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  1. Right now our GDB is the best it has ever been . So unless something catastrophic happens we are doing pretty good except for the national debt no one wants to address
  2. Listen to everything Why Chat is telling you, not just part of it. Why Chat knows what he is talking about because he has been doing this for a very long time. HIPPA is your friend, there was absolutely no reason to go through a debt collector, besides an oral agreement (a legal contract) is just about useless because they are hard to prove in court if the debt collector decides to no honor their part of the agreement . Always get all agreements in writing.
  3. Try to pay the original creditor if you can and by pass the collection agency. Also get any agreement in writing and it never hurts to ask that any negative trade line reporting be removed. Be friendly maybe they will help you if you pay a lump sum. Is this a medical bill?
  4. I agree with Centex on this one. You would be better served in working out a repayment plan rather than what will probably follow: The phone calls The letters The potential of getting sued for not only what you owe but also interest, lawyers and court fees A default judgment comes with additional fees if the plaintiff isn't payed and in many states can be renewed for many years making it almost impossible to repay the debt. In some states they can take your property, empty your bank accounts to satisfy a judgment if they want to collect Years of bad credit on y
  5. What state ? Contract law can vary from state to state
  6. I saw an older woman in a beautiful yellow sun dress with hairy legs and enough arm pit hair to be a member of ZZ Top. She was the curator of a museum in Verona Italy.
  7. Write Convergent a letter, Certified Return Receipt Mail and tell Convergent they are out of the loop since you paid Sprint directly. If they do not remove the negative trade line immediately you will contact a fair credit reporting act consumer attorney and let them deal with it. It could also be Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violation for false or misleading representations of a debt but that might be a stretch.
  8. You should have fought this when you had the chance.
  9. Do not contact the collection agency. See Why Chat's Special purpose letters > HIPPA letter program above the page in the blue bar.
  10. The American education system has been engineered to fail through UNESCO
  11. The Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is probably what you are looking for @ https://nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/colorado-fair-debt-collection-laws.html The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act , more than likely, applies to your situation on the Federal level. False or misleading representations of a debt through any medium is a FDCPA violation.
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