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  1. So I'm noticing on my credit report that one company is using two different names and two different address but reporting for the same account number, so I know it's the same. One reports to two CRAs and the other reports to one. They have different "date open" dates also. My question is: Is that normal? Is it ok?
  2. I would like to send a company a Pay for Delete letter, but I'm not sure what address to use. The address to the company directly or the PO Box that comes with their notices????
  3. UPDATE: OFF TOPIC OF ORIGINAL THREAD: Checked my report this morning and IT'S GONE!!!!!!! It did go back to the OC, but that's ok! I'll work with them now!!! HOORAY!
  4. *Reading the Wisconsin Consumer Laws* AND IT'S BLOWING MY MIND! LOL Why can't they put things in super simple language for dummies like me?!?!
  5. The default is right at a year old, well, maybe not even a year. I don't have my debt binder handy at the moment. Close to a year old, give or take a month. I'll look into the WI consumer laws asap!
  6. I sent the letter for validation after the 30 days I'm given. So Does that make the whole Validation Process pointless??!! Also, I have no idea what state we fall under. The account was opened in SC, sent to collections while we were in GA and now we live in WI.
  7. Ok. I've read through this thread and I'm a little confused....as usual. I sent, exactly 30 days ago, a letter for validation to a CA. BUT is was older than 30 days on my account. So...they do not have to respond to me? Is that what we're saying???
  8. So, I looked up the statute of limitations in the states that I need them but I am confused by them. (Sorry, exhausted by two toddlers or simple brain or both). It states "Contracts written and under seal" - 20 years & "Written Contracts"-10 years. My questions are: What is the difference between the two contracts? What would credit cards and loans fall under?
  9. Thanks so much everyone! I've been searching and reading and researching PFD like crazy. And learning lots and LOTS of helpful stuff! Thanks again!
  10. I am still doing my research, and trying to learn as much about this as possible, so forgive my ignorance on the matter. My husband has a car repo on his CR. The car was repo-ed about a year ago. The total is $9421 and yesterday I received a settlement letter for $941. If I send in a PFD letter, how much do I offer to pay? Is there a certain percentage of the debt that is normal? Or a certain amount they like to see on a PFD letter? Thanks so much.
  11. Hello All! I am new to the site and new to the credit repair world. Please forgive me if I have posted this topic in the wrong area. I have been through the newbie stuff (briefly) trying to find advice on a particular situation. My husband and I had our vehicle repossessed around this time a year ago. I have heard, through various sources, that sometimes people are able to make arrangements with the company where the debt is paid and they remove themselves from your credit report, as if you had never done business with them. I personally feel it's pointless to pay this off unless they do r
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