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  1. Approved for Amex Platinum for Business early last week. Haven't received so far. Usually they ship fast. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Call them. You don't have to PG.
  3. Not sure. I only spent approx $2000 in a single transaction but nothing out of the ordinary. When they called the woman said they just like to update their records. I wonder if I should send our bank statements too.
  4. I've called AMEX FR rep and I haven't received a call back yet. Not sure when they will finally get back to me about the FR. They also haven't posted my bonus miles to my account either. Such a headache!!!!
  5. Delta Business Platinum $15,000 CLSPG Business $15,000 CL
  6. Was there something wrong with your 2015 taxes that you scrambled to use 2016? In fact if they are requesting a 4506T I'm not so sure the IRS will even send 2016 until later this summer. They will send 2015. Amex asked for 2016. She asked can we file our 2016 taxes in the next 14 days. 2015 haven't been filed either as far as the federal taxes. We have our state filings though. I hope they don't take that long to send them our transcript. I wonder why she would ask for 2016 if they know they can't get a transcript that fast.
  7. UPDATE: A couple weeks ago I received a call requesting a financial review for our new accounts. We had to hurry and file our 2016 taxes in 14 days. We mailed our taxes in to the IRS last week and I faxed the 4506T form to AMEX on Friday and again today. I will call tomorrow to confirm they received it. This was such a headache. The IRS is backed up for weeks. Does this mean our accounts will be closed if the IRS does not send our transcript back to AMEX this week? This doesn't seem right to force someone to file taxes in 14 days. Has anyone else gone through this during tax season and what was the outcome? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  8. Just want to give a quick update. I received the cards, activated one and asked for a CLI. The 7-10 day message appeared. Does that mean a denial? What letter could they possibly send me on a new card CLI?
  9. Thanks! I'm not sure what the credit limit is but hopefully it's decent. I wouldn't want to have to apply for a CLI just to get another HP. I'll see when it arrives.
  10. I finally received a call today. Approved for both cards. The rep said they have been busy from the holidays.
  11. Oh okay. So I guess biz cc's require more time for processing. I've only had experience with Amex personal cc's.

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