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  1. Got alerted this morning from all 3 that my delinquent has been reversed and that I've never been late...I knew I was right and I knew it was GM's screwup
  2. Ok so now it's on all 3 reports that I have checked, I was going to initiate a dispute with equifax online...good idea?
  3. Got both in front of me and it's been paid every month
  4. I would pay it down over the next year,then maybe 1k towards a secured card..I'd really wait to start making more money before applying. I'd stop applying for 2 years all together
  5. You are correct,but in your opinion,what should be my next course of action? Do i call all the bureaus and tell them I was not 30 days late?
  6. Do I send a goodwill or dispute inaccurate information?
  7. No it's not the paper one,this just happened yesterday so I'll be waiting weeks to get the paper copies...I pay my car the same day of the month every month, the 21st and it's due the 11th...it works out better for me and I don't get a fee...so yes it's 10 days late every month...but I've done this for 4 years...every payment from my bank has posted....every statement from gm shows paid and in the account history section it shows paid...I just want to know the steps here,where do I send a dispute
  8. Got my free annual reports...it's on equifax...not on transunion or experian...says delinquent,dofd was November 1
  9. Gm financial is saying they didn't report it late because it wasn't late
  10. Ok I found my own name....creditwise(experian) and creditjourney(transunion) both alerted me....I'm completely lost on what to do
  11. Had to deal with the salary cut for the year...that's the sacrifice I made...was looking for advice on a score boost before I bring back my car...haven't really needed to worry about my credit in years,hence why I haven't been here on this forum
  12. A lot changes in that time...was able to step into the 700's and was there for awhile...that post was when I was 24 years old 7 years ago
  13. I live in an 800k house with 17k taxes a year....in Long Island,NY with 2 kids...not hard to spend that much in credit when you take a position half the salary...electric bill alone is 700 month in the summer...but I'm assuming you don't live in the most expensive county in the country

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