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  1. I probably would agree with your opinion regarding the "extra house" with other circumstances. I am at a different age/stage/physical conditions. This gets to the comment cv91915 made "There just isn't enough time to write 12,000 words with if/then/else statements in every response." I have different options I am open to regarding the house/location/and what it offers. While financial benefits are one part of the scope, living and enjoying within your means with what you have available based on your conditions another factor. The nice 2 bedroom across the street from the canal doesn't allow you to go fishing at will if you can't access another person's property, or a boat ride without the complications that physical conditions might make more difficult/challenging dealing with dropping boat off trailer into water. The extra house means so much more to a disabled person that doesn't get out much. A workshop, fishing, enjoying the therapeutic beauty of Florida in your backyard with dolphin, schools of fish, boats etc...does help the mind tremendously when dealing with chronic pains. Having the means so close to you when you have a few good hours or a good day goes along way in mind/soul with these items closer to you. You learn to adapt to make the best with what you got and can do based on your circumstances. So not impractical to me as it is within my budget. Significant savings in buying----the mortgage is working for me to build equity from my own money into my own house. Dual income is an option, she hasn't put a ring on my finger yet!!! I can afford this alone, when the ring thing happens it will benefit us even more. 15 year mortgage, no--maybe after the ring.
  2. Let me start off answering that by saying, I enjoy doing Cost Anaylsis(self taught and always learning more). So that answer is of course easy and complicated:) I understand the middle score is used. If I use my current middle score right now for a mortgage, it would be around $25 more per month over my current rent. I used the Zillow-estimate of the house I am currently renting which is of a higher value because it is on a canal with access to the gulf. My scores going up starting next month and forward will push me into higher brackets improving the savings. I have looked at my budget to determine the max I can comfortably spend to stay within reason to know my parameters. Now, with the VA rates being a bit lower that adds even more house I can purchase or savings in mortgage payment. I compared the rates from Nov2019 to today's rates to see the difference in the savings opportunities. I have looked at my debt-to-income ratio, reviewed it over the next 3,6,9,12+ months. I have some items such as storage unit, loan, etc...that are coming to the point of freeing up another $400+ a month. Which I will adjust into my savings and emergency savings. I have a budget spreadsheet that accounts for all my bills, savings, emerg-saving monthly allowance for spending, etc... which also calculates the utilization % of each line item and aggregate figures. I read and learned from the Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations on VA Disability Benefits to file my own claims and successfully fought for my VA 100% disability. Yes, there are some great VA Advocates out there (many are way overloaded), but I couldn't find one like I had in the past. I am 6 for 6 with directly helping other veterans obtain what they rightfully deserve with their VA Disability Benefits along with many others with information learned on veteran websites. I say this so you know I will try and learn all I can about mortgages (along with what I learn here and other various sources) and have the help of an agent for my first house!!! Now, my curiosity is asking, what angle were you looking at when you asked me your question? Again, just so I can learn!!!!
  3. Agree, working on the 6 months of savings, slowly but surely. That is where an opportunity comes along (even in misery) that I am weighing all options to see if the risk is low enough etc. etc. What about the AU I mentioned above in original post; I am thinking it is time to cut ties with it. Where I would lose length of AAOA from over 2 years down to 1.6 years but would gain more in my scores with the Utilization going from 44% to 27%, correct???
  4. damba, If you are talking about the VA funding fee, yes it would be waived in my situation. The VA allows it to be financed with the loan. Appreciate your thoughts. I am not rushing in, just pacing myself and seeing possible opportunity to hit an extremely lower window than normal when it comes to VA int/rates. With this window of opportunity coming up, knowing I am not 100% ready, just seeing how I can fit into that window if possible now to get the benefits from this rare moment. My thought is catching the VA lowered interest rate window now (next 6 months) will still/could be lower than my improved score a year from now and the interest rate window at that time. I am trying to catch the sliding scale (interest rate window) at rock bottom. Agree with saving more money. CTSoxFan, appreciate your thoughts and points are definitely noted!!! Thanks CV91915!!!
  5. Yes---definitely want to take advantage of dropping of mortgage rates "if possible". They are not the mortgage FICO scores, but the valid FICO (not fako) scores from BOA, DCU, and Experian. I went back and looked at when I purchased FICO report 4/27/2019 Equifax score 651....mortgage FICO 5 score was 695. It had these Negative Factors which have changed a bit- 1. You have a serious delinquency (60 days past due or greater) or derogatory indicator on your credit report. 2. You have a short credit history. 3. You've made heavy use of your available revolving credit. 4. You have one or more accounts showing missed payments or derogatory indicators.
