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  1. So have I, multiple times! You may luck out...
  2. I accidentally wrote BOA in the subject line! It was Bank of Oklahoma!!! I was a part of the Bank of Oklahoma Class Action suit that settled sometime last year. Checked the mail this morning, and I had a check from BOKF, N.A. OVERDRAFT SETTLEMENT. The check is for $33.67. I'm pleased. It's hundreds less than I lost, probably, but it's better than nothing. Anyone else get a check?? Speaking of BOA, I was a part of that Class Action suit(Started banking with them after I left Oklahoma and BOK). Never have gotten a check. Has anyone else?
  3. I am prepping for the hearing in two weeks on the Motion to Compel. Any thoughts, suggestions or advice from others who have been there before??
  4. County Court at Law, Cprems. Notice of the hearing is being sent out by the Court's Clerk Friday. Set for November 19th. Yes. She will not return phone calls or emails from me. When I sent her hearing date options from the clerk, she returned THAT email(the only one she has ever responded too) and said, again, that we needed to work out our discovery via phone calls or emails not through the court with the motion to compel. I attempted two more calls and two more emails...waited more than a week...no repspnse. So I set the hearing for the 19th. I'm sure she'll try to move the date, but I'll object. I have filed each email and a call log into the record, so the judge can see my efforts. So frustrating.
  5. County Court at Law, Cprems. Notice of the hearing is being sent out by the Court's Clerk Friday. Set for November 19th.
  6. I have several potential dates for the hearing over the motion to compel, good for both me and the Judge. The Attorney for the Defendant has not responded to any correspondence from me since September 14th. If she does not decide on a date by next Friday, the Judge's Clerk will call her to set the date(from the available dates I have selected). If she fails to respond to the Clerk, I will file a motion for summary judgement.
  7. I cancelled mine. No need to have it if it's only once per month.
  8. A lot of smaller counties and cities do repo's. I work in radio news, so I get our PD and SO reports daily, there are always two or three repossessions on them. Last year, one of our deputies got shot trying to repo a travel trailer. He lived, and the guy was found guilty of attempted capital murder(Texas).
  9. Bumping for more experiences: I have already sent out the DV(Friday). Now the waiting game begins...
  10. I am a JCP card holder. Sometime last year, JCP apparently sold my info to Stonebridge Life Insurance in Hollywood, FL. They call me repeatedly with this..."This is so and so with Stonebridge Life Insurance, calling JCP customers with an amazing offer!" It's always an actual person that calls, and I have asked over and over to be taken off their call list, to no avail. Yesterday, they called three times. I'm not familiar with telemarketer laws. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
  11. I'm glad you are having good luck with the bond holder. Will you send me the bonding info you have? I have what was listed on SOS website,but if it is wrong(which I believe is deceptive and another violation), then I'll need the correct info. In all honesty(Cprems will scream), I have never had a bonding agent actually respond me or help me, so I quit CC'in them! I haven't contacted a bonding agency in a year at least. If you had good luck though, I'll try it. P.S. Congratulations on your success!
  12. Update: A closer look at the dunning and the EOS CCA website, the "client" is actually US Asset Management. Not the Asshat we all know and love to hate. The kicker is, under EOS CCA COMPANIES, guess who is listed? US Asset Management. It seems awfully deceptive to pass your own company off as a paying client...
  13. I got a dunning letter yesterday(To maiden name, but at new address), from EOS CCA, on behalf of Asset. The original creditor is AT&T. This is an old OOS cell phone bill that was settled well before I came to CB. Several CA's have tried to collect the remainder, and all of them have dropped the issue b/c of my aggressive disputing/DV's etc. This account is young enough to report but has not. AT&T washed their hands of the collecting a long time ago, and sold it off. This was confirmed by a letter from the President in 2010(I still have all documentation). EOS CCA and Asset have added fees to the bill, so they are already in violation of the Texas Finance Code. I'm sending a Texas style DV to both EOS CCA and Asset to see what other violations I can get. I'm about to research the executives in the company, but though I'd ask if anyone has suggestions for contacting Asset. I want it to get to the appropriate person, and may end up going through the registered agent.... Thoughts/Suggestions?
