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  1. Ok awkward situation. Wife's taxes were offset. We found out who, but the why is where it gets interesting. Before the company would talk to her, they had her verify the address and said it was the correct one. We never received a letter. Asked the company when it was sent, they said Jul 2014, (ONE LETTER, no calls, no other letter sent. Just that one) she asked what address, they said the one provided by IRS. So she asked them what address that was and they said they "couldn't verify that with her" because it was "IRS's information". Problem is that we had an old address that mail was being s
  2. Ok. Changing provision to please provide. might just use the original format.
  3. TRU_

    Quick question

    I'm sorry if: nearly dying twice in the last year because of my illness -> unable to work-> not enough income to pay -> JDB. Was not foreseen. You post like you actually care sometimes, then you post crap like this. This helps absolutely nobody. What is the point? Anyone care to give a real answer to the OP? Thank you
  4. I rewrote it. Took an hr. This one is to a diff company: Collection Agency 666 Evil Street Hades, Hell 00000 Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested#: RE: Acct# Date: Dear, Evil Company On Date, I received a letter from your company about an alleged debt and I do thank you for your recent inquiry. Note: This is not a refusal to pay, but a notice that your claim is disputed. Therefore I am sending you a request for "validation" that is, competent evidence that I have some contractual obligation to pay you made pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Please note th
  5. What can i do about a JDB who called and spills out my full name, SS# & address BEFORE verifying who i am? Also i've been wondering this for some time: If the OC gets a tax deduction based on the amount written off, then they technically received what was owed. Now if a JDB buys the account, then why would i be obligated to pay them the full amount? Shouldn't i only be responsible for the amount they actually paid for said debt? I agree that i owe a debt, and if the OC would take payments again i'd pay them, but i don't want to help line the pocket of JDB's
  6. Kinda sad that i'm back in this position again since after coming here, my CS improved to around 720, but after a hospital stay & my wife having to quit her job to take care of me everything fell apart. We were surviving off my SSI, but now that i'm back up & have a good job i'm back in the game to repair my credit once again. ok now to my question. I took ICANHASMUNY?'s, UDL and tweaked it somewhat. It's a bit long, & i was wondering if it's a too wordy. Variation of ICANHASMUNY?'s " Unknown Debt letter" RE; Account # _____________ 1232 Dear ( JDB name ) on xx-xx-
  7. The ring card was discussed as he was doing a recon for the rewards card. i was approved for the rewards card shortly after. I'm assuming he was trying to "sell" that one too. or was just curious lol Also yes, intro period is great, but the perm rate is what got me. if i ever want to do a BT down the line, i wouldn't need to open a new acct so i was considering applying for it, or asking them to have the rewards transferred to a ring. If that's possible.
  8. ok, thnx again all for your suggestions in previous posts. I might need to make another success story, for our journey but that's later. On to my question App for Barclay rewards (high credit) card was denied so i called the recon line (approved after call). As the rep was asking a few q's he "overheard" my wife ask about 2 of our other cards. He then asked if i had heard about their ring card? said its 8% ("fixed"?) APR with no BT fee. It seemed like a good idea. The funny part is that the cards my wife was asking about are "builder cards" with around 22% APR. Would it be a good idea to
  9. Promo code: E1405SGL20FST Expires 5/12/14 NOTE: i think sometimes people try to get the 3-n-1 report. these codes do NOT work for that.
  10. IKR! i may end up just doing a BT of this to my Discover it card. then close it. not sure yet. may end up just letting them charge the monthly fee & eat lunch once a month then pay it off just for the TL
  11. I had read a few bad things about Credit One, but this is just sad: I applied for barclay rewards & this one at the same time. Barclay was declined but approved after i called the recon line. I read and re-read both application. When i did the credit one card it showed nothing for the card, (it was the default one), Didn't say anything about the "authorized user fee", & the annual fee was supposed to be billed monthly (there was a box on the upper right corner that showed that). HOWEVER, when i got the card & logged in i saw those charges. IMMEDIATELY i wanted to cancel, b
  12. ouch. thats kinda..messed up... never missed a payment since opening that's 3/12 yrs, then went to collections during an incarceration & for my trouble, they continue to update negative info. /sigh
  13. Capital One REFRESHED my closed acct! here it is as it's supposed to be Experian: TransUnion: Check this out: Equifax An older report shows the 12/2008 date. I should file against them according to the FCRA about reporting outdated info correct?
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