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  1. puertorico

    CA forged my signature on contract!

  2. puertorico


    APPROVING BANK Local Credit Union BUREAU PULLED Transunion CREDIT SCORE 732 (I see a Fico of 750) CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE Puerto Rico NEW/USED New YEAR OF VEHICLE 2011 Dodge RAM HEMI MILEAGE 0 RETAIL/LEASE 36,188 AMOUNT OF LOAN 31,000 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE TERM CONTRACTED 72 Months APR/LEASE RATE 5.95 MONTHLY PAYMENT $513 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: biggest credit was a 3500 loan that I got 8 months ago and was paid off 2 weeks ago.... AAOA 2.4 years
  3. hey guys... we got a new car back in 2004... and paid it off in 2007... when we pull my wife credit reports.. its not in there... they din't reported it...... Can I do something so they report it? thanks no baddies in the loan
  4. puertorico

    Mortgage will be 2 years on March 29

    lol.. I edited it... I wrote PAIN instead of paid lol
  5. puertorico

    Mortgage will be 2 years on March 29

    LOL>>>it was paid no pain lol...... I just love my house ahahaha
  6. Mortgage will be 2 years on MArch 29,will I see a incrase in score? I have pain on time 100% of the time... almost 12 payments had extra for the principal....
  7. puertorico

    The Master Equifax & TransUnion B* Bumpage Thread

    5 more pulls... 65 + 2 for the 2 day lag. Great!
  8. puertorico

    The Master Equifax & TransUnion B* Bumpage Thread

    up to 56 soft on TU and 6 Hards... when can I see B*?
  9. puertorico

    What's your myFICO TransUnion TU FICO Score?

    741 as last night.... was less than 625 2 months ago
  10. puertorico


    LOL guys... keep it calm... its just a emoticon hahhaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  11. puertorico

    Credit offers -prequalified-

    Have not opted out... I see some from CITI from November 2010, but got no offer... back in November I was at less than 700 points
  12. puertorico

    Credit offers -prequalified-

    Hey guys my TU Fico is at 741, no baddies, only short history 4.5 years, average 2 years... 1 Mortgage $128,000 Balance $120,100 1 Personal Loan $3500 Balance 1700(reported) Real Balance $1200 1 CC $500 Balance $0 1 CC Authorized user $1100 Balance $603(Reported) Real Balance $45 7 Inquires 3 of them in December January When those accounts update, I should see a good Fico Jump... what can I do to start getting offers on the mail? P.S. *B soon... at 54 Soft + 7 hards
  13. puertorico

    Automatic Counting of Inquiries For B*

    65, then 2 days after you'll see B*. TU reinserts in April though, so not worth it right now. Its worth for me because I'm getting a loan and some CC as soon as I get b*
  14. puertorico

    Automatic Counting of Inquiries For B*

    A stupid question.... when *b start.. does the score goes up too? I have 49 soft and 8 hard on TU

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