  14. Still no response from the Defendant's Attrny. If I haven't heard from her by Friday, I am scheduling the hearing.
  15. send her a letter back stating same, and that she needs to stop playing games did she file a opposition statement against the motion to compel yet? is there a hearing scheduled.? forget what she tells you, it's BS. becareful with what she states to the judge, and file a sureply to it. The ONLY thing she has filed is the general denial. Nothing else whatsoever. I sent her a very curt letter this week that basically says stop playing games. There is no hearing scheduled yet. I have given her the opportunity to give me some dates that will work for her. If she has not provided those by Friday, I will set the hearing for a time and date that works for me, and object to any changes she may try to make.
  16. Sorry in advance, mods, for the cussing. I am pissed! Just more of the same Geronimo . She says my motion to compel is the first notice she has received of my issues with discovery responses, and says the court requires me to attempt to work it out with her before filing the MTC. She says i need to call or emsil her to work out the discovery. I have emailed her once and called her twice about discovery prior to filing the motion to compel and she didnt respond, so that is crap.(I have records of my attempts). She goes on to say the MTC is confusing, and unclear. That's also bogus. It is very clear, and tells her item by item what I have issues with. And that's it. No mention of the bogus deposition, the unattached exhibits she references in their responses, no mention of the discovery responses I sent them. Just her standard evasive, obfuscating responses I've grown accustomed to. I am beyond frustrated. Thoughts or suggestions?
  17. LOL! I wish I could! I have been off work a week, honeymooning finally, and for some reason they want me to be in the office today. Yuck.
  18. It would depend on the settlement wording, and be case-by-case, but yes, in this instance the debt has been extinguished.
  19. ICAN, My husband said the same as you, that some low-level Paralegal was working on my case. MaleNurse, I can't pick it up until lunch break today. Came in Saturday's mail.
  20. No, we checked just in case. Really, aside from answering some questions, and proofing what I've drafted, he hasn't done much. He really knows very little about civil and credit law, but he is helpful with formatting.
  21. I filed my discovery answers about 2 weeks ago(maybe 3, we've been at the beach a week). I sent responses to all their disclosure questions, and, at my husbands suggestion, copies of every price of documentation I have that could be requested during discovery. It is his belief(again, he is a felony prosecutor in the DA's office), that the attrny for the CA would send interrogatories as well as request for production at two separate later times in an effort to draw this out, and bury me in paper. He also said, since she can produce nothing, seeing my "dirty bag," might entice her to settle and wrap this up. He has little patience for attrny games, and says this lady is playing many. In Sept. 7th, I sent a carefully drafted motion to compel for the silly answers she sent in response to my discovery request. I asked for a copy of the oral deposition they conducted, along with the reasons I was not notified of the deposition, nor allowed to be present, etc.(there was no deposition, this was a mistake). I also asked for the alluded to exhibits a and b. they mention both in their discovery answers(see exhibit a), but provided no exhibits, and have not filed any exhibits. I had several other points as well, but those were my faves. Yesterday, a pink slip was delivered. I have a certified letter from the attrny. Can't wait to see what this letter brings!
  22. According to my husband, and his paralegal, they have to file the Certificate of Service with our Court, and they have not. They did not file The Certificate of Service for the Discovery responses they provided nor did they file the certificate of service for the discovery requests they sent me. They have referenced an Exhibit A and an Exhibit B in their Discovery Responses, but did not provide me with either exhibit, neither has been filed. They alluded to an Oral deposition given by a the Plaintiff, "Mr. Ryan." I am the plaintiff, not named Mr. Ryan, and never have done an oral deposition. They objected to each and every one of my request calling each "Over broad," "irrelevant," and sought solely for "harassment." Some of the questions, she objects to, but answers anyway, and flat out lies. She claims they never sent me a dunning(I have it), claims they never got Texas demand for validation(I have it, and the proof of receipt)...and so on... What do you make of all of that....

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