving accounts??? My girlfriend has a Barclay card with $10k limit but she has $8k balance along with her other credit cards. She has been on a mission this year getting her DTI ratio down/lowing the balances. I read in here that normally that would not be a good idea but since I don't have any open accounts on my credit report (all have been charged off) and her Barclay has never had a late payment and it is about 5 years old. She did have a BK 8 years ago and is currently at 670-ish score. Would this AU on Barclay help me more than hurt me with no open accounts on my credit report right now? I appreciate everyone's help!!!!
  23. thesaintly, I will definitely add that information you just provided to my action plan!!! I will still try to work on either one of the 3 items with Suncoast- -secured credit card (with provisions you added as requirements or find another that does like the Discover and Cap1) -secured personal loan -the PAL payday alternative loan This way I can get in good with them for my car loan hopefully and mortgage 2-3 years from now. Thanks for the info!!! MarvBear, I am going to pick the guy's brain few more times to build relationship with him as I would like to use Suncoast as my main provider understanding there are other fish in the sea. Appreciate the help!!! I will get more information from them tomorrow on the PAL and post it here.

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