  6. Hello, Hope all are as safe as can be under the circumstances. My road back has me closer to getting my first mortgage. Currently I have scores 636 to 653 <---with 62% utilization. As of last week I have lowered my overall utilization depending on which way you look at it; which brings me to my first question. Utilization with AU is 44%-----------------AAOA--2 years (once all new balances are reported) Utilization w/out AU is 27%---------------AAOA--1.6 years-----thinking this would put my scores in the 660-670 range??? My oldest account (without AU) is 2 years 1 month, and youngest is 5 months with others in the middle (no lates all good!!! except last baddy below) Time to get off the AU, request it removed? If I am understanding correctly, the 30% that utilization(amount owed) carries will outweight the 15% that length of credit history carries thus increase my scores a bit? Which leads me to my next area of concern, the LAST baddy that I have remaining on my credit reports. It is on 2 of 3 credit bureaus (the one credit report is clean!!). one report shows it scheduled to fall off Dec2020, the other shows it Feb2021. The Dec2020 is correct based on DOFD. This is baddy/EVICTION is from the apartment complex I lived in when I lost job unable work/became homeless. This is $4500 on my credit reports. Do I-- -Contact and try to work out something way less $$$ showing it paid especially with it so close to falling off report(without restarting clock!!!!) -Wait till it falls off report(try early delete request for both items), dispute report with date of Feb with proof of DOFD -Talk to agent before doing 2 options above I thought about finding an experienced agent with VA loans and let them review my information to see where I am at overall. I have been at my current location going on 4 years with perfect/on time rental payments. I will get a letter from my current landlord. I can probably get positive letter from the place I was at before current resident regarding rental payments too. Definitely not opening any new accounts now. May try few CLI's that don't require hard pulls. I would love to work this all out and get in my first hom/mortgage this year. I will stay patient. I am a 100% disabled veteran(in Florida makes home Tax Exempt) and really want to take advantage of the low VA rates right now!!! I will remain focused; just want to try to take advantage of the low VA rates. Appreciate as always any advice!!!
  7. Hello, I went ahead and dove into the new truck (previous posts debating back and forth etc). I will sell the used truck on craigslist/hoping to come out better than the $800-$1k the dealership mentioned. I prequalified through CapOne first, $35k at 7.85%. Truck cost more so I ended up with 9.99% at PNC. CapOne would not go up the few grand which I understand. My credit scores (fico 8 ) are 624 to 636 but of course different with the versions used for auto financing. Understanding where my credit sitrep stands I was ok with the CapOne 7.85%. Updating my goal board as to when I should target refinancing the auto loan? I have over 10 inquires, only 3 offers (3rd was way higher); so lesser of the weevils (Master and Commander movie reference...lol). DCU keeps popping up in financing/refinancing successes with challenged credit in my searches. Just looking for advice on how long to wait (3-6-12 months etc), who to try at that point, pros/cons. I thought of trying DCU now since still within the week of purchase and hoping that INQ gets counted in with the other batch. Any experience out there if CapOne would be interested in 5-6 months? I believe the installment payments will give a good boost to my scores since I don't have an open installment on one credit report and the other 2 list my Santander(not due off until beginning of 2020). CapOne I have 2 credit cards (1 unsecure, 1 secure) and have done great ontime payments, one auto CLI etc within the last 6-7 months with them. I am keeping in mind another lesson on here of too many eggs in one basket; but I think they were better in the offerings above for the relationship of on-time payments/usage this year/rebuilding. Thoughts?? Thanks!!! (hope this is not a double post as I had to log back in and resubmit)
  8. WestCoastKid, I know the wisdom spoken above comes from the experienced ones; but I like you feel that want, though it feels like a need to get that unsecured card. We are in similar boat with baddies and scores (mine range from 606-628). I got my QS1 after 4 months with my Cap1Plat. Psychologically the unsecured card feels great even at the smaller limit. It was a hurdle. I know and believe what the elders are saying as they helped me way back in 2011ish. I figured I would do the CapOne Product Change when I can upgrade the card to get out of the subprime bucket to the next card up. This is how others from my readings/have moved out of the subprime a bit easier with CapOne. One question I see is--would another cc help you (getting it right now) regardless secured/unsecured for the next 1.5 years you planned out and improve your scores vs not getting another card and letting your current cards grow from gardening and then get a cc after the 1.5 years??? Since you are in with PenFed, have you talked to them to get a credit card from them since that would be a prime to grow on and keep the diversity as mentioned vs the CapOne QS1?
  9. Thanks Bradk14! I did that with a PAL (Payday Alternative Loan) from Suncoast Credit Union, so I know what you are talking about. I used that $1k and opened a secured SKY credit card. Paying that PAL down to under 30% this next month. This PAL reports as a Line Of Credit. Both of these have been reporting positive the past 6-7/months. The Saving Secured Loan, I will immediately get it to the 30% mark and then payments for the build/help. Thanks.
  10. CV91915, using your key words triggers, notifications, I came up with this link from Experian rather quickly: http://www.experian.com/assets/consumer-information/case-studies/first-financial-collection-triggers.pdf Wow...was not aware of the trigger and notifications that go out to the debt collectors based on us spending money to get the report. Probably all in the super fine print somewhere.
