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  1. And they should have sent me a letter or call.
  2. tjx is 10k(medium CL), and is mastercard, i can use it anywhere, but the rewards $10 for 1k spent is not good, so i use it maybe twice a year. In 5 years i spent in total 1.1K. on Lowes CC i think i spent over 50k in 5 years. On those Suckrony CC it's easy to have a nice CL(they do soft pull for CLI) that will show good in your CR, than having 5 CC with 1k CL. i understand it's their money and their decisions, and they can do whatever they want, but i want to have a good standing history and without surprises like this. And i can choose the bank i work with. It's not going to be a big dent on my history or score and i am not taking it personally, it's just business.
  3. Well, they had good deals on 0apr for 12-24-36mo, or 5%discount. But, i guess Lowes like to lose a customer, and the bank too. That's fine for me. Saving more money and then spend it at Home Depot and friends loosing 30k on my total CLs will affect my Credit Score, but not much i hope(my debts % will go up few points). Also, i was planning to do a mortgage refinance next month, i think the bank will ask about those CC closing.
  4. No red flags, all green and no changes in last months, except the Fry's CC (10yrs old)was closed few weeks ago, but that was because Fry's stores were all closed in February. i have a tjx CC(5yrs old) and not used for 10 months now, still open. i am thinking to close it, too, and say bye bye to Syncrony.
  5. i just login in my CC account online and noticed this red line: This account has been closed. No further purchases will be allowed. Continue to make payments until your balance is paid in full. I called CR, asked for details, why... A: Yes, the CC is closed, we can't tell why... but you can apply for another 1 after 6mo. i have it for like 5 years, paid on time, no activity in the last 3 months. CL:30k and i was pretty proud about it(it was top 3 on CL and its 14 % of my total CLs). Is there anything i can do to get it back ?
  6. last time I tried a CLI on BofA was 4 years ago and I was denied, then after few months I got a message from them that I qualify for a CLI and I got 2k. 1 year later I combined the CL to 10k, 9k and 1k (on the oldest). Last month I used balance transfer (0 apr for 12 mo) on both big CC. my credit score dropped to 640 from 790. Should I try a CLI ? I don't want a HP on my credit. I am planning to get a mortgage this time next year. Also all my credit reports are frozen and have a fraud alert until October 2020, so they should not be able to get a HP, unless they talk with me.
  7. update: called 888-270-2127, too many cc opened in last 2 years,( but only 6 HP older than 1 year less than 2yrs) credit score 749 EQ.
  8. i have a chase freedom for 2 years old and chase slate for 14 months old. i applyed for chase freedom unlimited and for chase aarp i got the same denial reason: "too many requests for credit or opened with us" i called customer support, and they said that's nothing they can do. i told them that all the inquiries are 14+ months old, and i have very good history, good credit score... but nothing.. there is nothing they can do at the custumer support line. i tried to find the recon number for those 2 CC, but i was not lucky. whats the recon no, please? i got a denied letter with a ref. no from Equifax, but no credit score. few days later my oldest CC from chase got an Auto Limit Increase of 2k $. also in the same day i applied for another 2 CC and they pulled TU report. should i try a recon ? what do i have to loose ?
  9. maybe the kid has a butler, too, and he never clean the room. :rofl:
  10. ha ha ha.... i am more confuse. but dont worry .... enjoy your 20% apr for 1,5% rewards anyway, i can recommend to use cash for gas, not the debit, if you dont / cant use another CC for gas.
  11. i have barclay rewards CC for 11 months. CL = 3k. should i call to ask for a CLI after next statement? Should i mention that i would like to transfer a 6k$ or 10k$ balance from another credid card ? will it help ?
  12. there is no good or bad CU. they all pursuit the same thing: to make money. check you state credit unions list, then go to talk with a personal banker. if you ask me... there is something fishy in your business. you double your money with every shipment, and now you cant pay for another shipment( when you should have money for at least 4 containers). you should focus more on your cash flow.
  13. those low scores are not only from high uti %. "waiting" is your key. second key is "pay on time"
  14. well, you can try to go for a secured CC (but it will be a 25-40$ AF). at that score there is nothing you can do than keep the accounts in good shape and let them age at least 12-24 months.
  15. well having a small credit score number, the dealer will work with you, but forget about that 5% apr.. you will get a 20+% apr. the "dealer" will work with you to get a 400$ a month ...or something you like for monthly payment. the apr will be huge. and you may not qualify unless you put a big downpayment and have a good income. my advise is to go to a credit union. they will work better than the dealer.
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