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  1. All you need to do is go to www.helpwithmybank.gov and file a complaint. WaMu is now Chase, so when chase gets the complaint a very friendly executive from Chase will personally call you so make sure you pick up the phone. Explain to them, the situation.. Im sure your account was sequenced in any order we choose... chase will send you a copy of the actual terms wamu had given you.. But, in the interest of customer service Chase will settle your debt only for the actual amount you in fact did owe and zero out your fees. Then they will remove you from Chex, and let you open an account at Chase! Very professional! Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Honestly chase was better than they were.
  2. So now the settlment is complete and checks will be sent out by the 29th. I have yet to receive mine. But in the beggining they said you would get 3x your actual fees returned. now its 30% of your claim.. I dont give a crap about the money at this point, but how the heck can they still be reporting me to chexsystems! Only thing holding me back, and CITI said they would take care of me, once I take care of 5/3!! What do I do. And they verified it once when I disputed b4... please help.. please.
  3. What program! Someone please help me. I have Wells Fargo and WaMu/Chase reporting account abuse for accounts that were overdraft about 200 each. Do I pay them off and then dispute? Someone pleaseeee help! Message me! I am so happy for you!!! Determination is a great thing and you were determined. Proves that it can be done. Sadly not everyone is as lucky but thank you for sharing this and good luck!! :yahoo:
  4. To get into PenFed you have to open a Share account. To get a checking account they use only equifax you need a healthy 600 or above score and no charge offs or collections. They are probably one of the best CU's around.
  5. Great new post! It's so important to take the baby steps when starting with a new company. Document everything, being well organized will help you for life!
  6. I just opened with them I will gladly send you a referal! Personal or business?
  7. Hopefully this helps some of you guys out there. eupdate is now iupdate. A rep at dnb gave me the easiest way to get there.. iupdate.dnb.com It asks if you were existing eupdate customer or need to create a new iupdate profile. iupdate.dnb.com

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