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  1. Long time member, but it’s been a while. Hello, all. Paid a debt in full on March 24 to a hospital via their online portal by debit card. Processed and receipt received. A week later I received a collection letter from G. L. A. Collection dated the same day, March 24. All the typical language including the notify this office within 30 days admonition. I’m a bit out of practice given I used this forum to clean up my credit five years ago. How would you handle? Many thanks.
  2. Thanks.The CA is in the same town as the hospital -- right down the street. The collection mysteriously fell off my reports without any involvement from me and is now back. I opted out a long time ago. i gather from your response that I should work your WhyChat method exactly as you have published -- regardless of whether the hospital owns the CA? I understand the process. I guess I don't have a good handle on what's behind the process -- as in exactly how I am getting leverage on the OC if they are indeed allowed to share my medical billing information with a CA based on my signed
  3. I'm about to employ the WhyChat method on a medical collection that disappeared for 2 years and has resurfaced. I have a good handle on the process QUESTION: I believe the collection agency is owned by the hospital. If this is the case, is sharing medical information with the CA actually a HIPAA violation? I have seen this question asked a couple of times, but cannot find an answer. Thanks.
  4. From the new calculation of credit scores, authorized user account, do not help anymore. So does getting new account with having only those account on your credit report. I think you will have to go the secured card route to start building your credit Recent change? I got added as an AU 9 months ago and my score went up 60 points.
  5. I can't pay down anymore. I have two secured toy cards with zero balances that I use and pay off before reporting. I'm already an AU on a family member's card (see my post) that runs at about 33% utilization. They live on it. It can't be paid down on my schedule. I can't ask any more of them. I think a 10K limit (my highest ever) is pretty good considering recent high risk posters are mostly getting 7,500 at DCU and I was told I likely wouldn't be approved for a secured card by an experienced member here. I haven't had an unsecured card in 15 years. Every situation is different and I'
  6. Yes....I must. Approved today for a 10K limit on a Visa Platinum by DCU and was offered their lowest rate on an auto loan.
  7. Looking for a new card to improve my utilization -- preferably a company that pulls Experian or Equifax. Based on the below, what options would you consider? I was thinking Barclay's but not sure who they pull. Is PSECU an option for me? I'm an AU on a 15K card. But my other two cards are secured. Here's my profile: EQUIFAX 710 (myfico) No derogs 4 inquiries (ATT cellphone 7/2012; Credit Union (for membership only - 4/2012; Cap One 2/2012 and 3/2012 for cards) TRANSUNION 665 (myfico) One collection One inquiry (2/2012 - Capital One) EXPERIAN 761* (Sesame and Freec
  8. Will be applying for a $20,000 car loan with 4K down in the next month. I know that long-term regular payments on a car loan will help my score. Will it hurt it in the short term? I am not paying on a car loan presently. Here is my credit and debt profile: Equifax: 710 (myfico) Transunion: 665 (myfico) Experian: 761* (Clean report (no baddies) Sesame and Freecreditreport FAKO) Total Credit: $16,000 Total Debt and Revolving Debt: $5,400 Credit to Debt ratio: 67% credit I need the car. But I am also planning on applying for a mortgage in the next 4 months. Don't want t
  9. Alright. Guess I'll just pick a direction and go.
  10. Thanks for the response! I already DV'd within 30 days of AFNI acquiring the debt and reporting to all three CRAs as stated above. AFNI never contacted me before starting to report. I was on top of this because I was actively monitoring. I received an alert as soon as AFNI acquired the account and started reporting. No. I didn't find anything obviously wrong with the items in the TL. I'll admit that I wasn't as comfortable with the Jack Attack -- as I do not have a lot of experience breaking down my CR. AFNI consistently reported the same info to all CRAs including DOLD, amount,
  11. Bump. Looking for an answer to my very simple question. :-)
  12. Hi all. I recently embarked on my own credit repair journey after many hours of reading here at CB. I'm working on one AFNI baddie ($200) and have a question about timing of tactics. My basic approach has been based on breeze's 1-2 punch flowchart. Here's the background: AFNI bought this alleged debt from another CA after it had fallen off my report for 4 months. AFNI never contacted me – just started reporting to the CRAs. I became aware using a credit monitoring service. Within 30 days of AFNI reporting to the three major CRAs, I sent them CMRRR requesting validation. After I re
  13. Thanks, v8envy. I appreciate the info and encouragement!
  14. Hello. New member and long time lurker here. I've read the FAQs and spent considerable time surfing and searching the forums. At this point, I believe I know what I need to do. I'm just seeking validation of my game plan from the experienced and helpful group here. And I have a few clarifying questions. Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated! Here goes… OBJECTIVE Purchase a house 12 months from now (currently in an apartment) SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Credit Score Experian: 599 Equifax: 579 TransUnion: 587 Summary I currently have a great job I've b
  15. Hi folks. EvenSteven, here. What a wonderful and indispensable resource this board is! Looking forward to beginning my credit repair journey ASAP. ES
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