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  1. My score was doing great, going up, mid-600s. Got a notice today my score dropped 63 points. Checked EVERYTHING to make sure I didn’t miss a payment, nope. Experian is reporting merrick charge off reported a more than 60 days late. It’s been charged off for months and has a “paid” status. What can I do???
  2. The whole account should age off in March. The latest were from 2013.
  3. My oldest account is a student loan account from 2003. I had it refinanced a few years ago, but it is still reporting as 120 days late. What is going to hurt me more? Deleting the oldest account I have by 10 years? Or the 120 day reporting? I want to get rid of it but I am afraid of losing its age.
  4. That's common with Fedloan. Mine shows 90 day with no 30 or 60. And I've taken it all the way to the Ombudsmans with no luck, even thought they back dated a deferment and I have the back date in writing. They still one remove it because technically it WAS 90 days late then, even if it shouldn't be considered that way now. Mine went out of deferment and I didn't realize it. I got a financial hardship deferment in place that COVERS those dates and still no dice.
  5. Ugh. It sounds like this one is gonna be a pain. I'm mailing off the DV today. My report is CLEAN otherwise. Blah.
  6. I am sure it wasn't 2005. That's the weird thing. I really don't think this is mine. There is a Jessica Marshall who lives in the same area as me, and we had some merging issues in the past. What a pain. I was hoping there would be an easier way to deal with them.
  7. 2008. Is what it's showing. It's for $1k. But I haven't used my maiden name since 2005.
  8. Help! Asset Acceptance has gotten on my CR for a zombie debt in my maiden name. (I've been married 8 1/2 years!!) The are reporting as a TRADELINE and not as a Collection, and its killing my score. This just happened a few days ago. Can anyone help?
  9. That is what I was thinking Shifter, but I wasn't sure.
  10. It was $500 for years but he just upped it to $800 and then maxed it out. My VS card has nothing on it, the care credit is $300 from being maxed out, and I forgot about a personal loan at the credit union I have. The only thing I might need in the future is a loan/credit card for school expenses and a credit check for a rental.
  11. How bad will it tank my score? I am an authorized user on dh's credit card. Problem is he keeps the thing MAXED out. Its my oldest account. I only have a student loan, my car loan,a VS card and a GE Money account for my sons braces. All of those are within the last 2 years. The capital one is about 5 years old. How bad will it hurt? I know you guys can't give me specifics but I might be renting an apartment soon and I'm trying to see whats worse. Losing my oldest account, or having a maxed out card when I don't have much credit to begin with.
  12. So, I just need to mail a letter to GE stating what? I'm used to fighting off other stuff, but this is so odd. Saying I need proof that the account is his and a copy of the signed app? What address do I use?
  13. The denial letter got lost when we moved I will send them a letter tomorrow and demand copies of the paperwork.
  14. he did! We have the original. That's how we found out he never signed it. And it says in BOLD print that both parties have to sign. And GE has a copy and still refuse to remove him.
  15. Last year, my husband offered to co-sign for an engagement ring with one of his business partners. (I told him how stupid he was before he did it. ) anyway. Dh filled out the app, guy got the ring, everything was good. About a week later, we get a letter from GE saying dh had been denied. Strange, but whatever.. Dude had gotten the ring and was happy. Then the bills start coming in. With dh's name on as co-signer. He calls and they say yeah, you signed the app you're on the hook too, the denial letter was a mistake. Ok. Well months pass, husband and partner part ways. Partner stops paying for his now wife's engagement ring. It hits husbands credit and we start looking into how to get out of this mess. WELLLL.... Husband went by the jewelery store to get all the paperwork from when they bought the ring, and he NEVER signed the APP! His name etc is on it, but where it says BOTH parties must sign, he never signed. Now GE is still saying there is nothing they can do. How can they still do this when he never signed the legal documents? Is there a way out of this without an attorney? Sorry if this doesn't make sense.

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