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  1. I, too, just had a CLD in one of my accts with AMEX. I've been w/ them only 6+ years. I was expecting it because I made a major purchase and util. spiked. When I received their letter, I thought it was going to be an FR notice, but nope, just a CLD. I didn't really care.
  2. Congrats. I've been holding on to the preapprovals I've been receiving for this card. I may apply for it next month. On the app, it asks for your business name but it's optional. I remember reading on this site or another that it checks your personal credit report if SSN given, but doesn't report to the CRAs (like what Ron1 just said).
  3. Oh, I see. Thank you! I was just getting a little paranoid.
  4. Called on Monday to move 7k from one card to another and CR said she sent in the request and I should be getting a letter in 2 weeks. I just checked my account online and still no changes. I thought it was instant, what's there to approve? Is this SOP? Thankies.
  5. I have 'em. My APR started at around 13% back in 2000. It's now about 17.74%... Never late and I haven't been carrying a balance on it unless there's a 0% BT offer.
  6. I received my card last night and call the # in back of the card. I asked for a CLI, but the CL dept. was closed. She told me I can activate it now and call back in the morning, so I did. I went online immediately after that and checked "the button" and it gave me an additional 2K (double). This morning, I called back. They asked for income, monthly housing payment, and employer. Waited for a bit, then came back with a total CL of 7400. I was hoping for more, but I'll take it. Not sure if they pulled another hard, but I didn't really care. I'll pull TC tonight to find out. Goodluck.
  7. Chase Cash Plus classifies Walmart Supercenter purchases as 5% grocery... at least where I go.
  8. I applied for the Starwoods card last Monday and also got the 10-14 days message. Next day, I checked the status page every few hours and was approved around 4pm I had to call to get the CL. Goodluck.
  9. I include DF's income when entering household income. When I applied for an MBNA cc, they asked for both individual and household income.
  10. Do credit card companies just mail out business card pre-approvals randomly? I've been getting a bunch from Citi, Amex and Chase but I dont' have a biz. Just wondering...
  11. DF and I just met with an attorney this afternoon for his driving 25 miles over the speed limit. He referred us to a shop to get his speedometer calibrated. Also told him to get a copy of his driving record just to show he's not a repeat offender. Anywho, we're in VA and heard it's pretty strict here, thus, the attorney. I would have thought he'd just have to pay the fine but after research, decided to get representation. Didn't want him to have a criminal record and his insurance to skyrocket. I guess you could show up without a lawyer and hope the judge is sweet, but too risky for me. Goodluck to ya!
  12. Southern Virginia here. Had these results back in 11/05: Amex = TU Citi/Lowes(GEMB)/Chase/HomeDepot(Citi) = EQ MBNA = EX You may get different results up north, though.
  13. I've only had since 11/05. Fixed rate of 7.90, 3% BT fee no max. It used to be my restaurant card because of double points, but just realized my Citi Prof is 3x. So.. it's in the sockdrawer. I would like to try out it's concierge service sometime though. Congrats on the approval!
  14. I got mine in 3 days and my bank cleared it like any other check.

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