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  1. CW Nexus Credit Card is terrible to deal with and act like they are the credit card company not the collection agency. It was a Erick Bank originally. I was lucky to get them off of Experian and TransUnion but can’t seem to get them off Equifax yet. They update every month with a late payment and I have over 47 late payments with this listing alone even though it’s showing as charged off. I cited that very reason and the first two took it off right away. Equifax can’t understand why this isn’t right. Smh. They are tricky as hell. Good luck.
  2. That’s cool. Where can you get credit monitoring for the big 3 along with credit scores? I’ve been paying $26 a month forever. Thanks in advance!
  3. I am in really bad need of some advice on what to do with two accounts showing up on all 3 credit reports. I realize I made a mistake and somehow I need to fix it but I don’t think I deserve what this place is doing. The two accounts are duplicate accounts and are the same credit card account, but it is not showing that way according to all 3 credit report agencies. In 2019, I was going to be away for 3 months for some important medical treatments and I knew that I would not be able to take care of my payments during this time, so I set up automatic payments from inside my checking account and paid them their payments that way. I had always made my payments on time so I was surprised when they closed my account. My bank said that the payments should have been delivered by the due date, but Merrick Bank said that they were late by two days all three months. So they charged me a late charge of $39, three months in a row and then closed my account by the time I could get a hold of them. Once the account closed, they turned it into a collection agency right away. But now on all three credit reports, it is listed from the credit card company as well as the collection agency and makes it look like I owe $2444 between the two. The card was not maxed out and they inflated the balance big time. What’s worse, is the collection agency somehow updates it as a late payment every month and I get an alert from my credit monitoring website saying that I have a new late payment. The collection agency is also listed as 12 charge-offs. I realize that what is done is done and there’s not much I can do about it. I am planning on paying this off in the next 6-12 months, but in the meantime, I do not think it’s fair that it is listed in duplicate and that the collection agency continues to update it as late every month. It is hurting my credit score considerably because it is renewed as a new late payment every month, as well as two separate accounts. Are they allowed to do this or should it just be listed as one account instead of having it on there in duplication? Can anyone please tell me how I can possibly go about fixing it so that only one account is listed on my report correctly? It seems like something like this should be illegal or be against FCRA rules. I am also surprised that they are able to list it as 12 charge-offs! Unbelievable. Merrick Bank listed me for a bunch of late payments in 2019, but stopped then. CWS/CW NEXUS has continued to list me as late every month and just listed a new late payment for August 2020. The info from the accounts is copied below. The first one is the credit card company, Merrick Bank. The second one is the collection agency, CWS/CW NEXUS. Merrick Bank will not talk to me whatsoever on the phone and will transfer me to the CWS/CW NEXUS if I get through to a live person. The collection agency called me once in the beginning, and the representative was as surprised as I was and I have never received any more calls from them since. My credit is otherwise very good and I have around 20 accounts all reporting good payment history except for this company reporting every month as late with 12 charge-offs. I apologize in advance for the long read, but I wanted to make sure I had the correct information in the post. Thanks for any help! Credit Card Company: MERRICK BANK CORP $1,262 Closed 1 charge-off Account Info Account status Closed Date opened Jun 02, 2015 Account type Credit Card - Revolving Terms Balance on Jul 31, 2019 $1,262 Credit Limit $950 Payment Info Status Charge-off Status date Jul 2019 Past due amount $427 Highest balance - Monthly payment - Collection Agency: CWS/CW NEXUS $1,182 Closed 12 charge-offs Account Info Account status Closed Date opened Jun 02, 2015 Account type Credit Card - Revolving Terms Balance on Aug 01, 2020 $1,182 Credit Limit $950 Payment Info Status Charge-off Status date Aug 2019 Past due amount $1,182 Balance on Aug 01, 2020 $1,182 Credit Limit $950
  4. I have really enjoyed reading this thread and think it has some really great information on it. It would be good to get more some more good, recent posts here so that we have accurate info and know which things have changed etc. I am just getting ready to start building credit on my Corp in March so I will try to post what happens with it as well. I am trying to read up so that I do it right.
  5. That's awesome Mitch19. About how long did it take you to build up to that CL? I'm just curious if it was a couple years or if it was longer. Thanks.
