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  1. Okayyy... So I called to ask to have limit raised but was told that I couldn't do it until after I'd signed documents for THIS approval--they are in the mail. At that point, I'd have to do a whole new application for a higher amount and they would *try* to not do a new credit pull since it was within 30 days. Does that make sense?
  2. I'm asking for a higher limit first thing tomorrow! Thanks.
  3. Three years ago today I was in Colorado on business. My credit was shot and I hadn't had a credit card in years. I had planned to go on my first real solo backpacking trip in the mountains. I was so excited. But when the weekend came, there was a shortage of rental cars and no car rental agency would rent me a car with just the debit card. They wouldn't take cash, either. After spending most of a day visiting various rental places to beg then to rent me a car, I ended up having to call a random guy from Craigslist while sitting in my hotel lobby. That's how a heavily tattooed ex-biker ended up
  4. This Bank of America Preferred Rewards Platinum sounds great. But I don't have that? Never been offered that. What are requirements? Edited to add: Never mind--need $20,000 minimum in some other accounts. I don't have that.
  5. Thanks to this board, I got in with NFCU just over one year ago. I was told to be patient, and my measly $1,700 Cash Rewards approval became $5,000 less than six months later. Two months ago, I was approved for a $7,000 Platinum card. Through all of this, I have been denied 3-4 times for a CLOC. Never a counteroffer. I never understood why. Never a problem with any of my accounts--I cherish those puppies! A few months ago, I even switched my direct deposit, making Navy Federal my primary account. Was still denied! Yesterday, I decided to call and try for a CLOC. I was asked how much I wan
  6. Thanks. I actually got the account straight through BOA. I was shocked, but I'm a state employee. The minimum balance is $1,500 now. Frankly, I'm trying to simplify things and I have our Citi account and a Credit Union 1 account. CU1 *did* gobble up our much smaller credit union. It's no fee, so I think I'm going to dump BOA.
  7. About 10 years ago, my financial life was falling apart. I got a job and they insisted that I have a direct deposit account. I was turned down by a number of banks until Bank of America took me in. I've always cherished that chance and my account. But my wife and I have also had a join Citi account for years. And this group encouraged me to get in with NFCU about a year ago. Since then, I have two credit cards with them and was approved today for a CLOC. I'm stoked! Earlier this year I moved my direct deposit to NFCU. I now basically have a BOA account that does nothing--excep
  8. This actually happened with me a couple of months ago. i just realized that your comment is why I decided to apply for a new card with them. Was approved for a higher limit on the new card after being denied on my 10-month-old never-missed-a-payment old card. Thanks!
  9. Last year, I was told to be patient and pay on time and it would be rewarded. And you were right! In July of last year with, I think, my credit in the very high 500s, I got a secured Citibank card for $200 and a secured BOA for $300. About a month later, this group made me realize that I could apply at NFCU. They gave me an unsecured card for $1,700 Cash Rewards! I was both elated and a little disappointed--many were getting $5,000 CLs right off the bat. But I paid on time, and in November, I was denied (twice by that point) a CLOC, but got a CLI to $5,100! I applied for a couple
  10. Why did you apply for a credit builder card with an AF? You already had 5 CC's. This makes no sense. I only have 3 cards. 2 are secured. And I didn't say it made sense. I didn't imagine I would get approved for such a low amount. I agree with this.... My first card back from the brink was a Cap 1. Started with a small limit, now over $14K. Keep it, you already took the hard pulls (probably three of them). If your credit is good you should have no problem PC'ing the card in 6 months to a year. Thanks.
  11. 3. a NFCU $5,000, a secured BOA for $600, and a secured Citibank for $200. This card is th Cap 1 Quicksilver One. your score is in the low 600's, it can't and probably won't hurt that much IMHO. Where did you get that score? Credit Check Total scores.
  12. Annoyed. Though I shouldn't be. In the last month, thanks to this site and the advice I've received over the last year, I bought a three-flat building AND a car. TI was able to get it done even though my credit was marginal-- now down to 620s now that new debt and some credit card balances are hitting. I'll pay down the cards over the next month. But I applied for a Cap 1 card and got approved for $300 limit. And it has a $39.00 fee! I wish I had never applied. Should I cancel the card? What effect will that have on my score? Thanks.
  13. Congratulations! I got in last July, thanks to this group! I have had largely bad luck with CLI and CLOC--that is AFTER they bumped me up on credit card from $1700 to $5000, but they also improved my credit enough that I closed on a house last month! Love them.
  14. Thanks for your help! Approved for 9% at one and 7.99% at my credit union! A company called Exeter wanted 22%! I'll never understand...
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