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  1. So I need to contact the collection agency?
  2. No, it never reported on my credit report ever! Now all of the sudden on 1/2/2021 it suddenly appears as a collection.
  3. Thank you. Definitely taking those deep breaths!! I'm ok understanding if I owe something more, BUT $4200 on an initial $1500 loan!!?? Plus now on my credit report. I'm willing to settle something.
  4. Hi. I'm in NC. I made a payment in Dec., Jan., and 2 in Feb. I took the money in Nov. 2019 and paid first payment in Dec.2019
  5. No! They haven't sent me anything. I've received no phone calls nor correspondence in the mail. If there were emails of any sort I didn't see them as they could have easily gone into my spam folder. I don't deny I had an account with the original creditor but I honestly thought I was paid off. Now after a year plus I find a Collections on my credit report??! Stating a $4K balance on a $1500 loan?? My goodness is that not usury?
  6. Is anyone familiar with National Credit Adjusters? They have put on my Experian and Equifax a derogatory for an amount of $4,427.00. I had no idea what it was for and after digging I see they represent Lead Bank. Lead Bank is with Helix Financial. Helix Financial is a predatory lender that I'm embarrassed to say I took out a "loan" with almost 2 years ago. The amount was $1500 and I made 4 payments of $423.51 each which totals $1693.64. I thought it was closed and that was it. Now this collection company is saying I owe $4,427.00!!??? What is the best way to go about
  7. Hi. I filed CH 7 in late 2010. Unfortunately it was not discharged and I have had to just muddle through with the debts. I have been building my credit back up and doing well. I know BK can remain on your credit report for 10 years, but I have checked my credit report on all 3 and see I have 0 Public Records! Is it possible the BK has been deleted from my reports even though it hasn't been quite 10 years?
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