  6. I agree with Mendelssohn! I would try again in 90 days. Maybe your balances will be a little bit lower then and the other things will have changed enough for them to raise you. It should become easier after that. Best of luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have a quick question regarding credit cards/inquiries. I got 2 credit card offers in the mail last week. One was from Wyndham Rewards and it is a Barclaycard and the other I believe is from First Savings MasterCard. Have a few credit cards already and carry low balances but my credit limits aren't high like they used to be. I wanted to open a couple more credit cards to continue building credit. I realized that these 2 cards might give me lower credit limits but I believe it will still help me with my credit. I hate to get cards that aren’t credit cards that I will want to hold five years from now but unfortunately that is my option right now until I get a couple things fixed on my report. That should happen probably in the next year as I'm waiting for my accountant to get things done. I will be able to get it corrected, which will change things immensely. My question about applying for both of these cards this week is this: Will they both count and reduce my credit score. I realize that full credit reports will probably be pulled but I was wondering if both of them will knock my score down. I remember years ago learning that if you applied at several places for the same type of credit within a short time window, it would only count as if you only did it once. I remember reading on the forum that they did this to allow people to shop for better rates, options, perks etc. I thought I remembered that this was applicable for car loans, mortgages and the like but cannot remember if I read that credit cards were included in this as well. Can someone please let me know if this done the same way? If it does work that way, I will apply for one and then the other on the same day. I really do not want to do any more unnecessary damage to my credit report and score and it always seems that lately I have to take more inquiry hits because it seems that (sometimes) I have to go to a different lender or bank if I am turned down or the rates or offer are undoable or unrealistic. The inquiries are not quite as high right now but I think at this time last year I had 10 inquiries on my report and when I read the report, they almost seemed like a scolded me and told me that this was bad. At the time, I probably had to do what I had to do, in order to get the loan or money that I needed. If this is covered somewhere in another thread, please accept my apologies, I didn't see it when I searched. I greatly appreciate any answers or help you guys can provide. I'm looking forward to building my credit again and using this forum during that process. I am so glad that I found this forum as I believe it is one of the best things/tools out there to help people to rebuild, build or maintain their credit. Reg
  8. Hello Nate! Great post! Just wanted to say hey and tell you that I've been following you through your journey for a while now and have been reading this thread with great interest! I am at the beginning of my journey and watching you guys do it has given me the encouragement to start mine. Can't wait! Reg
  9. I have been registered for more than 60 days and I do not think that I have member status. I realize that you posted this quite a while ago but thought it was worth a shot. Thank you.
  10. Your EX FAKO is same as my EQ FICO. Hello GonnaGetEm: You did an awesome job with your credit reports! What did you do toget such a wide spread between the 2 scores? Did you get any baddies removed? Ibet you were extremely happy, I know I would be. Whatever you're doing, you're definitely doingthe right thing. I have opened up 3 creditcard accounts in the last year and also opened up a Fingerhut account but haven'tused it. My scores have basically stayedthe same for about 6 months now. I'm hoping that once these credit cards age a bit more, I will see an improvementmy scores too. Does anybody know about how long that my credit cards will have to age before it starts enhancing myscores? I haven't had anything negativereport to my credit reports for at least 1 1/2 years and since then, I have added a car loan, 3 credit cards and the Fingerhut account. Hi-Tech
  11. Hello Ametha, I sympathize with your situation and wish you the best of luck. I have the phone number to the president of the loan modification dept. as I have been helping a family member with theirs and theirs was through WF. I hear that very few people get this number and I got the number from a friend in NY who couldn't get anything done on his foreclosre until he was lucky enough to get this guy and his number. I was told from my friend that before you turn in your financial numbers, it is best to make a realistic budget as best you can and make it so it look like your income is $150-$200 over everything that goes out every month if at all possible. It worked great right away for him after a year of getting nowhere calling other customer service numbers for Wells Fargo. I am a new member here and if you are interested in his name and phone number, I will have to check to see what the rules are on sending it by personal message etc. I do not want to post it here as I think it would flood this guys voice mail with too many calls and it could possibly ruin things for my cousin if he found out I posted it on a forum. I will give it to others by PM if they have a legitimate need, I just don't think it would be a good idea to post it. I'm glad to have found this forum and the information is unreal. I wish you the very best with your situation and hope by the time you read this you have the mortgage re-instated already:). Best Regards, Hi-Tech
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