  11. Hello, I come across an interesting pattern or "coincidental timing" of account review inquiry by what seems to be potential debt collectors when I have done certain actions. I was reviewing my TU via backdoor and was going down the listings in the Account Review Inquires section when a date stuck out in my mind in March/2018. This was the date I officially bit the dust and started my real fight on repairing/rebuilding my credit that I have posted on my visual board on my wall. Specifically, I purchased the 3B report from myfico so I could have my official Fico-8 scores to start my journey. What I noticed this morning in the Account Review Inquiries were 3 debt collecting companies (from what I have googled on internet) that are NOT any of my baddies on my credit report. Sister companies to those that are on my credit report, I don't know??? So, there are 3 of these debt collectors (if my google search is correct) that have popped up on my TU report in this section. I then went back into my records as I save by date when I purchase a report/score etc. Yes, I have cut down on doing this, but the coincidence or timing is making me go hmmmmmm. Mar/2018----I purchased 3B report from myfico----------------------FBCS, Inc Jul/2018-----I purchased 3B report from EX---------------------------Radius Global Solutions Aug/2018----I pull 3B report from myfico-----------------------------NRA Group, LLC DBA Natio??? (first one I paid full price--others found good discounts) Common thing is "3B" and debt collector (not any of my baddies) review on each date purchased. I guess I am curious as to how these debt collecting companies are associated with the companies I pulled the report from and what the purpose is, selling my pulls as alerts to said debt collectors, something, I don't know etc...just curious of the pattern...company selling our info/pull to debt collectors to be on alert??? I think of Whychat saying to OPT out as it will help keep the creepy crawlers out. I OPTED back in to get prequal's from CAP1/Discover secured cards. Would credit freeze stop this or some sham going on, or me reading too much into this??? Thoughts please???
  12. Hey Shifter, Yes typo as scores are between 606-628(fico-8)....thanks for the catch. I should have clarified that simulators was reducing my total utilization down below the 30% to under 10% which seems to coincide with what is said on here and most write-ups targeting optimizing the credit score. I definitely get what you are saying about the bigger fish to fry as I am working on ways to crack the remaining few baddies. The Midland I can ride it out till May or early deletes. The remaining 3 are the tougher nuts/working on the angle of attacks on them. As for the rebuild of my credit, I have the pieces set up to garden now and age, increase credit limits, don't miss payments, wash rinse repeat-bloom. So if the open installment loan will help my rebuild side, this gives me another option on improving my score. As usual, I appreciate your words of wisdom!!!
  13. Hello, 1. I do not have an installment loan (just credit cards and 1 retail card). Well, I do have written off Santander vehicle loan and 2 others that show up on my credit reports as "installment loans" (Midland--Credit One cc, and NCB which bought from Santander). <---collections correctly listed on my reports? I am thinking about getting a secured saving loan like the old Alliant hack to increase my score a bit, pay it down to low utilization marks, under 30% and then under the 10% to maximize/help score. The question here is will this secured saving loan still give me a score boost with the Santander on my reports? Working on my baddies, even had a GW letter work recently. Current scores are 306-328. All my open accounts are new as of this year from under 1 month to 7 months of on time payments. 35% utilization right now. In 1 month will be under 10% utilization. I have used the simulators to give me idea of score increases, just curious about the installment loan. Thanks!!!
  14. Thank you ALL for keeping me focused and avoid the pitfalls of my brainstorm (drizzle storm-lol) I did call the Tax Collector office today and they were able to verify that TranSouth was in fact what they had in the ELT system. The Rep also told me that it was a paper title, not electronic.
  15. MarvBear, that is exactly what I need!!! I don't want false air/hope in my bubble so your info or others will keep me grounded and is much appreciated!!! I will confirm this upcoming week at a dealership exactly what is stated in the ELT system. I had looked up the information online from the Florida Department of Highway and Safety's website based on my vin# and found out they are showing the TranSouth Financial Corp info. The vehicle information check shows "paper title with lien" on Florida Dept's website. My goals- -Clearing up baddies on my credit reports -Have added 5 positive tradelines within past approx 6 months (let them grow on time payments) -In approx 8 months I can have all but the 2 baddies off my credit report(Santander and NCB) - -Just under 2 years both Santander and NCB falls off credit reports -End goal home mortgage in 2 years (sooner better if possible VA loan) I can live without the title. I would like to get it resolved. -Want title to car as above item will still come back to haunt me regarding title I can live without the title. Just trying to clear it up with a little mix of combing negotiating tactics if at all possible. So, IF Santander (by default of transition of ownership from TranSouth) has the lien in the ELT system; I am wondering the options pros/cons of opening up the re-aging process as I have indicated. I definitely understand I may not get all what I am asking for if I contact Santander. If I pay Santander the balance and get the title then I can dispute the NCB off credit report. If I call Santander (once confirming they are the lien holder in ELT) and agree to pay X, I am just wondering if I missed any other possible scenarios of the re-aging process that can impact me?
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