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  1. Sandscrit

    Master Perpetuating Myths

  2. Sandscrit

    How to respond to threat from kid's school?

    What state ? Contract law can vary from state to state
  3. I saw an older woman in a beautiful yellow sun dress with hairy legs and enough arm pit hair to be a member of ZZ Top. She was the curator of a museum in Verona Italy.
  4. Write Convergent a letter, Certified Return Receipt Mail and tell Convergent they are out of the loop since you paid Sprint directly. If they do not remove the negative trade line immediately you will contact a fair credit reporting act consumer attorney and let them deal with it. It could also be Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violation for false or misleading representations of a debt but that might be a stretch.
  5. Sandscrit

    Unpaid Judgment/Getting a Mortgage

    You should have fought this when you had the chance.
  6. Sandscrit

    Got letter from LVNV attys

    Sounds like a plan.
  7. Sandscrit

    Collections Account Removal?

    Do not contact the collection agency. See Why Chat's Special purpose letters > HIPPA letter program above the page in the blue bar.
  8. The American education system has been engineered to fail through UNESCO
  9. Sandscrit

    where to find Colorado Administrative Code

    The Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is probably what you are looking for @ https://nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/colorado-fair-debt-collection-laws.html The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act , more than likely, applies to your situation on the Federal level. False or misleading representations of a debt through any medium is a FDCPA violation.
  10. Why would someone use a business credit card to purchase personal items? No wonder she was questioned
  11. She didn't deserve a plea bargain.
  12. Sandscrit

    ExperianLegal Dept

    The CRA's are not your friend. They are in bed with the the collection industry. Collection agencies use the term 'legal matter' or 'legal department' to stir up feelings of dread so you will capitulate and pay up.
  13. Sandscrit

    Holy! I have a nice problem I need help with.

    Take your time and get some financial investment counseling with your new found wealth. Congratulations!
  14. Hi, Why Chat will be along shortly to clarify and answer your questions. In the mean time take a look at Whychat's lHIPPA letter writing program ( in Whychat's Credit Confusion at the top of the page) There is a form letter for contacting the credit reporting agencies.
  15. Sandscrit

    CA sent another person's personal info

    Why Chat ( on top in the blue bar) has some very good HIPPA dispute letters you can fire off to the medical center that sent you the letter; in addition, you can also send a letter to the credit reporting agency. Do not contact collection agency

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