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  1. Got some results, EQ removed 3 lates on my cap 1 and verified my PAID AFNI collection. TU deleted my Paid AFNI right off the bat though? EX wont delete most of my old addresses because they are linked to something (CA I think). Advise on that? EX doesnt even go back far enough on my payment history either to even show the late payments EQ removed. Thanks
  2. Is some that I can do if I paid LVNV already and just want it deleted?
  3. Any advice on dealing with old student loan accounts? They are paid off ofcourse. Took them 8 days to verify.
  4. Well hers maybe in the 400s fico after this!
  5. No its just fako EQ. I didn't realize that when I did this.
  6. So i disputed my GF's collection online... I know, and her score dropped 53 points and there have been no changes except all of her old addresses I got removed and like 3 of the collections I disputed were updated this month! WTH?FYI her score didnt drop when I disputed them, i thought it wouldnt drop since it was a CA.
  7. They denied mine a few days ago with a year and half of good payments !
  8. Oh gezz, I missed that post above mine! Lol
  9. What if your CA is validated by CA and you have no debt to settle and you just want it deleted?
  10. I am in Texas but I'm not sure what DV stands for? Is there a write up on how to go about this?
  11. I just looked into that but my address has been the same for like 5 years. It is right lol. The addresses that are wrong dont have any connection with my accounts...
  12. Ok, so currently I had a 656 EQ fako and I didnt read up before I disputed (using the JA and what not) and I just did it online. In dispute my score dropped to 613 which i understand they remove those from the equation. Anyway, Im waiting to see if these work and if not I would like to dispute again, but not have it declined saying they already verified ect... How would I go about this? I have 1 collection on EQ, TU and 2 on EX. They are all paid off. Im just trying to clean things up and working on my Girlfriends also. Hers is much worse, like 6 collections but with good trade lines and car
  13. Since when do wireless carriers report monthly or at all? Must be a verizon thing.
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