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  1. Ok, so I sent PRA a validation of debt letter on March 8th 2011. I got the green card return receipt in the mail signed by a "Steve Danner" with no date on it. That was about a week later, March 15th or 16th. As of today, April 23, I have heard nothing from them. What is my next step here? They had 30 days to supply me with something and not a peep. Not that I expected anything as this is completely past the SOL but it'd be nice to get a voided 1099c form. Any advice on what to possibly do next about this? Thanks and Happy Easter!
  2. Was contacted by PRA via letter in the mail back at the end of 2010. They didn't really send me a formal letter as such, but rather an "3 options/plans" to settle form. Seeing as this occurred just within weeks of my checking my credit report (which showed no negative items and a score of roughly 725 or so), this is obviously junk debt that is past the SOL. I sent them a C&D letter after that and heard/received nothing until a few weeks ago when I received the popular 1099c form. They are claiming THEY wrote off/canceled a debt of $1,223.10 on 12/24/10. They were never the original c
  3. Which letter template is the FOAD and where can I find it? Thanks again people.
  4. Thanks for the responses people. The correspondence they sent me doesn't really say specifically "original creditor", yet it does mention a group by the name of "Associates Financial Services" which sounds to me like another CA. They don't give any information about that group or the original account # involved. Just the amount of the balance and the group name as given above. And, again, NO mention at all of my 30 day right to dispute the debt. I honestly do not remember the date of last payment, but if it's not showing up on my credit report at all then it's gotta be over 7.5
  5. Hi everyone. I'm a newbie from PA. I got a letter in the mail today from Portfolio Recovery Associates concerning a credit card debt that is extremely old. It's basically giving me 3 options for paying back a balance of $1,965.47. My issue is this. While I don't know exactly how old the debt is, I recently browsed my credit reports with all 3 bureaus and nothing shows up as a negative. There is nothing referring to this debt or any debt in this amount on my CR. After having researched what I could on Portfolio Recovery Associates, it seems they have a bad reputation for pulling crap like thi
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