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  1. Investigate credit report: System unavailable The TransUnion Online Review Service is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience. As alternatives to this interactive online service, you may submit a request for investigation: By Internet By Mail By Phone
  2. I just tried to apply but the Historical Society option is not there. Maybe they shut down the backdoor??
  3. It will be interesting to see if card issuers will start using this format. If so, the FCRA will have to be amended to allow anyone to pull your credit whether you consent or not. Or maybe they will just do a soft inq on the non-applicant spouse to keep out of trouble?
  4. My Clear card used to get some attention but I converted it to Blue cash ED. I like my Cap One grey and silver Sparks card since it looks like metal. Its like a poor man's Palladium card. Lol. My least favorite is my Alliant Visa. Some guy with his son on a beach. What are these strangers doing on my Platinum card? Aweful.
  5. I think the ultimate goal of this provision is to force married couples to apply jointly for credit. This way two credit ratings can be destroyed should either spouse fail to make a payment. This may make things safer for the banks but it will backfire in the form of lost revenue in the long run. For this reason an amendment will be made to the CARD act at the request of the banking industry or at least a loophole will be put in practice.
  6. It is "cut and dry" on that auto application, but in terms of most credit card applications its much more brief. I.E. without the "section B" and the paragraph detailing the spouse information requested. I find it interesting that they (Chase) force you to provide your spouses SSN presumably for a hard credit pull whether its a joint application or not. Unless the other spouse signed the form as "co applicant", the hard pull would be unauthorized and a federal crime in itself.
  7. Good point. As a legal transaction document, the wording must be very specific. For example, if they wanted just the income from your regular job it should say: "Income from your job" as opposed to the ambiguous "income" or "annual income". Regardless of the wording, homemaker is still a job and although there is no paycheck, the spouses income should be legal to submit.
  8. Banker, so assuming I live in community property state of California and lets pretend my wife makes 100k and I make zero as house bum, etc. What should I put as income on my next Amex app? 100k or 50k?
  9. Banker, what about community property states where it is legal to report income as household/joint? I also can't see anything wrong with claiming spouse income in the "other" catagory. If my wife pays our mortgage it certainly qualifies as a form of income and I should be able to claim that legitimately.
  10. Trans Union is famous for faking "technical issues" so they can stonewall you. Equifax and Experian do it too but not as often. I saw my file on TU recently and realized the date is two weeks old! If you are denied credit you are supposed to get your updated file, not some outdated crap. The phone request system gave me a lame excuse as well so I ended up requesting a hard copy via snail mail. I hate TU.
  11. Put household income down otherwise she will get declined. If the bank wants to push the individual income issue its up to them. Many lenders know there are good customers with income that is hard to quantify.
  12. Yeah it only shows open accts.
  13. Actually it was $20K. The card arrived a couple days ago. I called Capital One and they confirmed they know about my old bad account so I mistakenly assumed I was BL. However, I wanted to find out for sure so I applied to their mail offer and was very surprised to be approved. Here was my update in this thread on page one: Well stranger things again. Capital One has records that I charged off on them in 2002 but still approved me for a business Sparks card today.Not sure what the limit is yet, just got the letter today that I should expect the card in 10 days. An unexpected victory. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- So for the record, Cap One is no blacklister.
  14. I sent an email to the head of the fraud dept today. Sounds like I am wasting my time but I will keep at it and see if I can luck out. It seems like once they lock you out its pretty much over. Its the weirdest bank I have ever dealt with.
  15. Yeah those are certainly expendable iWhat. I am debating closing my Discover and but can't commit yet. Discover has the 500 a month Paypal thing so its sole purpose is to get my free Kindle. After that I will dump them until they start handing out real credit lines.

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